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Tasmanian Philatelic Society, @
 Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St., Hobart
 Write: GPO Box 594, Hobart, TAS 7001
 (7:30 pm, 2nd & 4th Thurs- less Jan & Dec)

  • APTA's Dealer Data

  • The Hobart Library
    hosts a Stamp Club for children.

    For further information on junior meetings and activities in Tasmania:
    contact: Mick Meyles, E-Mail
    Tel.: +61 (0)3 6278 2224
    or: +61 (0)421 035 266 {Mobile} (c.2005 APF)
    c/ TSC, G.P.O Box 9800, Hobart, TAS 7000

    A & M Davidson (Philatelists)
    Mr. Alexander C. V. Davidson
    P. O. Box 273, St. Helens, TAS 7216
  • Tel +61 (0)3 6376 3089
    Member APS (they said c.2000) - Pacific Ocean Countries, IOM/Channel Islands, New Issues: Australasia

    Burnie Philatelic Society TSC-11
    P.O Box 556, Burnie 7320 (c.2011)
    Meets: 2nd Friday (except January), 7:30pm
    At: Multicap Building, Mount Road, Burnie, TAS 7320
    (Contact c.2004): A.S. Margetts, Ph: +61 (0)3 6445-0868, warwyngroups@tasmail

    Collector's Corner
    37 Wilson St, Burnie, TAS 7320
  • Tel.: +61 (0)3 6431 6616
    Stamps, Coins, Collectables, Accessories. Want Lists. Valuations for Insurance. buy/sell.
    old?: www.1earth.com.au/collector/stamps.html '404' c.201108

    Derwent Valley Philatelic Society TSC-11
    P.O Box 108, New Norfolk, TAS 7140
    Meets: 4th Mon. (except Dec) @ 7:45pm
    At: Shoobridge Centre
    Circle Street, New Norfolk, TAS 7140

    Devonport Stamp Club, @-Mail
    Contact (The Advocate, 28 March 2011): Janice Welling, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6428 6772
    Meets: 4th Friday (3rd in Apr.) @ 7:30pm
    At: Devonport Library, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6421 5200
    21 Oldaker Street, Devonport, TAS 7310
    Shows: Devonport Stamp, Coin and Militaria Fair (known late Feb, mid May, early Oct 2011)

    (aka: Don Stamp, Coin and Militaria Fair)
    Held at the Don Hall, Forth Road, Don, TAS
    a Devonport Junior Stamp Club is reported in The Advocate, September, 2008. (& {q.v.} SNA-200706:72)

    Alex Green IPDA-15
    P. O. Box 19. Sorell, TAS 7172
  • Phone +61362604036
  • [email protected]
  • Web www.alexgreen.com.au
  • Member APS, IPDA

    British Commonwealth: stamps and postal history

    Gio Stamps
    Giovanni P. Paoli
    P. O. Box 85 - Lindisfarne, Hobart, TAS 7015 (c.1999, 2007)
  • Tel.: +61 (0)3 6249 5069, +61 (0)407 047 085 {Mobile c.2007}
    Written Valuations & Friendly Service (c.2007 YP)

    Glenorchy Stamp Club TSC-11
    P.O Box 32, Glenorchy, TAS 7010
    Meets: 1st Tue. (except Jan) 7:45pm
    At: Glenorchy Library, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6233 8666
    4 Terry Street, Glenorchy, TAS 7010

    Hobart Library Junior Group

    Meets: February to November: last Sunday: 10.15 am to 11.30 am
    At: Hobart Library, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6233 7462 {Child Svcs.}
    1st Floor, 91 Murray Street, Hobart, TAS 7000
    Data: c.2005 APF, c.2007: SNA-200706:72
    old: www.tased.edu.au/library/hobart/hobart.htm (c.1999-2005; then forwards to main library system)

    Howell, John
    Kingston, TAS 7050
  • Tel.: +61 (0)3 6229 6302
    YP-07}; specialty unknown.
    Kintston Junior Stamp Meetings
    Meets: 2nd Sat. @ 10:00am
    At: Kingston Library, Church St.
    (Google 2011: 11 Hutchins St., Kingston, TAS 7050, +61 (0)3 6211 8500
    Data: c.2005
    APF, c.2007: SNA-200706:72

    Launceston Philatelic Society TSC-11
    Post Office Box 1055, Launceston, TAS 7250
    Contact: Tel.: +61 (0)3 63443676, Mobile: + 61 (0)416 107 733 (c.2009)
    Meets: 1st Thur. (except Jan.) & 3rd Sat. (except Dec.) @ 7:30pm
    Max Fry Hall, Gorge Road, Trevallyn (Launceston) (Northern TAS)


    Randall Ludlow Askeland APTA-15
    12 College St, Newstead, TAS 7250
    P.O. Box 1414, Launceston, TAS 7250
  • Tel./Fax: +61 (03) 6331 7300
  • [email protected] c.2011, 2015 [email protected] c.2007
    "Specializing in Tasmania for Stamps, Postal History and Postmarks, Web Auctions, Retail."

    Including: Post cards, Postal History, Stamps, Accessories. Especially: Australia, Australian Colonies, Australian States, Literature, New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea, Postmarks, Territories/Pacific Islands.

    Mersey / Leven Stamp Group
    aka: Mersey-Leven Philatelic Society (SNA-200706:72)

    Contact: Derek, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6425 3603 (c.2011 APF)
    Meets in Devonport: refer to Group contact for details.
    aka: Leven Philatelic Society *
    old ref: http://www.tco.asn.au/oac/community_groups.cgi?groupID=6205&oacID=21 '404' c.201503

    (Contact c.2007 *): Keith Templar, Ph: +61 (0)3 6425 1080, [email protected]
    97 Queen Street, Ulverstone, TAS 7315

    Rosny Junior Group
    Meets: last Sat. @ 1:30pm
    At: Rosny Library, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6233 8420
    Bligh Street, Rosny Park, TAS 7018
    Data: c.2005
    APF, c.2007: SNA-200706:72

    Salamanca Rare Coins
    Stephen Cole
    APTA-15, SCDAA-11
    19 / 13 Battery Square, Hobart, TAS 7001
    G. P. O. Box 662, Hobart, TAS 7001
  • Tel.: +61 (0)3-6224-8664, +61 0438-248-864 {Mobile}
  • [email protected]
    Coins, Artifacts : Worldwide

    Tasmanian Philatelic Society (@) TSC-11, APS-05
    Publication: The Courier (.pdf online)
    TPS' Online Discussion Forum
    Meets: 7:30 p.m., 2nd & 4th Thurs., less Jan. & Dec.
    At: Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St., Hobart, Tas 7000
    Write: Mrs. Eric Genge, @Hotmail, Tel.: +61 (0)3 6278 7084
    GPO Box 594, Hobart, TAS 7001

    Librarian/webmaster (c.2011): Peter Allan, Tel.: +61 (0)419 344 121, [email protected]

    "Currently (c.2011) much of the Library is held at the TPS meeting Room at Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St, Hobart, and is available to members during monthly meetings.
    However, to make the most popular parts of collection more accessible, key sections have been progressively removed to the Tasmanian Stamp Auction premises ...

    Tasmanian Stamp Auctions
    Ross Alwyn Ewington APTA-15
    1st Floor, 20 Watchorn St., Hobart, TAS 7000
    PO Box 4646, Bathurst St. P.O., Hobart, TAS 7000
  • Tel./Fax: +61 (0)3 6234 4807, Mobile: +61 (0)407-688-644
  • [email protected] c.2001-2007..., [email protected] (c.2011, 2015)
  • eBay (0 items c.20150329)
  • old: stores.ebay.com/Tazzys-Stamps-Covers-Etc (since 1997) (but 'no longer exists' c.20150329)

    About 4 Postal bid sales per year. [APTA via IFSDA c.2001]
    c.2011: Private Treaty Sales, {Internet Auctions, Web Auctions (what's the difference? but they have online bidding for 2 major auctions per year; average - and eBay above; aj)}, Public Auctions, Postal Bid Sales.
    Direct Online Sales : Specialities: Covers, Post cards, Postal History, Stamps, Australia incl. Colonies and States, British Commonwealth, Europe, New Zealand, Postal Stationery, Postmarks, Revenues, Territories/Pacific Islands, Worldwide Postal History.

    It is also noted (c.2011) that the Tasmanian Philatelic Society says,
    "Currently (c.2011) much of the Library is held at the TPS meeting Room at Legacy House, 159 Macquarie St, Hobart, and is available to members during monthly meetings.
    However, to make the most popular parts of collection more accessible, key sections have been progressively removed to the Tasmanian Stamp Auction premises ... Donations of publications have been kindly provided by John Pancridge, Ross Ewington and Malcolm Groom."

    old: PO Box 3191, West Hobart, TAS 7000 c.2006
    old: PO Box 171, Sandy Bay, TAS 7006 - Fax (03) 6234 4838 c.2000-2005
    old: T.E. Ross c/P. O. Box 33 (or 333?), North Hobart, TAS 7002 c.1995-1999

    The Coin & Stamp Place (formerly: The Stamp Place)
    (aka: Tazi Tiger's Den)
    David Allen Newell APTA-11
    Shop 3, Trafalgar on Collins
    110 Collins Street, Hobart, TAS 7000
  • Tel./Fax: +61 (0)3 6224-3536
  • [email protected], [email protected] (c.2011, 2015)

    Australia, Territories/ Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Great Britain, British Commonwealth, Australian States, Covers, Postal History, Accessories. [APTA via IFSDA c.2001 & APTA c.2011]
    c.2011: "We deal in coins, stamps, medals and collectables such as postcards, documents and ephemera. We also supply accessories and reference books for collectors. ...we have been serving both local and mail order clients since 1979."

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