What Grierson World Project & Information Exchange is:

(1) It is a One-Name Study which I compile in an alpha-numeric format.

(a) Material comes in on a regular basis which is prioritized. The first priority in terms of what gets the greatest attention sometimes depends on the volume of what is sent and just how complicated the work is. GRIERSON material is my first priority, then Greer, Grier, Greir, Grear. Recently, I have given a wide birth to McGreer and McGrier material supplied mostly by Michael M. McGreer, Ph.D. and I did this because it was a new discovery for me. Meaning that I never knew of this particular surname before Professor McGreer brought it to my attention.

(b) I compile on both male and female lines, but very seldom outside of the scope of the Grierson, Grier, Greer, McGreer families.


Elbert McGreer
Born: 1869; died 1962.

Source: (1) Internet search. Drury / Reynolds Cemetery, Rock Island County, Illinois, Drury Township on October 24th, 1998.

Elisabeth McGreer
Date: 1860-1869; location Pennsylvania; found on CD-318.
Source: (1) Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1860 (#318). Family Tree Maker.

Eliza McGreer
Born: May 11th, 1810; died July 1st, 1899.

Source: (1) Internet search. Drury / Reynolds Cemetery, Rock Island County, Illinois, Drury Township on October 24th, 1998.

Eliza McGreary
Date: 1821-1850; location Massachusetts; found on CD-256.

Source: (1) Passenger and Immigration Lists: Boston, 1821-1850 (#256). Family Tree Maker.

Eliza McGreer
Cemetery: Riverside, Napanee; County: Lennox & Addington; Township: Richmond; reference: KG-922-8.

Source: (1) Internet search: Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, OCFA at http://www.islandnet.com/cgi-bin/wsearch.

Elizabeth Ann McGrear
Date: 1720-1729; location ARIZONA; found on CD-227.

Source: (1) Marriage Index: Selected States, 1728-1850 (#227). Family Tree Maker.

Elizabeth Ann McGreer
Date: 1780-1789; location OHIO; found on CD-400.

Source: (1) Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850 (#400). Family Tree Maker.

Elizabeth McGreer
Date: 1790-1799; location Illinois; found on CD-228.

Source: (1) Marriage Index: IL, IN, 1790-1850 (#228). Family Tree Maker.



(a) I compile relatively small genealogical studies within the text, but I am not a genealogist and I am not a researcher for hire.

(b) None of the 22 volumes of data are presently for sale nor do I have a time frame as to when they will be ready. Nothing has been decided.


(a) The work is a labor of love in an effort to preserve documentation on this surname of MacGregor Clan.


General Benjamin Grieron Home is a two-story, brick, Italiante structure, built in the early 1850s. General Benjamin Grierson and his family occupied the house and it always served as "home" throughout his military duty of the Civil War and later the indian wars or the Southwest. This home listed on the National Historical Registar is still in use as a residence today.

Source: (1) Internet search: General information from Explore Jacksonville.

"This militry camp was south of the lower river crossing of the Little Arkansas River. It was established in the summer of 1865 to protect the crossings and the trading ranch there during a period of Indian unrest. It was manned once more in 1867 by one company from the black regiment of the 10th Cavalry. After several months, the troops were withdrawn. Some of the earthworks of the camp are still visible south of the county road on the east side of the rivers. Several soldiers were killed by Indians in the vicinity and buried near the camp, but the larger number of dead buried there were black soldiers who died of cholera while stationed at Camp Grierson. The bodies were later removed to Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, but the burial pits may still be seen south of the military campsite, in a private picnic ground. The depressions immediately south of the road."

Source: (1) Internet search: General information on Fort Grierson Gunnery Pits.

Named after EDWARD "Del" Grierson.

First response:
"Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was named in 1973, after Del Grierson. He was born in Scotland, grew up on a farm in North Dakota and came to Edmonton in the 1890s by CPR. When he helped build the CPR this far, he decided to stay. He owned a lot of property along East Jasper Avenue from time to time, Grierson Hill for example; he gave his name to the Delton subdivision, and served a number of terms on City Council."

Second response:
"Concerning Grierson Hill, it appears the hill was named for Edmund (also referred to as Edward) Del Grierson. He owned the Queen's Hotel, long since demolished, which sat on the site overlooking today's Grierson Hill.

Also known as Ed or Del Grierson, he was born in Cavan, East Durham, Ontario, Canada in 1861 and died in Victoria, B.C on March 4th, 1922. We don't know when he came to Edmonton but the family was considered area pioneers. We do know he purchased the Queen's Hotel in 1892 with partner Fred Jackson. Later he bought out his partner's interests and built the Alberta Hotel at the turn of the century. It is interesting to note that parts of the facade of the Alberta Hotel sit in storage in an engineer's yard in Edmonton awaiting either reconstruction or incorporation into a new structure.

DEL GRIERSON married LOLA BOOTH in 1904 and they moved to Victoria in 1909. It appears Del had several brothers and sisters.

(1) Charles H. Grierson, a farmer,
(2) Robert W. Grierson, real estate agent,
(3) P. Grierson who had a mining interest in Montana,
(4) Mrs. J. J. Campbell,
(5) Mrs. C. E. Johnson,
(6) Mrs. J. W. Smith.

Robert Grierson's house in the Highlands district of Edmonton has been designated a Provincial Historic Resource.

Source: (1) Notes of Russell Grierson in response to his inquiries in 1998.

Grierson Road, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Source: (1) Notes of Russell Grierson in response to his inquiries in 1998.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Source: (1) Notes of Russell Grierson in response to his inquiries in 1998.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Source: (1) Notes of Russell Grierson in response to his inquiries in 1998.

Grierson Lane, Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

Source: (1) Notes of Russell Grierson in response to his inquiries in 1998.

Camp Grierson -- DAR Marker Locations: In the State of Kansas on the "Santa Fe Trail"

"Dry Turkey Creek Crossing" (PcPherson/Rice county Line). DAR Marker Number 37; The Marker was moved to the McPherson/Rice County Line several years ago. It is on the Trail near Camp Grierson but no longer marks the Dry Turkey Creek Crossing south of McPherson, Kansas. US 56 to McPherson/Rice County Line, or Plum Avenue, south 5 miles on the southeast corner of Plum and Dakota, McPherson County Side - Section 19, Township 20 south, Range 5 west.

Source: (1) Location of the Daughters of the American Revolution Markers in these Kansas counties "1997 Survey".


(a) Anything that might shed light or insight into a family's past or heritage. Information with birthdates, death are given the highest priority; however, letters & other things are also listed.


Alfred J. Greer
Born: c1877; died January 22nd, 1903, Greenwood; aged 26 years.

Source: (1) British Columbia Vital Statistics -- Death Registration Index.
Reg. Number: 1903-09-194575; B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13110; GSU
Microfilm Number: 1927138.

Alfred John Greer
Married: Mary Ann Carney, July 16th, 1902, Vancouver.

Source: (1) British Columbia Vital Statistics -- Marriage Registration
Index: Reg. Number: 1902-09-048847; B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11373;
GSU Microfilm Number: 1983530.

Alice Greier
Date: 1600s-1800s; location MD, DE; found on CD-178.

Source: (1) Church Records: Maryland and Delware, 1600s-1800s (#178). Family Tree Maker.

Alice C. Greer
Born: c1930; aged 68 years; New Rochelle, New York; Bayonet Point, Florida;
Tampa Trib.; 1998-11-21.

Source: (1) Obituary Daily Times Index.

Alice Greer
Born: c1930; aged 68 years; New Rochelle NY; Port Richey Florida; Journal N (NY); 1998-11-26; most.

Source: (1) Obituary Daily Times Index.

Alice Elizabeth Greier
Married: Mr. Broomhead; died Victoria BC; Victoria T-C; 1996-3-21; ercross.

Source: (1) Obituary Daily Times Index.

Allen Greer
Married: Rebecca BRADFIELD on August 25th, 1846.

Source: (1) Marriage records of Knox County, Ohio, p. 79.

Allie Grier
Born: January 2nd, 1918; died April, 1982; residence 36301 Dothan, Houston, Alabama; SSN 424-54-2522; issuing state was Alabama between 1958 and 1959.

Source: (1) Social Security Master Death Index.

Alma Christine (WHEELER) Grier
Born: c1934; aged 64; Spencer, Tennessee; Winter Haven, Polk County,
Florida; Ledger; 1998-6-29; clbates.

Source: (1) Obituary Daily Times Index, Vol. 4, No. 230.


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