Grierson Examples

Dumfries Court Commissary Deeds:
Com - Robertson and others to Grierson - John Robertson of Whythouse, Archibald Hamilton, merchant in Leith, James Renton, merchant Edinburgh and Eupham Dougall, relict of James Richardsone, merchant Edinburgh - all partners in a timber trade appoint John Greirsone, writer in Edinburgh to collect all the debts owed to the firm - 22[nd] October 1707.

18[th] December 1707 - Translation - Deanes to Griersone - Mr. Alex Deanes, merchant in Preston (pans) obtained a decree from the Lords of Council & Session against Catherine and Helen Purves in Prestonpans and their respective husbands, heirs of James Purves as he (Alex Deanes-) was owed 300 marks Scots & John Greirsone, writer in Edinburgh is appointed to collect this money.

Dumfries Court Commissary Deeds:
17[th] August 1738 - Submission & Decree Arbitral - Carlyle and Grierson. Dated 28[th] August 1737 - Between Mr. William Carlyle, minister of [the] Gospel at Prestonpans as factor for Katherine Carlyle, daughter of the deceased Lodovick Carlyle in Blackalches in Annandale his sister (letter of factory dated 16[th] April 1732) on the one part and Mr. GILBERT GRIERSON, son to Sir Robert Grierson of Lag, Bart., chamberlain to the Duke of Buccleugh as executor to his brother JOHN GRIERSON on the other part. The two arbiters - writers in Edinburgh decide that Katherine Carlyle is due £20 of yearly annuity by representatives of John Grierson who by his Testament Destination left this to her (Obviously, GILBERT GRIERSON had been remiss in not paying this to her). FASTI contains a reference to William Carlyle but not to his family - sister, etc.

Dumfries Court Commissary Deeds:
3[rd] April 1740 - Disposition & Assignation - Hepburn to Grierson. Isobel Hepburn is relict of John Grierson, shipmaster in Prestonpans. Her brother germa[I]n is John Hepburn, mariner in Prestonpans who owned a tenement there and by his disposition dated 22[nd] February 1695 left it to Isobel above. Their grandfather David Johnston, baster in Prestonpans had left it to Margaret Brown their mother. Isobel Hepburn leaves it to her daughter, HELEN GRIERSON, relict of Thomas Bane, mariner in Prestonpans.

Dumfries Court Commissary Deeds:
12[th] July 1755 - factory Grierson to Grierson -William Grierson, lawful son to James Grierson, late minister of the Gospel at Tingwall, Zeatland, (sic) [Shetland or Zetland] commander of the sloop ‘Portobello’ in service with the HON EAST INDIA COMPANY appoints his brother, James Grierson, merchant in Edinburgh to be his factor ‘as his vocation obliges him to visit foreign parts’ - Signed at Fort St. George 3[rd] March 1753 - (FASTI - William in West Indies died 1765).

Dumfries Court Commissary Deeds:
10[th] March 1795 - Testament of Mrs. Grierson in favour of Janet Marshall - Helen Marshall is Mrs. Grierson and she is the relict of DANIEL GRIERSON, residenter in Edinburgh - she leaves all to Janet Marshall and failing her to Janet Clark, her daughter and failing her to Robert Clark, Janet Clarks’s (sic) brother dated 25[th] November 1794.


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