the Norwegian Social Reformer
by Dag Ove Johansen [email protected]

Bertram Dybwad Brochmann(1881-1956) was looked upon as an intense and enigmatic social reformer during more than 40 years of public achievements. More than 45.000 Norwegians voted him into the Parliament(Stortinget) and hoped that he would be the answer on people's longing for better social conditions in times of the great Depression. His followers increased in number until Norway was occupied by the Germans(4/9/1940) and free elections and Democracy were abandoned.

Although B.D. Brochmann was constantly met by bitter opposition during his many campains in his own country, and was put to jail for his political views and behaviour, he still kept stubbornly on until his death, 75 years old in 1956. According to B.D.B. mankind was fumbling like children playing with symbols in an invented (or false) reality, because we are not conscious of the uncontrolled forces of psychological nature at work behind the historical and social tragedies and disasters. Freud's individual psychology was (long before Erich Fromm and others) by B.D.B applied to the phenomena in collective mentality. This is therefore one of the fields in which he made new and essential research.

B.D.B wanted us to understand the importance of a social, collective and mental hygiene, as well as we understand the importance of personal hygiene. To build peace among ethnic groups and nations is impossible before we learn mental hygiene, and here is the mass media and tabloid press of utmost danger/importance. Pollution in mind is something people should be aware of, because it is mental causes to most of the physical pollution in our time. If we f.i. let thinking in figures and money and profit come first, before local and global justice for the poor, then our thinking is polluted by an uncontrolled fantasy. It is not only a moral question, but a question of controlled fantasy or uncontrolled fantasy. It is my strong belief that B.D.Brochmann's research and visions can be the vital seed of a widespread spiritual and mental revolution that is bound to come in the next decade.

This is what B.D.B has given the Norwegian people as a seed for the Mental Revolution to bring forward the Theocratic Society

I 1931 he started the newspaper SAMFUNNSLIV (Society & Life) which is still alive and kicking. This newspaper is soon having its own home-page!

Here are some of the more than 40 books that he has written in the areas of sociology, social psychology, social economy, ecology and religion("Logocracy").

In English translation:

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