Death of a Jaguar 

by Dag Ove Johansen [email protected]

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"The Mayan Prophecies" by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell was published in 1995. The very advanced calendar of the Maya is telling us that this socalled primitive people, in some mysterious way, had access to huge amounts of knowledge on the cycles of the sunspots. Even the astrophysicians of modern times should listen to this ancient wisdom.. The writers are also exploring the popular myth of the famous Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent of the Maya, also known as Kukulkan) and how this myth is founding the basis of their ideas about the

cycles of the Sun. The writers are also showing us the connection between the Pre-Columbian civilization in Central-America and The Old World, especially Egypt. They are also telling us that the Mayan Prophecies are directly concerning the fall of our own civilizations, the end of "The Age of the Jaguar". The end of the fifth sun will happen on December 21 in the year 2012 AD. This is caused by a sudden reversal of the Earth's magnetic fields, due to a similar reversal of the Sun's magnetic fields some 5000 years ago.

According to the Maya the sun did change its magnetic poles on August 12 in the year 3112 BC. As a consequence, our own planet has to change its poles, but very delayed compared to that of our Sun: about 5000 years. The Mayan Calendar is telling us that this will occur on December 21. 2012 AD. This seems to be the end of the civilization as we know it. It is not easy to foresee the real consequences of this reversal of the magnetic poles, because it all depends on in what way the reversal is going to happen. If it occurs along the old axis of the magnetic poles, the consequences is nothing to mention at all. But the most probable thing that will happen is that the magnetic poles will take a fast move beneath our planet, a socalled "wandering reversal". This reversal will have an enormous impact on our planet, as described in "The Mayan Prophecies": 

"When the sun's magnetic field shifts direction, it tends to twist the Eart off its axis. The tilting Earth is subjected to earthquakes, floods, conflagrations and volcanic eruptions. The sun's magnetic field shifts five times every long cosmic cycle (the Mayan Long Count). This would seem to be the reason that the Maya and others believed that the Earth has been destroyed four times in the past, and that destruction at the beginning of the 21st century, the fifth age of the sun, will follow in the same way"..(page 271, appendix 6)


In his bestselling book Earth in Upheaval, historian Immanuel Velikovsky gave an account of what might happen when the Earth tilts on its axis:

"…At that moment an earthquake would make the globe shudder. Air and water would continue to move through inertia; hurricanes would sweep the Earth, and the seas would rush over continents; carrying gravel and sand and marine animals, and casting them onto land. Heat would be developed, rocks would melt, volcanoes would erupt, lava would flow from fissures in the ruptured ground and cover vast areas. Mountains would spring up from the plains and would climb and travel upon the shoulders of other mountains, causing faults and rifts. Lakes would be tilted and emptied, rivers would change their beds; large land areas with all their inhabitants would slip under the sea. Forests would burn, and the hurricanes and wild seas would wrest them from the ground on which they grew and pile them, branch by root, in huge heaps. Seas would turn into deserts, their waters rolling away.

And if a change in the velocity of the diurnal rotation [slowing the planet down ] should accompany the shifting axis, the water confined to the equatorial oceans by centrifugal force would retreat to the poles, and high tides and hurricanes would rush from pole to pole, carrying reindeers and seals to the tropics and desert lions to the Arctic, moving from the equator up to the mountain ridges of the Himalayas and down the African jungles; and crumbled rocks torn from splintering mountains would be scattered over large distances; and herds of animals would be washed from the plains of Siberia. The shifting of the axis would change the climate of every place, leaving corals in Newfoundland and elephants in Alaska, fig trees in northern Greenland and luxuriant forests in Antarctica. In the event of rapid shift of the axis, many species and genera of animals on land and in the sea would be destroyed, and civilizations, if any, would be reduced to ruins."


In short, Velikovsky suggest that the Earth may be destroyed by fire, water, wind and volcanic rain, providing us with a scenario that bears a striking resemblance to the end of each of the four ages of Mayan mythology. From his studies of sunspot activity and the Mayan calendar, Maurice Cotterell has concluded that the Mayan prophecy for the end of the fifth age concerns a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.This and its associeted cataclysm, he believes, will occur around 2012 AD. 

Velikovsky's scenario also bears a striking resemblance to the end-prophecies made by a lot of tribes and peoples in the Old and in the New world. All religions have their own myths concerning the end of the world; Christianity as one of them (the Apocalypse as John the Baptist saw it).  

The following list tells you all about the cataclysms that are now occuring around the world. 15 years from now, on December 21. 2012 AD, the mighty Jaguar, as described in the Mayan Prophecies, is going to die. You can feel its huge body shivering, as if the pain has already started. It's a slow death, covering every corner of the world, and nobody will ever slip away from the last breath of the Jaguar.



12.01: Mexico: earthquake(eq) 7.3 on the Richter's scale

13.01: Greece: flood

Cyprus: eq

15.01: China: eq

Northern Europe: heavy rainfall, flood, landslides

04.02: Iran: eq 5.4 and 6.1

South-Turkmenistan: eq 7.4

19.02: Peru: flood, landslides

20.02: Bolivia: the worst rainfall in 30 yeras, flood

24.02: Europe: hurricanes, destructions

27.02: Germany: flood

28.02: Pakistan: eq 7.3

Iran: eq 5.5

01.03: Bergen, Norway: worst rainfall in February since 1904

China:: eq 6.0

02.03: USA: off-seasons hurricanes

Iran: eq 5.2

Norway: Vestlandet: heavy rainfall, flood

03.03: Norway: Østfold/Vestfold: worst rainfall in February, flood

08.03: Fuji: hurricane

Northern Norway:-Norge: heavy snow-fall, later on: rainfall and flooding

10.03: Brasil: heavy rainfall, flood, landslides

17.03: Indonesia: eq

26.03: Libenon: eq 4.3

30.03: Poland: heavy rainfall and flooding

31.03: Norway, Trondheim: rainfall, flood

01.04: Norway: Møre- and Romsdal: heavy rainfall, devastating flood

03.04: Japan: eq 5.5

Northern Norway: heavy snowfall, avalanches

06.04: China: eq 6.4

08.04: Japan: tornadoes destroying parts of Yokahama

17.04: Norway:Tromsø: 2.08 m of snow in the city

19.04: USA: South-Dakota: heavy rainfall, flood

20.04: Zaire: heavy rainfall and storms destroys buildings

21.04: USA: Flooding in the Dakotas

23.04: Romania: flood

28.04: Canada: flood

Norway:Tromsø: 2.34 m of snow (record).Hammerfest: 80 cm of snow in one night

02.05: Niger: sandstorm killed 36

Egypt: worst sandstorm in 30 years

08.05: Sweden: rainfall, flood in Varmland

South-Korea: heavy rainfall, flood

Bangladesh: eq 5.5.

10.05: China: flood, 43 dead, 10 000 homeless

Iran: eq 7.3, massiv destructions, thousands of people killed

12.05: Iran: new eqs

13.05: Japan: eq 6.1

19.05: Bangladesh: hurricane, 350 killed

22.05: India: eq 6.0

Russia: Arkhangelsk: flood, many houses under water

23.05: Sweden: flood, landslides

28.05: USA: Texas, tornadoes

01.06: Spain: heavy rainfoll, storm, flood

15.06: Romania: flood, evacuation

23.06: The Andes: snowfall, avalanches

Mid-West: heavy rainfall, flood

24.06: Chile: rainfall, snowstorms, avalanches

Ukraine: storm, 12 dead

27.06: India: rainfall, flood, 100 dead

Iran: eq 6.2

South-Africa: storms, heavy rainfall, also snow

28.06: Montserrat: volcano, worst since 1995

29.06: Pakistan: landslide

Northern Italy: heavy rainfall, landslides

The Pyrenees: worst summer in several decades

30.06: Montserrat: volcano buries cities

Copenhagen: heavy rainfall, flood

01.07: Mexico: volcano

Scandinavia: heavy rainfall, flood

02.07: Scotland: flood, worst June since 1879

USA: Tornadoes kills 8

Sweden: Gavle, flood

Hong Kong: storm, flood

04.07: Norway: Engabreen (glacier) grown 66 m since 1996. Since 1991: grown

250 m

07.07: Czech-Rep.: flood

08.07: Czech-Rep.: worst flood in this century

Austria, Poland, Slovenia: heavy flooding

09.07: Japan: Tokyo, eq 5.0

Venezuela: eq 6.7

10.07: Japan: worst storm in 30 years, landslides

Poland, the Czech-Rep.: extreme rainfall, flood

13.07: China: flood, 60 dead, 130 000 fled from the flood

Poland: flood

Bangladesh: flood, 60 dead, 250 000 homeless

14.07: Czech-Rep, Poland, Germany: heavy flooding

01.08: Pasific: seastemp. rising to its highest level in this century (El Niño)

05.08: Sweden: Bohuslen: lack of Oxygen in the sea, never happened before

06.08: Norway: hotter than usual

Brittain: flood

08.08: Romania: flood

11.08: Peru: snowfall, 2m

Turkey: rainfall, flood, tornadoes, exceptional summer-weather

13.08: The Himalayas: flood

18.08: Taiwan: typhoon, a lot of people killed

N-Korea: drought after 2 years of heavy rainfall

19.08: Chile: storm, 10 dead

23.08: Montserrat: volcano

26.08: Sweden: flood

27.08: Pakistan: flood

N-Korea: tidewave and flooding

29.08: Pakistan: worst flood in 10 years

31.08: Sweden: Gøtaland/Svealand: worst rainfall in 40 years

Norway: Trysil: rainfall and flood

02.09: Norway: Sandefjord, Tønsberg: extreme rainfall

13.09: Norway: Åndalsnes, Molde, Kristiansund: heavy rainfall, flood

16.09: India: heavy rainfall, flood,

Japan: typhoon kills 3

26.09: Italy: eq 5.5, many dead, buildings destroyed

28.09: Indonesia: eq 6.0

30.09: Spania: flood

03.10: Italy: eq

07.10: Italy: eq 5.3

08.10: New Zealand: 100 whales stranded (se 13.10), may be due to

changes in the magnetic fields

09.10: Norway: large amounts of salmon fry blinded (UV-ligth from the sun)

12.10: Italy: several eqs

13.10: New Zealand: saved whales stranded again, 19 dead

Greece: eq 5.8

14.10: Italy: eq 5.4

15.10: Chile: eq 6.8, several killed, buildings destroyed

16.10: Turkey: flood, 8 dead, houses wiped out

18.10: Israel: hailstorm, flood, killing 11

24.10: Brasil: flood, heavy rainfall for weeks, 15 000 houses destroyed

Indonesia: drought

27.10: Norway: Møre-Romsdal: heavy snowfall, 2 m in Innerdalen

USA:Nebraska: heavy snowfall

28.10: Peru: eq 6.5

USA: 16 dead in snowstorm in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming

01.11: Azores: landslide kills 35, heavy rainfall

02.11: Northeast Africa: Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia: flood

03.11: Vietnam: worst storm in this century: 200 dead

Cook island: tyhpoon kills 200

05.11: Spain: heavy rainfall, flood, 16 dead

Portugal: flood, 15 dead

07.11: Vietnam: typhoon, 200 dead, 2000 missing, 200 000 homeless

08.11: China/Tibet: eq 7.9

12.11: Somalia: flood, 500 dead

Mexico: typhoon

13.11: Croatia: heavy rainfall, flood

Italy: rainfall, flood

15.11: Somalia: 1000 dead in flood

Japan: Hokkaido: eq 6.0 

17.11: Arktis: highest temp. in 400 years

18.11: USA: coldest November since the1890 in Missouri, Virginia etc

Greece: eq 6.4

21.11: The Gulf-stream is changing it's course

22.11: Bangladesh: eq 6.0, 18 dead

23.11: Italy: storm, rainfall: 15 dead

26.11: Madagascar/Malawi: locust-swarms and drought

Northd-Corea: the third crop-failure in 3 years

27.11: 1997, the hottest year in history (since 1860)

29.11: East-Africa: 1 mio people hit by flood

5.12: Denmark:Rømø: 15 whales stranded

Spain: snowfall for the first time since 1964

9.12: Turkey: heavy rainfall and flood

10.12: World: the quality of semen is falling dramatically

11.12: Caliafornia: sealions and seals dying in thousands

14.12: Northd-Corea: cold winter: -30 C (usually around zero)

Mexico: Fist snowfall since 1881, -14 C and a lot of snow


* * * 

You don't need to be a prophet to understand that something weird is happening to our planet. Is this the signs that will tell us all about our destiny? Are we leaping forward to the end of the fifth sun, the end of the Age of the Jaguar, as the Maya called it?  It started on August 11. 3114 BC (with the birth of Venus) and will end on December 21. 2012 AD.

If this is the truth, I really think that we all will suffer a lot when the Jaguar is closing his eyes for the last time.

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