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Canada, Chile, China, PR, Colombia, Congo, DR, Congo, Rep, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Rep.

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    Regional Organizations
  • Caribbean
    1. British Virgin Islands Philatelic Society (BVIPS) APS, FIAF
      Presidente: Dr. Giorgio Migliavacca @
      or: Downing@, Tel./Fax: 284-494-3510 (USVI)
      P.O. Box 704, Road Town, Tortola 00108-8000
      Local News Article
      "In many respects the BVI Philatelic Society has some unique features that make it different from the average stamp club. The exotic setting is but one aspect, 70% of the members are women, resident membership (as opposed to overseas members) is rather cosmopolitan including natives as well as nationals of Britain, Italy, USA, Panama, Canada, Germany and a number of Caribbean islands...The Society has its own library and collectors may contact librarian Ione Cox to borrow catalogues and books. " - The Island Sun (c.1998; but undated)

      See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : The Caribbean  

        Local, National & Overseas Organizations


  • Canada

    The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
    RPSC is "Canada's national society for philatelists.."

    British North American Philatelic Society (BNAPS)
    "The Society for Canadian Philately"
    (with many regional and study groups in N.A.)
    e.g: BNAPS Internet Study Group (ISG): An online forum (c.2010) (x)
    "The BNAPS Internet Study Group was set up to inform BNAPS members about the use of the Internet as an aid to their research, and support them in their endeavours to do so."

    The Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
    "The primary purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and promote research in the fields of philately and postal history."


      National & Local Canadian Clubs by Post Code

    1. G1H 2T4 Societe Philatelique de Quebec More... APS-05, RPSC-11 FQP-11 More...
      "Premi�re soci�t� philat�lique d'expression fran�aise en Am�rique du Nord".

    2. G1K 8R3 La Soci�t� d'histoire postale du Qu�bec More... (SHPQ) FQP-11 (03) {f.1980}
      aka: Postal History Society of Qu�bec
      ( FQP Data Pg.)
      265 du Chalutier #306, Qu�bec, QC, G1K 8R3
      Pr�sident: M. Cimon Morin, @, T�l. : (819) 684-0392
      "La SHPQ s'int�resse principalement � l'histoire de la province de Qu�bec ainsi qu'au territoire correspondant avant sa constitution. Elle traite �galement de sujets reli�s aux r�gions adjacentes, dans la mesure o� ils ajoutent � la connaissance de l'histoire postale qu�b�coise."

      (The SHPQ is mainly interested in the history of the province of Quebec and the corresponding territory before its formation. It also addresses issues related to adjacent regions, since they add to the knowledge of the postal history of Quebec.)

    3. K0K 1G0 Canadian Perfins Study Group BNAPS
      Steven Koning, @ Phone/ Fax: 613-393-5022
      RR1, 1401 Highway 62, Bloomfield, ON, Canada K0K 1G0

    4. K1J 9M7 Canadian Forces Philatelic Society (URL updated c.2012)
      PO Box 46006, Beacon Hill Postal Outlet, Gloucster, ON K1J 9M7

    5. K1L 6G6 Postal History Society of Canada (PHSC) More... APS-11
      Publication: PHSC Journal (Quarterly)
      Meets: at stamp shows across Canada.
      The Annual Meeting is held in the summer,
      and is supplemented by Regional Meetings,
      usually accompanied by postal history seminars given by a prominent member of the Society.
      Contact (c.2001): 216 Mailey Dr, Carleton Pl, ON K7C 3X9
      or Secretary (@) (c.2007): Stephane Cloutier, 367 Levis Ave., Ottawa, ON K1L 6G6
      or Secretary (@) (c.2011): Stephane Cloutier, 255 Shakespeare St., Ottawa, ON K1L 5M7
      "The Society has several study groups devoted to the detailed examination of specialized aspects of postal history. In addition, via its Allan Steinhart Memorial Fund, it provides support for research in postal history."
      old: ; forwards c.201201

      PHSC Study Groups (c.2007):

      International Machine Cancel Society of Canada (IMCRSC) (@) More...
      Contact: Bob Vogel (@) or Rob Leigh (the '@' above). (PHSC Data Pg.)

      "..dedicated to researching the Canadian use of the International Postal Supply Company of New York's rapid cancelling machine models 'S', 'L' and the 'Flier'. "

      Northern Canada Study Group More...
      Publication: The Northerner (newsletter; 5 or 6 a year)
      Contact: Gray Scrimgeour (@)

      ". . .covers the postal history of northern British Columbia, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, northern Ontario and Quebec, and Labrador up to the present time. . . .also discusses early Manitoba (up to 1905) and the Provisional Districts of Alberta, Assiniboia, Athabaska, Saskatchewan, and Keewatin."

      Money Order Office Study Establishment (MOOSE) (PHSC Data Pg.) (Index)
      Publication: The Bull.MOOSE (Quarterly from Feb.)
      Contact Doug Murray (@)
      "MOOSE explores the wilderness of modern Canadian postal markings .." (since 1920..)

      Grey, Bruce, Dufferin & Simcoe Postal History Study Group (PHSC Data Pg.) (Index)
      (Counties in Ontario)
      Publication: (originally The GBD&S Newsletter; now): The Georgian Courier (Quarterly)
      Editor (c.2011) Gus Knierim (@)

      Barrel Rollers Study Group (PHSC Data Pg.) (Index)
      "..recently reactivated, they cover the 'barrel postmarks' of Canada used for about 7� years (early 1955 - end of 1962). . . . The Post Office Department considered them experimental."
      "The barrel instruments were introduced toward mid-1955. This first model had design deficiencies, so they were all recalled and replaced near the end of 1955 by hammers of an improved design. The early-model hammers were in service for just over 6 months, and strikes on cover are harder to find than those of their replacements, which were recalled at the end of 1962, thus ending the experiment."
      "Bob Smith has recently prepared a book entitled Canada's Barrel Postmarks, which contains a full account of what is presently known about barrel cancels. The book is available free to PHSC members. In addition, we have a database for barrel postmarks that is continuously updated."

    6. K2H 6R1

      The Canadian Aerophilatelic Society (CAS) AAMS-08, APS-10, FISA-08, RPSC-07

      The website, "provides a forum for the exchange of information...
      in any aspect of world-wide aerophilately.."
      Publication: The Canadian Aerophilatelist (Qtrly; Free copy available)
      See Also: the webmaster's "Canadian Semi-Officail Airmail Page
      Webmaster : Steve Johnson, @
      President (c.2008 FISA, 2010 APS)
      Chris Hargreaves, @
      4060 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario K7M 4Y4
      Secretary (c.2008 FISA, CAS, ks)
      Brian Wolfenden, 613-226-2045, @
      203-A Woodfield Drive, Nepean, Ontario K2G 4P2
      Major R. K. (Dick) Malott (Ret.) (c.2005 APS, Past Pres. c.2008 CAS) *
      (613) 829-0280, @ (c.2005 APS), @ (c.2008 CAS)
      16 Harwick Crescent, Napean, ON K2H 6R1
      *"A number of Aerophilatelic meetings will be taking place in Canada during 2009. Anybody viewing this website who is travelling to Canada, or in Canada, is invited to participate in all of these meetings, and will be welcomed at any of them."
      "The society also provides a number of other services, including: a question-and-answer service for mystery air mail stamps and covers; a small library that can be searched for information on particular topics; a "sales department", with a variety of covers for sale; discount prices on many CAS and AAMS publications; representation of Canadian aerophilatelists at national and international levels." (c.2008)

      Canadian Air Mail Collectors Club More.. AAMS-08
      Major Richard K. Malott (Ret.) (613) 829-0280, @ (c.2008 AAMS) *
      16 Harwick Crescent, Nepean, Ontario, K2H 6R1 Canada

    7. M4T 2P1
      The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada / La Soci�t� royale de philat�lie du Canada

      The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) {f. 1887} FIP, FIAF
      (La Soci�t� royale de philat�lie du Canada)
      "Canada's national society for philatelists.."
      Note: "As a service to Chapters of The RPSC, The RPSC will provide, free of charge, a small web presence to Chapters who do not have the resources (man power or money) to have their own web site."
      P. O. Box 929, Station "Q", Toronto, ON M4T 2P1
      Tel.: (416) 921-2077, Toll free: (888) 285-4143,
      Fax: (416) 921-1282, E-Mail: [email protected]
      Publication : The Canadian Philatelist (back issues online)
      Online Library w/many exhibitions
      Charles J.G. Verge, @sym, @rog, Tel: 613 738 2770, Fax: 416 921 1282
      c/o Rick Penko, @shaw (c.2008: Pres. RPSC, @)
      3793 Vialoux Drive, Winnipeg, MB R3R 0A5
      Robin Harris, @admin, (Adminware), Webmaster, @ (c.2008)

    8. M5A 1M1 Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Alliance More... (GTAPA) {f.2002}
      P.O. Box 45, 260 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1M1
      Publication: PhilaJournal
      Representing 13 clubs c.2011.
      "Recognizing the present status of philately within the GTA (an area with a population of more than 5 million people), the Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Alliance (GTAPA) emerged in January 2002 to form an �Alliance� to affiliate, but not replace, all stamp clubs in the area. It has become the fourth �federation� affiliated with the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) operating in Canada. The Alliance joins the North-West Federation (Alberta, BC, and the Northwest US), the Grand River Valley Stamp Association (Southwestern Ontario) and the Federation quebecoise de philatelie (Quebec) as coordinating bodies for stamp clubs in their geographic area." c.2011

    9. M5A 1N1 Canadian Associationn of Israel Philately
      - Jan Bart Judaica Study Group RPSC-09
      Meets: 7 p.m. 2nd Wed. (Sept.-May)
      At: Lippa Green Bldg., 4600 Bathurst St., Willowdale, ON
      Contact: Joseph Berkovits, Tel.: 416-635-1749
      33-260 Adelaide St., E., Toronto, ON M5A 1N1

    10. L6W 4R1 Grand River Valley Philatelic Association More...
      Vice-President, (Liaison): Ingo Nessel, @, Tel.: 416-407-1707 (c.2011)
      PO Box 92531, Brampton, ON L6W 4R1
      Shows : Annual Club Fair (known Oct. 2007; 13th Annual): @
      Representing 16 clubs. (c.2011; 12 clubs c.2007)

    11. R3C 2Z1 Winnipeg Philatelic Society, @ APS, RPSC
      Box 1425, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2Z1, Canada
      Annual Show : StampShow (known Nov 17, 2007)
      Publication: The Buffalo (10/yr)
      Philatelic Library, Auctions, Circuit books
      Meets: 6:30 p.m, 1st & 3rd Thurs., (less July & Aug.)
      At: The Scandinavian Centre
      764 Erin Street, Winnipeg (c.2008)
      Contact: Rick Penko
      3793 Vialoux Drive, Winnipeg, MBR3R 0A5
      E-mail: @1 (c.2001), @2 (c.2007)
      WPS, founded 1900, is the oldest stamp club in Western Canada and is the umbrella organization of The Winnipeg Youth Stamp Club, The Creative Retirement Stamp Club, The Scandinavian Collector's Club of Winnipeg and The British North America Philatelic Society's Manitoba Regional Group.

    12. R3G 2W4 Scandinavian Collector's Club - Manitoba Chapter {f.1988} SCC-11 More...
      Newsletter: The Gnome News (monthly)
      Contact: John Salmi at [email protected] for a complimentary issue.
      Meets: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 7:00pm
      At: Scandinavian Cultural Centre, (204) 774-8047
      764 Erin St. Winnipeg, MB R3G 2W4, Canada
      Club Contact: Robert Zacharias, [email protected]
      808 Polson Ave, Winnipeg, MB R2X 1M5.

    13. V4A 9W4 British North American Philatelic Society
      - Pacific Northwest Group NWFSC, BNAPS
      Show : VANPEX (known June 2007)
      Peter Jacobi
      6 - 2168 - 150A St, Surrey BC V4A 9W4
      Tel.: 604-538-0246

    14. V6J 2A4 British Columbia Philatelic Society NWFSC, APS, RPSC 31
      Box 40, The Grosvenor Bldg, 1040 W Georgia St. Vancouver, BC V6E 4H1
      Meets : 7:30 p.m., each Wed. (Sep-June)
      At : West Burnaby United Church, 6050 Sussex Avenue, Burnaby, BC
      Contact : Bob Ingraham (Pres.), @, Tel.: 604-694-0014 (c.2008 NWFSC)
      Or Write: Basil J. Hunter:
      1775 W. 10th Ave., #106, Vancouver, BC V6J 2A4 Canada (c.2001)
      Website features links to local dealers, clubs and shows! c.2008 ajw.
      Show : VANPEX
      BC Philatelic Society will not host a VANPEX exhibition in 2008 (we can't seem to get sufficient volunteers), we are planning a club-level stamp show to be held June 21, 2008.

    15. V6B 5K2 British Columbia Postal History
      Bill Topping, (604) 261-1508
      7430 Angus Drive, Vancouver BC V6B 5K2 Canada

    16. V6T 1Z1 Coin & Stamp Club of the University of British Columbia
      @hotmail, Box 185, 6138 SUB Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1
      Tel: 604-522-5134 or 604-221-4926
      Fax: 604-522-5134 or 604-421-8161
      Meets: 1st Wed. & 3rd Thur. @ 1230 hrs
      At: Buchanan Tower, Scarfe Building (Faculty of Education)
      2125 Main Mall, UBC
      Call the UBC Conference Centre at (604) 822-1010
      for details about visitor accomadation.

    17. V7Y 1K2 Society of Israel Philatelists - Vancouver SIP-09
      Ed Kroft - c/o McCarthy-Tetrault?
      1300-777 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C. V7Y 1K2

    18. V8Y 1K3 Greater Victoria Philatelic Society NWFSC, RPSC 31
      Meets : 7:30 p.m. 3rd Fri.
      At : Windsor Park Pavilion, Oak Bay, BC
      Gray Scrimgeour, @scrim (c.2008 NWFSC)
      Don Dundee, Tel.: 604-658-8458
      928 Claremont Ave., Victoria, BC V8Y 1K3 (c.2007)

    19. V8Z 6R9 Muffin Breakers Stamp Club NWFSC
      Robin Clarke, @, 250-818-6513
      205 - 651 Jolly Pl., Victoria, BC V8Z 6R9

    20. V8Z 6R9 Sidney Stamp Club NWFSC, APS
      Meets: 2 p.m. 2nd Sat. (Sept.-June)
      At: Sidney Regional Library (in the Nell Horth Room), Sidney, BC
      Robin Clarke, @, 250-818-6513
      205 - 651 Jolly Pl., Victoria, BC V8Z 6R9

    21. Canadian Postal Stationery Study Group BNAPS
      Dieter Staecker, @rogers, Tel.: 519-455-9715
      384 Regal Drive, London ON N5Y 1J7, Canada

    22. Precancels Study Group BNAPS (x)
      Andy Ellwood
      Unit B, Starr Centre
      10 Doris Avenue, Gloucester, ON K1T 3W8
      Tel.: (613) 737-2137

    23. Canadian Society of Russian Philately (CSRP)
      Cite: Dealers : .ru - See Also

    24. Centennial Stamp Club, BC, Canada  

    25. Saskatoon Stamp Club - @, SK, Canada  

    26. Nova Scotia Stamp Club .ca-NS  

      See Also:

    27. ArGe USA/Candda
      Mr. Peter Kuhlhorn, Wormser Str. 36, D-42119 Wuppertal, Germany

    28. USA en Canada Filatelie, The Netherlands

      ->See Also: Clubs : (about) Canada

  • Chile  
    1. Sociedad Filat�lica de Chile (SFC) FIAF, FIP
      SFC Blog, @
      Almirante Simpson 75, Santiago de Chile
      Tlf.: (562) 222.80.36 y 635.15.96, Fax: 562-665.08.19
      Casilla 13245, Santiago, Chile
      Presidente: Sr. Thomas Kannegiesser A.
      Casilla 13245, Santiago

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical : (about) Chile

  • China, Peoples' Republic of
    1. All-China Philatelic Federation FIAP, FIP
      28 Dong An Men Street, CN-100006 Beijing
      @, Tel.: +86 106 802 2693, Fax: +86 106 805 2789 (c.2008)
      July 19, 2000: "Stamp-collecting in China has grown increasingly popular in recent years, with the number of collectors reaching 18 million, said Luo Shuzhen, president of the All-China Philatelic Federation, Tuesday in Beijing." - People's Daily Online

    2. China Air Mail Society FISA-08
      P.O.Box 0362, Qingdao 266011
      Secretary (c.2008)
      David Lu
      P.O. Box 8457, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, USA
      See Also: China Stamp Society (below)

    3. China Stamp Society CSS-10
      Rep. for Peoples' Republic of China:
      David Y. Lu, Tel.: +86-13905327615
      P. O. Box 0362, Qingdao, Shandong 266011
      or: P. O. Box 8457, Rowland Heights, CA 91748, USA, Tel.: 909-444-5828

        See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : China

      See Also: Asia : Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Tibet

  • Columbia
    1. Federaci�n Filat�lica Colombiana (FEFILCO) FIAF, FIP, FISA-08
      Presidente: Sr. Carlos Valenzuela Acosta, @els.., @hm
      Tel.: +57 1 201 98 80, Fax: +57 1 201 58 16
      Apartado 25045, Santaf� de Bogot� (c.2008)
      Secretary (c.2008 FISA)
      Hugo Goeggel (see: Club Filat�lico de Bogota below*)
      Carrera 68D n� 14.90
      Apt.Aereo 17729, Santa Fe de Bogota

    2. Club Filat�lico de Bogota APS
      Gov't Data Pg.
      Meets: 6:30 p.m., Thurs., 11 a.m., Sat.:
      Calle 121 No.9B-27, Santa Fe de Bogota
      Write: Dr. Mario Ortiz, PO Box 5258, Santa Fe de Bogota
      or: Hugo Goeggel, @Y!, Fax: 6 20 64 73 (see FEFILCO above*)

    3. Club Filatelico Scout BP Columbia
      ([email protected]) SOSSI-12
      A.A 2469, Bucaramanga, Colombia

  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kinshasa/Zaire)  
      "Formerly the Belgian colony of the Belgian Congo, the country's post-independence name was the 'Republic of the Congo' until August 1, 1964, when it was changed to 'Democratic Republic of the Congo' (to distinguish it from the neighboring Republic of the Congo)." In 1971 it became known as 'Zaire' from which reverted in 1997.

    1. F�d�ration Congolaise de Philat�lie (FECOPHI) FIP
      B.P. 15861, Kinshasa 1, R�public du Congo
      Pres.: Fran�ois Landu Ditona Od� (c.2008)
      @, Phone: +243 810 87 62 87

      See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Congo

  • Congo, Republic of the ( Brazzaville/French Congo)
    "Upon independence in 1960, the former French region of Middle Congo became the Republic of the Congo."  
    1. ()

      See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Congo

  • Costa Rica  
    1. Asociaci�n Filat�lica de Costa Rica (AFCR) FIP, FIAF
      Apartado Postal 3441, San Jos� 1000, Costa Rica
      @, @hm, Tel: (506) 233-9416, Fax: +506 240 70 03
      Presidente: Sr. Juan Herrera, @
      Apartado 3441 -1000 San Jos�, Costa Rica

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Costa Rica

  • Croatia
    1. Croatian Philatelic Federation (HFS) FIP, FEPA
      Pres.: Ivan Libric (B.Sc.Econ.),
      Tel.: +385 91 131 87 76, Fax: +3851 482 94 32
      Habdeliceva 2, P.O. Box 259, HR-10001 Zagreb, Croatia

      See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Croatia

      & Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, The Balkans ... Sarejavo

  • Cuba  
    1. Federaci�n Filat�lica Cubana (FFC) FIP, FIAF
      Gov't Info Pg. ("Miembro de la FIP, FIAF, FIPO y ASCAT.")
      Apartado Postal 6147, 10600 La Habana, Cuba
      @enet, @correos., Tel: +53 70 51 44, Fax: +53 70 27 09

    2. Museo Postal y Filatelico Cubano
      Ave. de Rancho Boyeros e/ 19 de Mayo y 20 de Mayo,
      Plaza de la Revolucion, Ciudad de la Habana
      Open: Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:00, Closed Saturdays and Sundays

      The Museum specialy is in philately and the history of the Cuban postal service, exhibits include old writing instruments and valuable documents of the Cuban post including the libro de cuentas (ledger) used by Cuba's first Director of the Mail in 1765.

      The Postal Museum also has a rich collection of stamps of the world and a specialized room devoted to Cuban stamps. There is a shop where visitors may buy stamps, albums and other collectors accessories.

      old: '404'

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Cuba

  • Cura�ao  
      In 1633, the Dutch, having lost the island of St. Maarten to the Spanish, retaliated by attacking Cura�ao, Bonaire, and Aruba. Bonaire was conquered in March 1636. The Dutch built Fort Oranje in 1639. While Cura�ao emerged as a center of the slave trade, Bonaire became a plantation of the Dutch West India Company. ... - Wikipedia
      note: Cura�ao will become an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands 10 October 2010.

    1. Curacaose Postzegel Vereniging (CPV)
      Kaya John Menge 8
      Per fax op faxnummer (599-9) 736 1969

  • Cyprus  
    1. Cyprus Philatelic Society (CPS) FIP, FEPA
      Publication: Cyprus Philately
      c/CPS Dimosthenis Severis Avenue (behind Ay. Omologites Post Office)
      P. O. Box 23396, CY-1682 Nicosia (c.2008)
      Telephone: +357-22-669722 - Fax: +357-22-669236
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Pres.: Nicos Rangos, @ Tel: +357 99 63 9181, Fax: +357 22 669 236

    2. Philatelic Center and Postal Museum (x)
      Agiou Savva 3b Street
      Nicosia, CY-1015 Cyprus

      Tel: 22 304 711, 22 760 522
      Fax: 22 760 733
      Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 15.00, Saturdays 09.00 - 13.00
      Founded in 1981, "...the Museum exhibits chronologically the postage stamps and rich philatelic material concerning the postal history of Cyprus."
      Cite: Postal Authorities : Cyprus (Picture...)

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Cyprus

  • Czech Republic
    1. Svaz Ceskych Filatelistu (SCF), Czech Republic
      (Union of Czech Philatelists)

    2. Czech Postal Museum (Info Pg.)
      Postal Museum Prague
      Prague Address: Nov� ml�ny 2, 110 00 Prague 1.
      Phone: +420 222 312 006, Fax: + 420 222 311 930
      Email: [email protected]
      Cite : Postal Authorities : Czech Republic

      Postal Museum Vy��� Brod
      Vy��� Brod Address: Kl�ter 136, 382 73 Vy��� Brod (South Bohemia Region)
      Phone: +420 380 746 679, Fax: +420 380 746 243
      Email: [email protected]

    3. Gesellschaft f�r Aerophilatelie (GAF) More... SCF, FISA-08
      President (c.2008):
      MUDr. Bedrich Helm
      P.O. Box 1, CZ-33902 Klatovy 1
      Secretary (c.2008):
      Ing. Pavel Matousek
      Vaclovska 578, CZ-53701 Chrudi II

    4. Olympsport Section / ArGe Olympsport FIPO ,Czech Republic

    5. Sekce KOSMOS (ArGe KOSMOS) More..
      Julius Cacka, @ (c.2007), @ (c.2008)
      Chudenicka 1079/10, CZ-102 00 - PRAHA 10
      tel. / phone no. 00420/2/ 249 00 120
      fax / facsimile 00420/2/ 249 00 155
      Publication: KOSMOS
      Meets: 1:00 pm last Sat. @ the Prague Astronomical Observatory
      Planet�rium, Kr�lovsk� obora, Prague 7
      "..founded in Prague in 1971, which makes the section one of the oldest cosmo-philatelic societies worldwide...Do you know that former Czechoslovakia was the third country of the world (after Soviet Union and USA) sending a man to the Space ?"

    6. Society for Territorial Philately SCF, Czech Republic
      Founded in 1990, currently (c.2007) has approximately 600 members in about 9 geographically specific specialties including one for 'perfins'. {note: the Latin American section folded Dec. 31, 2004)}. A member of the 'Union of Czech Philatelists'.
      c/o Svaz Ceskych Filatelistu (SCF) {Union of Czech Philatelists}

    7. Klub skautsk�ch sberatelu Jun�ka (KSSJ) IFSCO-12, SOSSI-12
      (Scout {skautsk�ch} Collectors {sberatelu} Club Jun�k)
      Senov�n� n�mest� 24, 116 47 Praha 1, Czech Republic (Cesk� republika)
      Email: [email protected]
      or: Dr. Ladislav Kurka, [email protected]
      Vekova 50, CZ-14700 Praha 4, Czech Republic

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Czech Republic, Czechoslavakia, Slovakia

      Prague (CZ) Museum Guide : Cite: Topical: Transportation: By Rail., Dealers: .cz
      See Also: Topicals : Philatelic Museums


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