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Federación Filatelica Colombiana
Apartado Postal 25045
Santafé de Bogota, Colombia
Alvaro Barriga
Apartado 53.404
Bogota 2, Colombia
Filatelia Colombia Catalogo Barriga Colombia  
Dr. Hugo Goeggel
c/o Comestibles Italo S.A. (Chocolate And Cocoa Products)
Apartado Aéreo 17729
Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia
  • Tel. +57 1 2924100 / Fax +57 1 2925231
  • E-mail
    Member of the AIEP : Expertization:
    Colombia: postage stamps and postal history;
    Colombia: air mail; Brasil: first issue only;
    Ecuador: 19th century, postage stamps and postal history
    Dr. Goeggel is also (c.2008) 'Senor Presidente' of the FIAF.  
    Jairo Londońio-Tamayo (RDP)
    Apartado 253 772
    Colle 95 No. 11-51 / Oficina 401
    Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia
    Member of the AIEP : Expertization: Colombia, Pre-philatelic, Classic and Air Mail
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