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Z. (Zahid) Khan, @
closet stamp collector/trader

  • British Columbia Philatelic Society

  • StampShows in BC

  • V0C 1L0
    Viking Collectables (c.1995, 1999)
    Robert E. Sivertson
    P. O. Box 189, Dease Lake, BC V0C 1L0
  • Tel.: 604-771-3061
  • f.1988. Stamps, postal history, covers, postcards, coins, banknotes, medals, ephemera.

    V0N 1B4
    Great Games and Toys
    112-4350 Lorimer Rd., Whistler, B.C. V0N 1B4
  • Tel.: 604 932-2043
  • Albums, packets (cite c.2001)

    V0P 1H0
    Amanda's Topicals
    Amanda Smith CSDA-07
    P. O. Box 485, Heriot Bay, BC V0P 1H0
  • Tel.: 250-285-3612, Fax: 250-285-3613
  • [email protected]
  • New Issues, Topicals

    From her website c.201201, "We have sold our stamp business after 16 years' . . .Our stock and new-issue service is now in the capable hands of veteran stamp dealer Dwayne Miner of Calgary."
    old: 5512 - 4 Street N.W., Calgary, AB
    P. O. Box 64021, Calgary, AB T2K 6S1

    V1K 1B8
    Pacific Wholesale Stamp Co. Ltd.
    aka: Stampzonia (a division)
    Mr. Daniel Pippin - President
    Box 1656, Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8
  • Tel.: Toll Free 1-877-537-2584, Fax (250) 537-2583
  • Note c.201201 : there is no mention of stamps or albums anymore!

    old: Specialties: Packets, Albums and Supplies - Stamp Odyssey (stamp album) & Stampazonia Publishing are divisions .. (Note: Stampzonia is credited with webpage design work for AskPhil ; c. 2000)

    Vancouver List of distributors c.2001.
    Mainland List of distributors c.2001.

    V1T 1C6
    Kevin D. Kienlein APS-08
    3101 18th Ave., Vernon, BC V1T 1C6
  • Tel.: 250-545-8340
  • [email protected]
  • British Commonwealth, Canada, Approvals

    V1L 1S7
    Secret Garden Toys
    455 Ward St., Nelson, BC V1L 1S7
  • Tel.: 250 352 9114
  • Albums, packets (cite c.2001)

    V1T 3K3
    Okanagan Mainline Philatelic Association (OMPA) NWFSC-11
    Roy Heinrichs, @, 250-542-4127
    1814 - 43 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 3K3

    V1Y 5Y2
    Robert A. Lee Philatelist Ltd.
    Robert (Bob) A. Lee APS-07
    2365 Stillingfleet Road, No. 333, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 5Y2
  • Tel.: 1-800-755-2437, 1-250-861-1106
  • Fax: 1-888-783-9888
  • [email protected], [email protected]
  • Exclusively Canadian Stamp Auctions, postal history, town cancellations, revenues, precancels & perfins

    NOTE c.20120131: His son, Mark, reports, "My father 'Robert Lee' has retired and no longer has the business. I own the domain name. "
    old: #203-1139 Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 5Y2
    http://www.robertalee.com/ forwards to www.bigfresh.com (co-owned by a Mark Lee c.2012)
    http://www.Stamps-Bid.Com/ (2001) '404' c.201201
    http://www.RobertALeeAuctions.Com/, [email protected] (2005)
    http://www.ogopogo.com/stamps/, [email protected] (2000)
    [email protected]

    V1Y 7N5
    H. G. Walburn (c.1999, f.1948)
    P. O. Box 279, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7N5
  • Tel.: 604-763-9975
  • Stamps, postal history. Specialty: Precancels: Canadian. Approvals. Mail orders.

    V2A 5K4
    Northwestern Philatelic Auctions, Inc.
    Constantine Raftopoulos CSDA-11 *, APS-11, ASDA-11, PTS-11
    304 Martin St - Ste 200, Penticton, B.C. V2A 5K4
    Mail: P. O. Box 117, Penticton, B.C. V2A 6J9
  • Tel.: 250-493-0145, Fax: 250-493-4076
  • * [email protected], [email protected]
  • (Ref. URL)
    Specialties: Mail Auctions, Private Treaty, Canada, British Commonwealth
    "Our auctions feature extensive listings 1851-1951 of many countries .. strong in KE, KGV, KGVI . . ."

    old: http://vvv.com/~northwest

    V2A 6J9
    Deveney Collectibles / Deveney Stamps
    David Deveney CSDA-11, PSS-14
    Box 644, Penticton, BC V2A 6J9
  • Tel.: (250) 492-6516, Fax: (250) 492-6519
  • [email protected]
  • Specialties: Approvals, Canada, Revenues
    c.2014 PSS: Specializing in Canadian Precancels, Canadian Revenues & Early Canadian Stamps. Risk free approvals…shop from home!  

    V2A 8W1
    Lakeside Philatelic Auctions
    Barbara Vassilakaki
    3935 Lakeside Rd., Penticton, BC, V2A 8W1
  • [email protected]
  • eBay® ID: [email protected] (not valid c.2012)
  • http://vvv.com/~greek/ '404' c.2012

    V2S 2B3
    One Stop Hobbies
    33228 Fraser Way, Abbotsford , B.C. V2S 2B3
  • Tel.: 604 852-6497
  • Albums, packets (and every other kind of toy...) (cite c.2001)

    V2S 3M1
    Fraser Valley Philatelic Club RPSC-07
    Annual Show: AMPEX (known Apr. 3, 2011, Apr. 1, 2012)
    "There will be several dealers present and frames displaying stamps.."
    Meets: 7 p.m. 3rd Mon. (except July, Aug. & Dec.) (c.2011)
    At: Abbotsford Collegiate
    2329 Crescent Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3M1
    Contact c.2007: N. Holden, Tel.: (604) 859-9103

    V2T 6Z7
    Ron Leith Philatelic Auctions
    Box 430, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z7
    (&: P. O. Box 1507, Sumas, WA 98295-1507, USA c.2007)
  • Tel.: 604-795-2240, Fax: 604-795-2324
  • [email protected], or? : [email protected]
  • (Ref. URL c.201103, 201201)
    Auctions , Postal History
    (known to have conducted the auction at RICHPEX show Mar. 24, 2012)

    V2Y 1R1
    Harold Krische APS-08
    20750 68th Ave., Langley, BC V2& 1R1
  • Tel.: 604-530-5303
  • [email protected]
  • Germany, British Commonwealth, Postal History, Europe, Topicals

    V3A 4B6
    Jogra Enterprise
    348 - 20465 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC V3A 4B6
    "Sets and singles for the budget conscience or new collector.
    Free gift with first paid order."

    V3A 4G1
    Foot's Stamps & Coins
    William R. Foot
    20358 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC V3A 4G1
  • Tel.: (604) 530-5848
  • (Ref. CSN online c.20070618)

    V3G 1E2
    Mondo-Phil Stamps
    Arne Weiland
    36034 Southridge Pl, Abbotsford BC V3G 1E2
  • Tel./Fax: 604-852-8001
  • Since 1984. Stamps, postal history, covers, postcards.
    Specialty: W. Europe, Nordic countries, some British Commonwealth.

    old?: P. O. Box 304, Sumas, WA 98295-3047, USA
    old: 2335 Guilford Drive, Abbotsford, BC V2S 4Z3 ; same phone

    V3J 6B1
    Centennial Stamp Club (f.1967)
    Meets : 7:00 PM, 2nd & 4th Wednesdays (except July & Aug.)
    At : Social Recreation Centre - McGee Room
    630 Poirier St, Coquitlam, B.C., V3J 6B1 (Map)
    Contact (c.2011): Wolfgang Richter, @-mail

    old Ref.: members.home.net/pava (local resources) '404' c.2011
    old: http://www.mobilerelay.com/stampclub
    older: www.recruitex.com/stampclub

    V3J 7W2
    Jim Miller, Ltd. {cf.}
    Jim (James E.) Miller APS-06, CSDA-07
    P. O. Box 56571 - Lougheed Mall PO, Burnaby, BC V3J 7W2
  • Tel.: 604-444-3500
  • Canada's Postal History, Canada View Postcards

    old: P. O. Box 3005 - M.P.P., Kamloops, BC V2C 6B7 (c.1999)

    V3K 3T8
    1963 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3T8
  • Tel.: 866 313 0123, Fax: 604 525 4759
  • [email protected]
  • Online "..collectibles at auction, from coins and stamps to antiques and antiquities.
    A world of collectible auctions at your fingertips..." (no stamps c.201201)

    V3M 1E2
    Crawford Coin Stamp Militaria
    706 Clarkson Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 1E2
  • Tel.: 604-526-9814
  • Albums, packets, militaria (cite c.2001)

    old: 767 Columbia St., New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6 ; same phone

    V3T 5B7
    PrimaSoft PC, Inc.
    Marek Kosznik
    P.O. Box 456, Surrey, BC V3T 5B7
  • Tel.: 800-371-7520 (USA, Canada), 604-951-1085 (International)
  • [email protected]
  • ". . .specializes in developing productivity software for business and home PC users. To date, the company has developed a number of Windows-based utility packages, such as database management tools, network tools which are currently distributed all over the world."
    A stand alone stamp inventroy program: Stamp Organizer Deluxe
    &: Postcard Organizer Deluxe
    Organizer Deluxe registered users can get a free Stamp Inventory Template
    and a free Database software template: Stamp Collector - Glossary

    c.2012, "Special Offer !!"

    Get Postcard Organizer Deluxe or Stamp Organizer Deluxe plus All Organizer Deluxe Database Solutions (61 programs) for only $119.00
    old: http://www.software4collectors.com

    V3V 2V7 (index)
    Stamp Buy-Sell Co. (c.1995)
    11744 River Road, Surrey, BC V3V 2V7
  • Tel./Fax: 604-588-6538
  • Stamps, covers. Specialty: Africa. Buyer: worldwide.

    V4A 2G4
    Ocean Park Stamp Auctions
    David Marasco
    13293 24th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4A 2G4
  • Tel.: 206-905-9925 (old: 605-536-9525), Fax: 604-538-9593
  • [email protected]
  • (Ref. URL c.201103, 201201 & CSN-20070710:22)
    Auctions, "Canadian and British Commonwealth to sell or trade."
    c.2012: NEXT AUCTION (# 22): End of February, 2012
    "We specialize in Canada and Provinces Stamps and Postal History"
    "You may BID prior to the sale date by written letter, email, telephone OR participate during the sale with our Remote Bidding Software.
    We have Bidding software which will allow you to bid while the auction is in progress, Just like you are at the Auction "IN PERSON"."
    old: http://www.npsnet.com/dmarasco/OceanPark '404' , [email protected]

    V4V 1B9
    D & L Kaye Enterprises
    Don and Louise Kaye
    17131 Coral Beach Rd, Winfield, BC V4V 1B9
  • Tel.: (250)766-9161
  • [email protected]
  • Ref. URL (c.2012 CPS)
    Specializing in Postcards.

    V5B 4Y2
    Albert G. Tanner CSDA-07
    P. O. Box 44141, Burnaby, BC V5B 4Y2
  • Tel.: 604-732-1159
  • Postal History, Postcards, Cinderellas

    See Also?: Tanner's Children's Bookstore

    V5H 2C2
    Sears' Burnaby Stamp Dept.
    4750 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2C2
  • Tel.: 604 433 3211
  • Albums, packets (cite c.2001)

    V5H 4V9
    Peter Waitt PTS-11
    601-4788 Hazel Street, Burnaby, BC V5H 4V9
  • Tel.: (604) 435 2375, Fax: ++1 (604) 435 2315
  • Hours Office. Callers by appointment. Attends Stamp Shows & Bourses.
    Specialisation: Asia, G.B., Commonwealth

    V5X 3T4
    Chantou International Coin & Stamp, Ltd.
    Giuseppe Iorio APS-07
    6537 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4
  • Tel.: (604) 321-7447, Fax: (604) 321-7876
  • [email protected]
  • Specialty: Retail/Wholesale: Canada, eWant Lists, Accessories, Literature

    V6A 1G2
    GeoStamps, Inc. (c.1997-2000)
    Adam and George J. Bullied
    616-103 Powell St., Vancouver, BC V6A 1G2
    Canada, Bidboard, Bulk Lots, Wholesale

    http://www.geostamps.com/geostamps/ '404' c.2012

    V6B 1E8
    F.v.H. Stamps
    Frank R. von Hausen APS-08
    102-340 W. Cordova St., Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8
  • Tel.: 866-684-8408 (Toll Free), 604-684-8408, Fax: 604-684-2929
  • [email protected]
  • CSN: 20120126 online Ref.
    Specialties: Canada (& Discount Canadian postage), GB & Commonwealth, Europe, Topicals, Postcards, Commemorative & Postal History Covers, all accessories, Weekly Saturday stamp auctions; online bid sheet.

    V6B 4A4
    Achim Bornmann APS-09
    P. O. Box 4714, Vancouver, BC V6B 4A4
    Germany & Colonies, Postal History, Postcards: WW I & WW II (Picture)

    V6B 6L5
    Federal Philately, Inc.
    Michael Ng APS-08
    120-1118 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6L5 (cite)
  • Tel.: 604-688-9123
  • Macao, British Commonwealth, Portuguese Colonies, Worldwide

    old: 2438 Heather St. - Apt. 302, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3H9
    Tel.: 604-875-6089, Fax: 604-875-6698

    V6C 2V6 Vancouver Coin & Stamp (1982) Ltd
    120-800 Pender St W, Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6
  • Tel.: 604-682-7921

  • or?: 402 Hornby St, Vancouver BC V6C 3J1
  • Tel.: 604-682-7921, Fax: 604-685-7923

  • V6N 1W7
    All Nations Stamp and Coin (Alt. URL)
    aka/formerly: Downtown Stamp & Coin (cite c.2001)
    &: Eaton's Stamps
    Brian N. Grant Duff CSDA-11
    5630 Dunbar St. at 41st Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6N 1W7
  • Tel.: 604-684-4613, Fax: (604) 266-4515
  • [email protected]
  • eBay ID: allnations (no activity c.2012)
  • Specialties: Retail Shop, Auctions, Canada, Worldwide (incl. stamps, coins, banknotes)
    A weekly auction every Saturday at the store; The auction closes at noon PST Saturdays. You are invited to bid and to offer items for sale. (online too)
    If you wish to have us to appraise a coin, stamp, or banknote you own click here to read about the steps involved.
    Also handles supplies.

    old: P. O. Box 54023, Vancouver, BC V6C 3P4 / 674 Granville St. 4th Floor, V6C 1Z6
  • Tel.: 604-689-2230, Fax: 604-684-4618

  • older: 434 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z3
    ICQ number: 77239174
  • Tel.: 604-684 4613, Fax: 604-684-4618
  • Tel.: 604-263-3113, Fax: 604-684-4618
  • 'Please note Vancouver now has 10 digit local number calling, this is not a mistake.'

    oldest: 701 Granville St. - 6th Floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 4E5 (as both Downtown & Eaton's)
    old ref.: http://www.coinappraisals.org '404' c.2011

    V6P 6S5
    Stanley Stamp Co. Ltd
    Robert J. McGillivray APS-08
    P.O. Box 61015 - Langara Postal Outlet
    571 W. 57th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6P 6S5
  • Tel.: 604-685-9017
  • Canada, British Commonwealth, Western Europe

    old?: 1096 Richards St., Vancouver, BC V6B 3E1 (c.1999)

    V6R 1N6
    Utopia Philatelic Services, Inc (c.1999, 2007)
    Alan R. Hansen
    3385 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6
  • Tel.: 604-224-5768, Fax: 604-224-0966
  • [email protected]
  • "British North America (BNA), Great Britain, British Commonwealth, United States, Western Europe" c.1999

    "Utopia Philatelic Services Inc.'s on-line bidding auction offers you a wide range of International Philatelic Products, specializing in Classic Period British Empire. Come visit us at and have history come to life before your eyes." c.2005)
    old: http://www.utopiaphilatelicservices.com '404' c.201201

    V6T 1Z1
    University of British Columbia Coin & Stamp Club
    Box 185, 6138 SUB Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1Z1
    See: Alumni of the Coin and Stamp Club of the University of British Columbia (on FaceBook)

    V6W 1H3
    Stars Trading Co Ltd
    6631 Graybar Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1H3
  • Tel.: (604) 279-8815, (604) 279-8528, Fax (604) 279-8821
  • (Ref. URL c.2012)

    V6Y 2B3 Western Coin and Stamp Ltd. (odd but interesting c.201201)
    Suite 2 - 6380 No. 3 Rd., Richmond, BC V6Y 2B3
  • Tel.: 604-278-3235, Fax (604) 278-3246
  • (cite c.2001)

    V6Y 1S6
    Chinese Coin and Stamp Club
    C/o #9 - 8500 Anderson Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 1S6

    ref: http://www.julaine.ca/canbiblio/sampletext/orgs2.html c.201201

    V7C 1P6
    Mike Sagar Postal Stationery
    3920 Royalmore Avenue, Richmond, BC V7C 1P6
  • [email protected]
  • Collector/dealer primarily in the postal stationery of Canada and Newfoundland. (c.2000)
    "I have been producing lists since about 1986 to recirculate my duplicates, most of which will appeal to the beginning to intermediate level collector. . . .This site was last updated June 16, 2011"
    old: #208 - 611 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1N8
    old: http://www.interchange.ubc.ca/townsley/poststat.html, [email protected]

    V7C 3K8
    RGM Stamps
    Robert G. Millman NSDA-11
    105-6655 Lynas Lane, Richmond, BC, V7C 3K8
  • Tel.: (604)241-1948, Fax: (604)594-4155
  • [email protected].
  • StampCentral Shop
  • Canada, Australia, United States, Great Britain, Software
    "Free lists sent next day. We specialize, you fill in the gaps."

    V7E 3M3
    Steveston Stamp Auctions Ltd.
    John E. Maunsell APS-08
    3rd Floor (#350), 12211 First Avenue, Richmond, BC V7E 3M3
  • ,Tel.: (604) 241-8533, Fax: (604) 241-8580
  • Quarterly Public Auctions, Weekley (bidboard) Buy or Bid auctions; LSN-20070212:55:003

    old:http://www.stevestonstamps.com (pseudo directiory c.201201), [email protected]
    older: http://tor-pw1.netcom.ca/~stevstmp/small.html, [email protected]
    oldest?: http://www.netcom.ca/~stevstmp/, [email protected]

    V7J 3S9
    Geoffrey Flack
    Box 16011 - Lynn Valley Postal Outlet, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3S9
  • Tel: (604) 986 3898
  • [email protected]
  • eBay ID: nangartse (member since July 2002)
  • Specialty: Asia; Stamps & Postal History

    "Prices are in U.S. dollars, but if preferred, I can accept payment (at the existing rate of exchange) in Canadian dollars, British Pounds, or Euros. . . . (he) accept(s) VISA, Paypal, U.S. dollar personal cheques, International money orders or Direct Bank transfers."

    "Although my activities in cyberspace only date from the year 2000, I am not new to philately. I have spent most of my life collecting stamps and postal history. I travel regularly to Asia in search of material and I often attend stamp shows on three continents.
    . . . I have just returned from Asia .. made some interesting purchases . . ." c.201201

    V7V 3A3
    JCM - Jas Cyberspace Museum Shop
    FIVE/CINQ Unlimited
    Mr. Jas W Felter
    2707 Rosebery Avenue, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 3A3
    JCM is an online 'Museum' of fake or fantasy or ' Artistamps'. Their shop sells artistamps, artist's books and art work.

    V8J 4H6
    North Coast Coin & Stamp Club
    P.O. Box 1180, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 4H6

    ref: http://www.julaine.ca/canbiblio/sampletext/orgs2.html  

    V8K 2S6
    West of the Moon Toys
    105 Purvis, Salt Spring Island, B.C., V8K 2S6
  • Tel.: 250 537-1966
  • Carries albums, packets..

    V8L 1X7
    Tanner's Children's Bookstore (c.2001)
    2443 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC V8L 1X7
  • Tel.: 250 656 4449
  • Albums, packets . .

    See Also?: Albert G. Tanner

    V8L 4C1
    Rideau Stamps
    P. O. Box 2626, Sidney, BC V8L 4C1
  • [email protected]
  • British West Indies, Atlantic Islands. Free list.

    from CSN-20070710:22

    V8M 1J5
    Victoria Butterfly Gardens
    1461 Benvenuto Ave., Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J5
  • Tel.: 250 652 3822
  • Stampzonia Albums, packets (c.2001)

    V8M 2C3
    Fenian Antiques
    aka: Michael Rice Collectibles
    (J.) Michael Rice IFPD-08, AOA-08
    PO Box 86, Saanichton, BC V8M 2C3
  • Tel.: (250) 652-9412, Fax: 250-652-7866
  • [email protected]
  • Philatino auctions (no items c.201201)
  • "Professional Appraisals
    Consultations for estates & insurance
    Free talks on antiques for seniors and non-profit groups"

    (Note: the only Assoc. of Online Appraisers {AOA} listed stamp appraiser c.2008)

    old?: P.O. Box 286, Saanichton, BC V8M 2C5, [email protected]

    V8N 6J1
    Weeda Stamps Ltd. (Alt. URL)
    Andrew Blanchard CSDA-11
    Beverly Fox CSDA-11, APS-11 (Registrant of both URLs c.2012)
    Box 31054 RPO University Heights, Victoria, BC V8N 6J3
    #301-3980 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC V8N 6J1
  • Tel.: (888) 685-1826, 250-384-1826 (c.2011),
  • [email protected] (c.2011), [email protected] (c.2007, 2011)
  • Online Bidborad Auctions, mostly Canada, and Dutch Auctions

    old: #706-525 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 3H7 (c.2007)
  • (604) 685-1826, Fax: (604)685-1824 (c.2007)
  • older: www.LionsGate.Com/WebTown/Weeda '404' / from c.2000
    See Also: David Medeiros, FL, USA

    V8P 1Y8
    The Book Press Ltd
    Alan Wyatt APS-05 *
    1217 Tattersall Dr., Victoria, BC V8P 1Y8
  • Tel.: 250-384-4601, Fax: 250-384-2382
  • * [email protected], [email protected] (c.1999)
  • British Commonwealth, General Covers, Western Europe

    V8R 1H0
    Morrell Stamps
    P.O.Box 5241 Station B, Victoria, BC V8R 1H0
  • Tel.: (250) 532 5361
  • (CSN-online Ref. c.201201)
    Specialty: Canada & Provinces, USA & Worldwide
    (we note online articles available; e.g. CSN Dec.7-20, 2010,
    "Booklet Varieties (Varieties, errors blooming...)"

    V8R 6S4
    Sedona Stamps
    James C. Yates APS-08
    P.O. Box 5430 - Stn B, Victoria, BC V8R 6S4
  • Tel.: (250) 592-9017, Fax: (250) 592-6217
  • [email protected]
  • Australia, British Commonwealth, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland

    old?: P. O. Box 2907, Port Angeles, WA 98362-0335, USA

    V8T 2C5
    Bolen Books (c.2001)
    111-1644 Hillside, Victoria, BC V8T 2C5
  • Tel.: 250-595-4232
  • Albums, packets

    V8T 3Y2
    Bob Poulin
    2825 Prior St., Victoria, BC V8T 3Y2
    Mission mixture "10 lbs for $80 postpaid". via CSN-20070710:23:MX

    V8T 4L1
    Teacher's Corner (c.2001)
    2014 Douglas St., Victoria, BC V8T 4L1
  • Tel.: 250-385-5977
  • Albums, Packets

    V8V 1L3
    Burda Approvals
    Richard Burda CSDA-07
    440 Simcoe St.- Suite 928, Victoria, BC V8V 1L3
  • Tel.: 250-380-9173
  • Approvals, Postal History, Worldwide

    V8V 3X5
    Village Card Shoppe (c.2001)
    4-313 Cook St., Victoria, BC V8V 3X5
  • Tel.: 250 383 1943
  • Albums, packets

    V8V 4E1
    Moulton Philatelics, Ltd.
    Alison & Richard APS-08 Moulton PTA-11
    138 Linden Avenue, Victoria, BC V8V 4E1I
  • Tel.: 250 381 6190
  • [email protected]
  • Delcampe Auction ID: Nikana2
  • Antique Postcards (Raphael Tuck), Postal History

    old: Richard Moulton 216 Armit Ave. Fort Frances , ON P9A 2C9 (c.1990)
    [email protected], http://www.MoultonPostcards.Com/

    V8W 1H6
    Van Isle Coin and Stamp (c.2001)
    831 Fort St., Victoria, BC V8W 1H6
  • Tel.: 250 382 6331

  • V8W 1H8
    Britannia & Co. Stamp & Coin Ltd (c.2001)
    aka: Britannia Stamp Co.
    Paul Freeman
    828 (839 c.1999) Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1H8
  • Tel.: 250 480 1954
  • Kuwait, Burma

    old: http://www.britanniastamps.com
    older: http://home.iSTAR.ca/~stampbr

    V8W 3N2
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  • What are these covers about?

    In the tradition of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), a squadron becomes eligible to be presented its "colours", or battle honours, after 25 years of active service. For some Canadian Squadrons, even though activated early in World War 2, colours were not presented until the late 1970's because of periods of temporary disbandment. The same squadron number is often passed from unit to unit, without regard to changing roles or changing aircraft. Canadian Air Force squadrons are numbered in the "400" series.

    The presentation of colours ceremony is normally a parade, with a flypast. There will also likely be a reception and other social events. In 1974, 416 Squadron was the first unit to raise money for these festivities by creating a commemorative cover for philatelists. The covers are eagerly bought up, and soon after the special day all covers are sold. The quantity produced is usually about 1000. An insert in each cover describes the unit history and provides other background information.

    Typically, covers of this type are flown in the squadron's current aircraft, and signed by the pilot or crew to attest to what was done (as stated on the cover).

    To meet philatelic requirements for such covers, they are also stamped and postmarked on the date of the colours presentation. They may also have other postmarkings to attest to the feat attempted in the special flight.

    I offer these three (we count 4; aj c.2012) commemorative covers for sale to collectors. I have a few dozen of each in stock, and will accept orders as long as this web page can be accessed. Covers produced by other Canadian squadrons are not available from me.

    'f.' - 'founded' or 'established'.  

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