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The Canadian Stamp Dealer's Association (CSDA)
PO Box 1123 Adelaide St P.O.
Toronto, ON M5C 2K5
  • Tel: (416) 979-3335
  • Fax: (416) 979-1144
  • E-mail: Secretary
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  • Greg Barcroft's Stamphead.com:
    It all started back in 1997 with CanadaAuction.com (a no fee Canadian auction) similar to the ebay style. This was a fun site and had a decent following. But I soon realized I am better off running a niche auction site, and what better then my personal hobby since the early 80's, stamps.
    So in the spring of 2001 I started work on a "stamps only" auction. Back then I realized that for the average, at home, part time stamp dealer, ebay makes it impossible to sell 90% of the single stamps out there without the fees exceeding the value of the stamp. So the seller has to put together mixes or small collections to make it worth his or her time. Here in lies the problem for the buyer: The average collector only needs 2 or 3 stamps from that mix and the rest become duplicates.
    So here is where I came in, I decided to change the system. I think we all agree online auctions are a great way to buy and sell just about anything. But for small, inexpensive items, ebay's fees become unrealistic. So I created an online ebay style auction site for philatelists (stamp collectors). And the best part is it is totally FREE to use. That's is right No Listing or Insertion Fees, No Commissions or Buyers Premiums. That makes it possible for you to sell that 20 cent CV stamp and not pay $2.00 to do it.
    I also plan to keep the site FREE to use, mainly because I can sell my duplicate stamps, and I would like to see a site where all stamp enthusiasts can come together and promote the advancement our great hobby.
    Signed: Greg Barcroft
    Stamphead Auctions
    PO Box 22023, Sarnia, ON N7S 6J4
  • Canadian Stamp Auctions (Alt URL)
    A non-profit news venture featuring their:
    Stamp Market Commentary
        Directions and trends we see in today's Canadian Stamp Marketplace, updated on the 17th. of each month, with Special Commentaries on occasion.
  • CSDA Stamp Shows Calendar
  • Oxfam Canada's Stamp Programme - Help Stamp Out Poverty!
    39 McArthur Avenue
    Ottawa, Ontario K1L 8L7
    [email protected]
    Tel.: 613-237-5236, extension 2240 Raises about $10,000 annually by sorting and selling stamps to collectors and via an annual auction in June. Operated by Oh, My Gosh, .ca




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