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Pro Football:

Old Time Pre/Early NFL(Ohio and APFA) Football  (1903-32)

Old American Football Leagues  (AFL-1 1926, AFL-2 1936-37, AFL-3 1940-41)

All American Football Conference  (AAFC 1946-49)

American Football League  (AFL 1960-69)

World Football League  (WFL 1974-75)

United States Football League  (USFL 1983-85)

Xtreme Football League  (XFL 2001)

Pro Basketball:

Amateur Athletic Association Basketball (AAU 1897-1982)

Early American Basketball League  (ABL 1925-55)

National Basketball League  (NBL 1937-49)

World Professional Basketball Tournament  (1939-48)

Basketball Association of America  (BAA 1946-49)

Professional Basketball League of America  (PBLA 1947-48)

National Professional Basketball League  (NPBL 1950-51)

American Basketball League  (ABL 1961-63)

American Basketball Association  (ABA 1967-76)

Other Sports:

Tex Noel's Small-College Football Stat-Histories

Tex Noel's Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association

Old Time 19th Century Baseball League  (1871-1902)

Negro Leagues (Black Baseball Leagues 1887-1955)

International Roller Derby League (IRDL 1935-73)

All American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL 1943-54)

North American Soccer League  (NASL 1967-84)

World Hockey Association  (WHA 1972-79)

World Team Tennis  (WTT 1974-78)

International Women's Professional Softball Association  (IWPSA 1976-80)

Professional Slow Pitch Softball Leagues  (1977-82)

Major Indoor Soccer League  (MISL 1978-92)

Women's Professional Basketball Leagues (WBL/WBA/ABL/WNBA)

National Professional Soccer League  (NPSL 1985-2001)

Philadelphia High School City Championship Series (1938-80)

Miscellaneous Athletic Contests

Still Active Leagues with hard to find information:

Canadian Football League  (CFL 1909 - present)

Continental Basketball Association  (CBA 1946- present)

United States Basketball League  (USBL 1985- present)

Major Indoor Lacrosse/National Lacrosse League  (MILL/NLL 1987- present)

Arena Football League  (AFL 1987- present)

World League Football/ NFL-Europe League  (WLAF/NFLE 1991- present)

Japanese Professional Baseball Leagues  (1937- present)

Semi-Pro Football Leagues

Sports Research Association Pages: 

Major League Sports Almanac  (Great Site)

The Sports Link

Hickok Sports History Web Site

Phil Hollingworth's Sports History

The Sports Almanac from Dylan Sides

Lucky's Amazing Sports Lists

Robert Bradley's Association for Professional Basketball Research  (APBR)

NBA-Hoops-Online and the History of Basketball in General

Bob Carroll's Pro Football Researcher's Association  (PFRA)

Society for American Baseball Research  (SABR)

David Litterer's U.S. Soccer Archive History

Hockey Research Web Site

Ted Silary's Home Page for Philadelphia High School Sports

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