L A G G CASTLE c1465
Ancient home of the Grierson family
Built by Vedast Grierson of Lag

Picture 1788

L A G G.
Plate I.

This Castle is situated in Glen Lag, about seven miles from Dumfries, amidst a dreary wild, steep mountains on all sides, with deep morasses for several miles. frequently covered with water.

It was the ancient baronial Castle of the very powerful family of the Griersons of Lagg.

No tradition remains of the time of it's being built; but from the style, which is similar to most of the border towers, it was with others erected at a very early period, to check the inroads of the English, and secure a safe retreat to our roving chiefs.

The first View is from the S.W. with the gate of entrance. There are the vestiges of a number of ancient buildings adjoining, but no ditch, or other outworks of defence; it's sequestered situation was sufficient.

Picture 1778

L A G G.
Plate II.

The last inhabitant of this pile was Sir Robert Grierson, Bart. grand-father to the present Sir Robert.

The Griersons are descended of the Laird of M'Gregor, and have been long settled in this country, where they were allied with the best families, viz the Lords Maxwell, Charteries of Amisfield, kirkpatricks of Closeburn, Fergusons of Craigdarroch, and with the Queensberry family by the marriage of the above Sir Robert with Lady Henrietta Douglas, daughter of James Earl of Queensberry.

This View is from the N.E. where the garden has been. Near the garden is two or three oblong hollows, dug out of the ground, evidently intended for fish-ponds.

This photo includes William N. Greer in the foreground and was taken from the northwest by his wife, Julianna Greer, in October of 1990.

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One-Namers often make some attempt to quantify the rarity of their name, and I am attempting to develop a useable yardstick for this at present. There is much scope for co-operation between one-namers and other genealogists and family historians - they are not a breed apart, and many are also engaged in more conventional pedigree hunting of their other ancestors. Many drift into a one-name study as a way of eliminating alternatives when researching a particular ancestral name. There is some use for example in having a complete listing of all occurences of a surname from the IGI or from Civil Registration lists of births, marriages and deaths. A co-operative effort between people studying the same surname bears much fruit and they have a good chance of discovering new relatives, depending of course on how common the name is.

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4th April 1995
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