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This crossroads called FABULA has got its name after my own sci-fi-fanzine which hit the underground-market in Norway in 1969-75. Since my debut as a Fantasy & Science Fiction writer in 1974, I have published some 100 short stories in newspapers, magazines and anthologies and 25 books .

Since the 70's I have been working for a newspaper called SAMFUNNSLIV (LIFE OF SOCIETY), founded in the year 1931 by the writer and philosopher named Bertram D. Brochmann. This enigmatic man wrote some 40 books from 1920 until 1957, concerning religion, economics, psychology, philosophy etc. written in a way no one had ever written this kind of topics before. There has also been a couple of other writers who has meant a lot to me during the years:
Ray Bradbury and Kurt Vonnegut

I was born in 1950 in a town in the northern part of Norway called Mo i Rana. My father, Paul, being a teacher, hit the road and took his little family almost all over the country. So my mother, Arnhild, my sister Evy, and myself have stayed for some time in different villages and towns like Levanger, Tunnsjøen in Nordli, Innhavet in Hamarøy (where the famous writer Knut Hamsun lived) , Namsos, Alta and Bodø . At last I had my own family and ended up in a small town called Fauske in Salten in the county of Nordland, famous for the marble in the UN-building in New York. From 1974 I have been a teacher at a special school for children with social and emotional problems ( Røvika skole). Since 1994 I have been a high school teacher in my hometown.

My family and I live in Holstad , 10 km from the center of Fauske, near the Skjerstad-fjord ,about 10 km from Fauske, 8 km from Valnesfjord and some 50 km from Bodø, the capital of the county of Nordland in the Northern part of Norway, the land of the Midnigth Sun.

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