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Costa Rica
Asociación Filatelica de Costa Rica (AFCR)
Apartado 344
San José, 11000 Costa Rica
The Society of Costa Rica Collectors
Filatelia y Numismatica La Granada
Mr. Minor A. Martin Garcia APS-15
Ave Central, Calle 5y7, 2nd Piso, Loc 243
Galeria Central Ramirez Valido, San Jose
  • Phone: 011-506-2221-7341
  • [email protected]
  • eBay ID: chemador (0 items c.20150807)

    Full Time via Internet, Mail, Retail Store. Buys Stamps, Want Lists Service
    Specialties: Central America, Banknotes

    old?: Apdo 1707, San Jose 1002 (c.1999)
    P. O. Box 25216, Miami, FL 33102-5216, USA (c.2005)
    1601 NW 97th Ave. - SJO 2661, Miami, FL 33102, USA (c.2005)
    011 506 2507358 ?
    [email protected]  

    Ricardo Alvarez
    P.O. Box 662, San Jose 1000
  • Tel 224 25 34, Fax 253 74 17

    Member of AIEP: Expertization: Costa Rica, Central America with Air Mail and SCADTA' (What is 'SCADTA'?)

    Leon Djerahian AFCR
    Apdo. 6123-1000, San Jose
  • Phone#: 506/224-0991
  • [email protected]

    Also provides resources.

    "We are the site for philatelists and collectors

    This site is run by Leon Djerahian. Leon is a member in good standing of the American Topical Asociation (ATA# 49994) since 1995. Leon is also a member in good standing of The Costa Rica Philatelic Association.

    Leon’s goal is to provide an unmatched, prompt and courteous service for the stamp collecting community worldwide."

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