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"Central Nova MP Peter MacKay says he's received assurances from Canada Post that all permanent employees at the National Philatelic Centre in Antigonish will retain their jobs when the facility closes. ...
Published on March 15, 2011 in The News

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  • 1-800-565-4362 (from Canada and the United States)
  • 1.902.863.6550 (from other international destinations)

    "Agent for United States, United Kingdom, United Nations and Ireland" c.2006

  • Stamp Shows in Nova Scotia

  • Nickerson Stamps More...
    (Store front at StampCentral)
    Steven Nickerson
    941 Old French Rd., Kingston, NS, B0P 1R0
  • Tel.: (902) 760-0557
  • [email protected]*, [email protected]
    Specialties: Worldwide Approvals. Commonwealth, collections
    "... a full time Stamp Dealership serving clients around the world.." "Nickerson Stamps began in the mid 1970's under Bob and JoAnn Nickerson. Through several partnerships and large stock purchases from retiring dealers, the stock has grown to include every country of the world. In 1999, Bob and JoAnn decided to retire and sold the stamp business to their son, Steven Nickerson. Bob and JoAnn still enjoy dabbling in stamps and are employed on a casual basis from time to time. ... Nickerson Stamps presently serves several hundred regular customers each month with ongoing approvals..."

    old: 8 Oakvale Court, Timberlea, NS B3T 1K7 (Bob?)
    Pauline Kaill (
    index) (the actress?)
    Online Storefront (@ Playle's Auctions)
    (Martime Lamimating and Drymounting ; Tel.: (902) 499-7513 ){?}; googled it!
    3485 Joseph Howe Dr, Halifax, NS, B3L 4H6 (from storefront c.2011)
    Specialty: US, Canadian, Worldwide, Topicals, Greetings, some ephemera, stamps, postal history.  
    Seaside Book & Stamp (Ref. c.2011)
    Jerry Tucker
    23 Alderney Dr., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B2Y 2N2
  • Tel.: (800) 377-8267, (902) 423-8254
  • Fax: 1-902-461-0744 (see also: Gerald Tucker [below])
  • [email protected], [email protected],
  • Information@SeasideBS.com, [email protected]
    ".. a real and virtual shop ... There is a back entrance with a ramp .."
    loves sci-fi books...Lego sets & parts. Stamps, stamp collecting supplies and reference books.. (Ref. URL c.2012)

    c.201004 "Go local in Dartmouth" by Carsten Knox, "Though closed during the weekdays, Shoptalk was able to find someone in the store on a quiet Thursday. . .The official hours are Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 11am-6pm, and for more info and to check out the stock, visit the helpful website at seasidebs.com."
    (had) some good online resources (e.g. the clubs list:)
    Seaside's Maritaimes Stamp Club list:
    http://seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4index.html ; clubs '404' c.2011
    http://seaside.twistedpair.ca/ ; Homepage '404' c.2011  
    Gerald Tucker, C/O Seaside Book & Stamp
  • Tel (902) 423-8254 - Toll Free: 1 (800) 377-8267
  • Fax (902) 423-6731
  • [email protected]
    Also acts as an Auction Agent
    http://fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb6.html '404'
    J.C. Michaud Stamp Co.
    Claude (Jean-Claude ) Michaud CSDA-11
    P.O. Box 31248, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5Y1
    15 Briarwood Cr., Halifax, NS, B3M 1P2
  • Tel.: (902) 443-5912, Fax: (902) 445-5795
  • [email protected]
    Auction Agent
    Specialties: Postal History
    Douglas J Gray Philatelic Services
    Douglas J Gray
    CSDA-07 (Club Ad/Ref. c.201102)
    P. O. Box 24105, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4T4
    21 Micmac Blvd., Dartmouth, NS (c.2007, 2011)
  • Tel.: 902-461-0528
  • [email protected]
    Specialties: British Commonwealth, Canada, Newfoundland

    in Canpages Appraisers directory:
    7 Horizon Crt, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4R2
  • Tel.: (902) 461-0528

    Another listing says:
    6 Berkley Brae, Dartmouth NS B2Y 4G9
    Phone: (902) 461-0528
    Moody Blue Stamp Co. More...
    John E. Bray CSDA-11, APS-11
    77 Stewart Harris Drive, Dartmouth, NS, B2W 3Z8
  • Tel.: (902) 434-8439, Fax: (902) 433-0832
  • [email protected]
    Specialties: Approvals, British Commonwealth, Great Britain
    Nova Philatelic Sales
    John H. Grimmer APS-11
    P. O. Box 161, Lakeside, NS, B3T 1M6
    Tel.: 902-826-2165, Fax: 902-826-1049
  • [email protected] *, [email protected]
    Great Britain, British Commonwealth : Free Lists, "all reigns"
    Clubs (this section could use some Help!)
    Nova Scotia Stamp Club (@) More... APS-05, RPSC-11
    Meets : 7:30 p.m. 2nd Tues. (Sept.-June)
    At : Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History
    (in the auditorium - lower level)
    1747 Summer St., Halifax, NS, B3H 3AT
    (Club Newsletters are online)
    Shows : Novapex (known Sept. 2006, 2007):
    Show contact : Michael Peach: @, Tel.: 902-832-1662, /novapex07.htm
    Club Contact (c.2007): Mr. John Harvey, @, Tel.: (902) 434-4989
    46 Farquharson St., Dartmouth, NS, B2W 4A8
    Working: list of .ca clubs (c.2011)
    www.chebucto.ns.ca/Libraries/HCRL/CommunityDB/NSSC.html '404'
    and predecessor: www.cfn.cs.dal.ca/Libraries/HCRL/CommunityDB/NSSC.html '404'
    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb5.html '404'
    British Collectors Club of Nova Scotia
    More...; help!
    Friends of Philately;
    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb2.html '404'
    older: fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb2.html '404'
    South Shore Stamp Club;
    Contact (c.2002): C. Lloyd Tancock
    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb6.html '404'
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb6.html '404'
    South Shore Junior Stamp Club;
    Contact (c.2002): C. Lloyd Tancock
    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb7.html '404'
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb7.html '404'
    Wallace Area Museum - Youth Stamp Club;
    help! (index): help!
    business.auracom.com/hayward/clients/wam/program.html '404' c.2011
    Truro Philatelic Society
    Meets: 7:30 p.m. 2nd & 4th Thur.
    (4th Thur. is trading night)
    At: Sobey's Community Room, Tel.: 902-895-9733
    985 Prince Street, Truro, NS, B2N 1H7
    Contact: Barry Zolkivski

    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb8.html '404' c.2011
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb8.html '404'
    Valley Stamp Club
    Contact (c.2007): Jack Colwell, @, Tel.: 902-678-2553
    16 Leverett Avenue, Kentville, NS, B4N 2K6

    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb9.html '404'
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb9.html '404'
    Halifax Grammar School Junior Stamp Club;
    seaside.twistedpair.ca/px4clb3.html '404'
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb3.html '404'
    Halifax Junior Stamp Club;
    fox.nstn.ca/~gtucker/px4clb4.html '404'
    British North American Philatelic Society - Atlantic Regional Group;
    help! BNAPS-? (index); help!)
    Halifax, NS
    Jack Forbes, @
    from a reference in Canadaian Stamp News c.2007
    & CSN listed contact for BNAPEX 2008

    See Also:
    Available - Better worldwide and Canada for trade by
    want list. E-mail to [email protected] (c.2011)

    Michael Peach, [email protected]
    I note his name often referenced c.2007-2008 as a contact for severl shows.. - aj.

    inscrit au Hit-Parade de www.philatelistes.net (2008.11.12.0745=4294)

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