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Africa, Americas, Antarctic/Arctic, Asia

Albania, America, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Ascension, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Azores

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    Regional Organizations
  • Africa
    1. US : Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa

    2. UK : East Africa Study Circle

    3. UK : South African Collectors' Society

    4. UK : West Africa Study Circle ('British W. Africa' & S. Atlantic polar region)

    5. ZA : South West Africa Stamp Study Group

      See Also: South Africa

  • Americas (Western Hemisphere)

    1. Federaci�n Inter-Americana de Filatelia (FIAF) FIP
      "Por la defensa, la divulgaci�n y la promoci�n de la filatelia"
      (With members & "Comisiones" from Argentina to Canada)
      cf. (FIAF list by FESOFI); lists APS
      Secretario: Ing. Aldo L. Samam� y Samam�, @
      Los Cisnes 143, Lima 27 - Per� (c.2008)
      Se�or Presidente: Hugo Goeggel, @, Tel.: 00571 292 5231
      Cra. 68d No. 14-90, Bogota, Colombia

      FIAF Commissions: (Five of the)

      º Postal Stationery Commission FIAF
      FIP Rep.: Enrique Bialikamien, @, Tel.: 506-231-0463, Fax: 506-290-2367
      Apdo. 928, 1007 Centro Col�n, San Jos�, COSTA RICA
      Presidente: C�sar Jones AHF, @
      Avda. Uruguay 1333 apto.101, 11.100 Montevideo, Uruguay.

      º Commission for Youth FIAF
      Pres. Francisco Sergio Marinho
      no other data given (c.2008)

      º Commission for Postal History FIAF
      (Comisi�n de Historia Postal)
      President (c.2008): Dan (W. Danforth) Walker, @cia
      Collectibles Insurance Agency, Inc.
      P.O. Box 1200, Westminster, MD 21158-0299, USA
      11350 Mc Cormick Rd STE 700, Hunt Valley, MD 21031, USA
      Tel.: (Toll Free) 1-888-837-9537, 1-410-876-8833
      Fax 1-410-876-9233

      º Commission for Aerophilately FIAF
      (Comisi�n de Aerophilatelia)
      Mr. Stephen Reinhard @ (Pres. c.2007)
      P. O. Box 110, Mineola, NY 11501, USA
      Tel.: 001 516 294 0923 HM / 746 5543 OFC

      º Commission for Philatelic Literature FIAF
      Website did not provied any contact data! (c.2008)
      then goes on to complain of not getting answeres...! (non-sequitor ;)
      BUT did have a nice bibliography with Officer's and Club's names!
      e.g. Avedis Ketchian and Victor Augusto Bousquet:
        'Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia'

  • Antarctic & Arctic (Polar regions)
    "The first stamps produced specifically for use in the Antarctic were issued by the New Zealand Post Office on January 15th, 1908 when the then current 1d Universal stamp of New Zealand was issued with a special overprint reading 'King Edward V11 Land'. This stamp was used on mail for the first time by members of the Shackleton Antarctic Expedition." - New Zealand Post

    1. UK: West Africa Study Circle ('British W. Africa' & S. Atlantic polar region), UK

    2. American Society of Polar Philatelists, USA

      -> See Also: Topical Index : Polar

  • Asia

      See Also: Indian Ocean, Indo-China, Middle East, Far East

    1. Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) FIP (Alt. URL c.2001)
      3 KIAN TECK WAY, SINGAPORE 628732 (c.2016)
      Tel.: +65 67952075, FAX : +65 67953831
      [email protected]

      Shows: Asian International Stamp Exhibitions (several yearly in Asia)

      Conceived in 1970, and delivered in 1973, it received its FIP birth certificate in 1974, and the first official inaugural congress was held in Kuala Lumpur in 1975. (the story, the members.)


      c/ Jurong Point Post Office
      P. O. Box 492, 916417, Singapore
      [email protected], Tel.: 0065 6261 2421, fax: 0065 6266 2750
    1. Local, National & Overseas Organizations
  • Albania
    1. F�d�ration des Collectionneurs Albanais FIP, FEPA
      President: Artan Lame, @ (c.2008)
      (Federation of Albanian Collectors)
      P.O. Box 2972, Tirana, Albania
      Tel.: +355 42 450 59 (c.2006 Ballauri)

      ->See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Albania

  • American - (US related) - See: USA Societies & Clubs
    See Also: Regions : North America

    It is estimated there are 38,000 Post Offices in the USA serving 134,000,000 'customers'. - ABC News 10/30/2001

    How many are in Russia?, China?, India?

  • Andorra
    1. UK : Andorran Philatelic Study Circle

    2. FR : Soci�t� d'�tude Philat�lique et Postale de l'Andorre (Philandorre)

  • Argentina
    Below are major national organizations, local clubs have their own page.

    1. Comisi�n Nacional Asesora Filat�lica (CNAF)
      (National Advisory Commission of Philately)
      Per� 103, piso 11
      (1067) Buenos Aires
      Informes (011) 4347-9511
      "La presentaci�n de las propuestas de emisiones de sellos postales con suficiente antelaci�n al de su emisi�n obedece a la necesidad de contar con tiempo suficiente para su consideraci�n por parte de las autoridades competentes en la materia, y para su dise�o y producci�n por parte del Correo Oficial, en caso de ser aprobado el tema.

      "Las solicitudes deber�n estar firmadas y ser remitidas, a la Comisi�n Nacional Asesora de Filatelia, Per� 103, piso 11, 1067 Ciudad de Buenos Aires, acompa�ando el fundamento f�ctico e hist�rico de la solicitud. No se deber� enviar bocetos o dise�os de los sellos postales propuestos, salvo que �se sea el �nico modo de expresi�n del proponente."
      Article �2004 Comisi�n Nacional de Comunicaciones
      Per� 103 (C1067AAC) Buenos Aires - Argentina

    2. Federaci�n Argentina de Entidades Filat�licas (FAEF) FIAF, FIP
      aka: Argentine Federation of Philatelic Institutions ( FAEF )
      @, Casilla de Correo 3888, RA-11000 Buenos Aires
      Pres. Dr. Eliseo R. Otero, [email protected]
      Tel./Fax (res.): 0054 11 755 4975, Fax: +54 11 371 4451
      Meets: "The FAEF staff meets the 2nd Tue : 1930 hrs"
      "N�stor J Lopez Biblioteca" ( Library Hours: Tue., 1600-2000 hrs )
      Tte. Gral. Juan D. Per�n 1479 4o piso, C1037ACA Buenos Aires
      aka: Federaci�n Argentina de Entidades Filat�licas de la Rep�blica Argentina
      It was born 29 September 1952, and their 6 members were:
      Philatelic Association of the Argentine Republic
      Buenos Aires Philatelic Association
      Buenos Aires Philatelic Society
      Philatelic Center Buenos Aires
      Philatelic Circle of Liniers
      Argentina Philatelic Society
      At the moment is integrated to more than 60 associations of the country.
      The FAEF has Legal Function from 1994 under nro 227/94
        of the General Inspectorate of Justice of the Argentine Republic.
      is a member of the Inter-American Federation of Philatelic Organizations (FIAF)
      and from 1951 is a member of the International Federation of Philately (FIP)

    3. Comisi�n de Juventud de la Federaci�n Argentina de Entidades Filat�licas FAEF
      aka: Juventud FAEF
      Christian Gabriel Perez, @cefilu

    4. Asociaci�n de Cronistas Filat�licos de la Rep�blica Argentina (ACFA)
      aka: Asociaci�n de Cronistas Filat�licos Argentinos
      (Association of Philatelic Chroniclers of Argentina)
      Direcci�n postal: C. C. 1796 (C1000WAR) BUENOS AIRES
      Ofc.: Bol�var 547 6� piso., C1066AAK Buenos Aires
      Publicaci�n: Cronista Filat�lico (specialising in Philatelic Literature)
      free; limited to societies, publicists..

      Pres.: Osvaldo Giordano, @sion
      (& Consulting Expert of the UPU and of the UPAEP)
      Member since 1970 of the National Advisory Commission of Philately.
      President of the FIAF Comission for Philatelic Literature.

      "The Association of Philtelic Chroniclers of Argentina (ACFA) was founded on 1 August 1963; together with Argentina Post (Correo Argentino), the Argentinian Federation of Philatelic Societies (FAEF) and the Stamp Dealers' Association of Argentina (SOCOFIRA), they have all undertaken to help the development of Philately (each such organisation in its specific field of activity). The Day of the Philatelic Press is celebrated every year on 1st. of August with a ceremony in the ACFA headquarters." - Toke Norby, FIP Literature Commission (URL)

    5. Fundaci�n Bose de Estudios de Historia y Filatelia
      (Bose Foundaton for Postal & History Studies)
      Casilla de Correo 67, Sucursal 26,
      C1428WAA Capital Federal

    6. Sociedad Filat�lica de la Rep�blica Argentina ( SOFIRA )
      Casilla Correo 1992 (C1000WAT) BUENOS AIRES
      (Casilla de Correo 1992, C1050WAT - via Cerros Argentinos c.2008)
      Tucum�n 672 1er Piso dto 2,
      Ciudad Autonama de Buenos Aires, Cod. Postal 1049
      (Tucum�n 672 Piso 1 of. 2, C1049AAN, BUENOS AIRES)
      @, tel�fono : 5411-4322-4295

    7. Asociaci�n Filat�lica Tem�tica Argentina @hm (AFITA) FAEF
      (Asociaci�n Filat�listas Tem�ticos Argentinos)
      Fundada el: 21 de agosto de 1956
      Publicaci�n: Revista Tem�tica
      Direcci�n Postal: C.C. 3130 - C1000WBF - Buenos Aires (via FAEF)
      Casilla de Correo 3130, C1041WBF (via Cerros Argentinos)
      Reuniones: 2dos. y 4tos. jueves de cada mes, de 18 a 20,30 hs.
      Ju�n D. Per�n 1479 - 4to. piso - Buenos Aires - Rep�blica Argentina
      Incl.: Art�culos Filat�licos ('Sellos Argentinos Sobre Musica y Danza' etc)
      &: Grupos Tem�ticos de AFITA:
      Cine, America, Bomberos (Fire Department), Religon,
      Grupo Tem�ticos Impressa (Scouts) SOSSI-12 , & Grupo Tem�ticos Musica

    8. Sociedad Argentina de Aerofilatelia
      Casilla Correo 102 (C1000WAB) BUENOS AIRES
      Casilla de Correo 102, C1041WAB (via Cerros Argentino c.2008)

    9. Centro Filat�lico Mediterr�neo @ Fil. AR
      Reuniones : Todos los Viernes a las 19 hs
      Lugar : Bar Zhivago Avda Gral Paz 136

    10. Sociedad de Comerciantes Filat�licos
      de la Rep�blica Argentina (SOCOFIRA) IFSDA
      Maip� 466 - 2° P - Of. 215, 1006 Ciudad de Buenos Aires (c.2008)
      @Y!, Tel: +54 11 4650 1805, Fax: +54 11 4650 1805
      Casilla de Correo 3296, 1000 Buenos Aires (c.2001)
      COMMITTEE: c.2008
      President: Demetrio A. Kolodziej, @
      Vice-President: Guillermo Jalil , @
      Secretary: Carlos Chiavello, @
      Treasurer: H�ctor Coco, @
      Member: N�stor O. De Benedetto, @
      Member: Carlos Puga Garcia, @

    11. Museo Postal y Telegr�fico Dr. Ram�n J. C�rcano
      (Museo Postal y Telegrafico y Seccion Filatelica)
      Hours: lun. a vie. 10 a 13 y 14 a 16 hs.
      Sarmiento 151 Piso PB, 1402 Buenos Aires
      @, Tel.: ( 54 11 ) 4347 9973 / 9229
      "At the Postal Palace, houses interesting collections of replicas of postal transportation vehicles, of mailbox, telegraphic post office box, personal administrators, numismatic collections, etc."

      Local Clubs in Argentina Continued Here

      See Also:

      Filatelia - Importancia de los cat�logos
      Por Ignacio A. Ortiz-Bello (AHPFN)

      Museums (Museos) in Argentina

      Clubs : Topical (about) : Argentina

  • Armenia
    1. Union of Philatelists of Armenia FIP
      Pres.: Hovik Musayelyan, @,
      Mobile: +374 91 41 4147, Fax: +374 10 55 9589
      @, P. O. Box 50
      0010 Yerevan (c.2008)

      See Also: Clubs : (about) Armenia

  • Ascension - See: St. Helena

  • Australia

      Australian Philatelic Federation

      Clubs in ACT,

      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Australia Capital Territory

      2601 Australian Capital Territory Philatelic Council (ACTPC) Index listing APF
      G. P. O. Box 980, Canberra, ACT 2601
      Meets: 1st Thur. (hr. ?)
      At: Philatelic Society of Canberra Clubroom
      Griffin Centre, Bunda St, Civic
      Contact: Sec. David Ingle (Dingle) Smith
      30722@bigpond, Tel.: 02 6254 3294
      5 Vest Place, Weetangera, ACT 2614
      Youth Officer, creagh@bigpond

      The ACTPC "Promotes philately in the ACT & surrounding areas of NSW. It provides support for exchange books to clubs on the South Coast of NSW, for promotional mailings, for bringing speakers to provide displays at club meetings & for the Juniors' Club."

      2601 The Philatelic Society of Canberra Inc. Index listing ACTPC
      (aka: Canberra Philatelic Society)
      Publication: Capital Philately (And a newsletter.)
      G. P. O. Box 1840, Canberra, ACT 2601
      Tel.: +61 2 6295-7487 (c.2001)
      Meets: 1st & 3rd Thur.: 7.45 pm; 3rd Thur.: 2.00pm
      (Auction night: 4th Thursday in months with 5 Thursdays @ 7.45 pm)
      (Juniors: 2nd Sunday (hrs?; during stamp market?))
      Fair: 2nd Sun. Stamp Market 10:00am (except Mar.)
      At: Griffin Centre (Room 1 (ground floor, south end))
      Bunda Street, Canberra City (Civic), ACT 2601
      Contact: Tony Luckhurst c/o PSC, @bigpond, Tel.: +61 (0)2-6241-1963 (c.2001, 2011)
      "Visitors are always welcome to the Society's meetings and activities". Membership includes:

      Access to a great library; "Access to cheap stamps for your collection; Lower costs on accessories; You'll see more stamps and related material; and Friendships that last a lifetime."

      Since 1980 the Philatelic Society of Canberra has held a stamp exhibition every two years. They are considered one of the highlights of the philatelic calendar by dealers, exhibitors and collectors alike.

      Machin Interest Group of the PSC
      Albert Farrugia, @pcug, URL#1, URL#2, Tel.: +61 (0)2 62957487
      c/ CPS, P. O. Box 1840, Canberra, ACT 2601
      Meets: 3rd Mon. @ 7.45 pm
      At: Canberra Philatelic Society Clubroom, Griffin Centre
      Bunda St Civic, ACT 2601
      Journal: "Machinations is now incorporated in the Philatelic Society of Canberra's Journal "Capital Philately" together with the Society's Postcard Group's Journal "PastCards".

      2601 Canberra Picture Postcard Collectors Index listing PSC
      c/ CPS, P. O. Box 1840, Canberra, ACT 2601
      Fair: Shows: CPS Stamp market (2nd Sun. monthly; except Mar.): Griffin Centre : 10a-5p
      Meets: 2nd Tue. @ 7.45 pm
      At: Canberra Philatelic Society Clubroom, Griffin Centre (Rm 5)
      Bunda St Civic, ACT 2601
      Contact: Dr. Christopher Puttock, @pican
      Publication: PastCards is now incorporated in the Philatelic Society of Canberra's Journal "Capital Philately"...

      Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd (APF) FIP, FIAP
      Formerly: Australian Stamp Promotion Council
      Wikipedia: APF, "the peak National body of organised philately in Australia."
      ABN: 85 081 158 356
      The Secretary : Ian McMahon, i_mcmahon@yahoo, [email protected]
      P.O Box 891, Jamison Centre, ACT 2614
      National Show: Sydney (yearly)
      Publication: APF News
      APF Forum
      APF Youth Development: Erica Genge, ericagenge@hotmail (TAS)
      Publication: The Young Collector (available online)

      APF Research Assistance Service:
      David Collyer, d_collyer30@hotmail, Tel.: +61 (0)2 9817 1680 {after hours}
      C/- Philas (NSW)

      ->See Also:
      APF's Archival Office at South Australian Philatelic Council (SAPC)

      2602 Aerogramme Society - Tom Adami ; '404' c.2008
      AKA International Philatelic Society of Aerogramme
      & Airletter Sheet Collectors
      @1, @2,
      PO Box 215, Dickson, ACT 2602
      Journal: AerogrammeR; url '404'
      Claims the below 'Aerogramme Soc.' is not official. ; data c.2001
      Said to be not active by Ken Sanford by email c. Sept. 2007

      2902 The Perfin Club of New Zealand & Australia
      21 McConnel Cres, Kambah, ACT 2902
      [email protected]

      2911 Aerogramme Society (cf: 2602)
      PO Box 380, Mitchell, ACT 2911
      & : PO Box 3470, Clovis, CA 93613-3470, USA, @
      Journal: AerogrammeR ; data c.1997 ; '404' c.2008
      2602 Said to be not active by Ken Sanford by email c.200709
      Website "Last Updated: March 15, 2007 .. The website is dedicated to the study and enjoyment of world-wide Aerogrammes (Aerograms), Air Letter Sheets and the equivalent. ..derives from the original site for the currently inactive Aerogramme Society." (several articles! - aj)
      old e-mail?: aero(at) NEW: aerogrammes(at)

      Specialty Clubs in New South Wales,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local Clubs & Dealers New South Wales

      2001 Philatelic Development Council (PDC) Index listing APF
      Philatelic Development Council of New South Wales
      Contact: Sec. : Linda Lee, @
      c/ PDC, GPO Box 9800, Sydney, NSW 2001
      Tel.: +61 (0)2 9264 8301 {Tu/Sat 9-3pm}, +61 (0)2 9264 8406 {Answer-phone}
      Fax: 9267 4741
      NSW Youth Officer: Cyril McColough, Tel.: 02-9773-7379
      Or: Youth Convenor, Tel.: 02-9712-2987

      "Junior Stamp Meetings are held each month at the following localities: Campbelltown; Newcastle; Sussex Inlet; Sutherland; Sydney; Toronto. For details of meeting times and places contact the NSW Youth Convenor."

      "An A4 tri-fold tabular guide to philatelic societies and clubs in New South Wales is available on request."

      The Philatelic Association of New South Wales Inc. (PHILAS) Index listing PDC
      Publication: Philas News
      P. O. Box 220, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300
      Tel.: +61 (0)2 9264 8301 {Tue/Sat: 9-3pm}, +61 (0)2 9264 8406 {Answer-phone}
      Fax: 02 9267 4741
      Meets: Open: Every Tue. & Sat. 9.30am to 3.30pm (E.S.T).
      Auctions: 2nd Sat. of Mar, July, Nov.; view prior Sat., Thur., Fri.
      At: PHILAS House, 17 Brisbane St., Surry Hills (Sydney South), NSW 2010
      Contact: "We do not have an email address yet." (c. forever; ajw)
      Library Contact (c.2011): Geoff Kellow - [email protected]

      "Philas House is the association headquarters and incorporates a large air-conditioned meeting room, library, workshop, printery and office." Philas House is near the southern end of Hyde Park, William Square, and Museum Station.

      "The Philas Library (open Tues. & Thur.) is a specialist philatelic library containing over 6,000 books, journals and catalogues. Much of this material has been built up from donations and the many donors are warmly thanked for their contributions to the hobby.

      The Philas Library Inc now has Donated Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. The Philas Library is one of the largest open access philatelic libraries in the world."

      2010 Sydney Youth Stamp Group PDC
      Meets: 4 times per year during school holidays (see website)
      {usually: last Thursday of each school holidays (10.30am to 3.00pm).}
      At: Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010
      Contact: c/Coordinator SYSG, @gmail, Tel./Fax: +61 (0)2 9498-5290
      P.O. Box 556, Gordon, NSW 2072
      Or: Paul Storm, @, Tel.: +61 (0)2 9419 7354
      A stamp Club for kids ages 7 to 17 years old.
      The Sydney Youth Stamp Group can assist Primary Schools introduce stamp collecting to students.

      old: - forwards c.201108

      2010 Australian States Study Circle RSPC
      G.P.O Box 1751, Sydney, NSW 2001
      Tel.: +61 (0)2 9264-8301 {at PHILAS House}
      Quarterly Journal: Sydney Views
      Meets: 4th Wed. 7:30 p.m. (excluding Dec.)
      At: Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010

      2010 Philatelic Society of New South Wales (PSNSW) Philas-11
      c/ Secretary PSNWS, PO Box 525, Darlington, NSW 1300
      Tel.: +61 (0)2 9399 8566 {Pres.: Dr. G. Lewis c.2008}, 02 9264 8301 (c/PHILAS House)
      Sec. c.2008: R.W. Stern, Tel.: +61 (0)2 9371 2506, [email protected]
      Auction Contact: D.A. Benson, [email protected], old: [email protected] (c.200110)
      Box 516, Kellyville, NSW 2155
      Meets: 4th Sat. @ 2:00pm & 3rd Tue. 7:30pm : except in Dec.
      4th Sat. : PHILAS House, 17 Brisbane St., Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010
      3rd Tue. (with the Postal History Group): Dougherty Community Centre
      7 Victor Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067

      The Postal History Group (PHG-PSNSW) : see 3rd Tue. above,
      The Convenor c.2011, Dr G. Lewis, glewis@custom�made, (phone above)

      The China Study Group (CSG-PSNSW)
      c/ PO Box 258, Earlwood, NSW 2206
      Meets: 4th Mondays, 7:30pm
      At: Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010
      CSG: The Convenor (c.2011), Mr. Garry Francis, garry_francis@rta

      old:, [email protected] '404' c.201108

      2010 Australian Commonwealth Collectors Club of New South Wales
      c/ GPO Box 1971, Sydney, NSW 2001
      Tel.: +61 (0)2 9264 8406 {PHILAS Answer-phone}
      Meets: 7.45pm, 3rd Mondays (Public holidays excepted)
      At: Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010
      "Members of the KGV Study Group are present at each meeting and are happy to assist newcomers to this major philatelic study area. Visitors are most welcome."

      2010 N.S.W. Postcard Collectors Society Inc.
      P.O. Box 193, Rozelle, N.S.W. 2039
      Secretary (c.2011 & webmaster): Jeff FitzGerald, @-Mail
      V.P. (c.2011 & Fair co-ord.): Tim Tulk Tel.: +61 (0)403 990 025, @-Mail
      Committee Meets: 1st Wed. 7:30 p.m. (Feb., May, Aug., Nov.) {Dec.: social night.}
      At: Philas House, 17 Brisbane St, Surry Hills (Sydney), NSW 2010
      Fair: On last Sun (Feb., May, Aug., Nov.) at 9.30am is a quarterly fair.
      Fair At: PETERSHAM TOWN HALL, 107 Crystal Street, Petersham (c.2011)
      Show: Winter's Day with Stamps (known late July 2007)
      Show & Fair contact: P. Storm, ph: +61 (0)2 9419 7354, @-Mail (c.2007)

      2057 Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia Philas-11
      Publication: Cinderella's Australasia (& several monographs)
      P.O. Box 889, Chatswood, NSW 2057
      Meets: member's home and at major philatelic exhibitions around the Australia.
      Has one postal auction each year of Cinderella material.
      Secretary (c.2011): Paul Storm, Tel.: +61 (0)2 9419 7354, @-Mail
      Has: Railway & Revenue Study Groups
      The Club was formed in 1984, and currently has about 110 members throughout Australia, New Zealand, worldwide.

      2111 Australasian Scout & Guide Stamp Collecting Society (c.2008, 2011* SOSSI)
      aka: *Scout & Guide Stamp Collecting Society
      PO Box 201, Gladesville, NSW 2111
      I find a government reference to a "Scout & Guide Stamp Society of Australia"
      It lists several journals on file covering 1975-1991.. Info requested. - aj

      2112 Society of Polar Philatelists Philas-11
      Publication: Penguin Views(?), Penguin News *
      Secretary c/ PO Box 408, Wahroonga, NSW 2076
      Publicity Officer (c.2011): Peter Kofler, kofpea@tpg
      Meets: 2nd Wednesdays every two months +- (Feb, Mar, May, July, Sept. & Nov. c.2011), 8:00pm
      At: Ryde Ex Services Memorial & Community Club (in the Mackinnon room),
      724-730 Victoria Road, Ryde, NSW 2112
      Please note there is a $4 per person per meeting charge - Tea / Coffee biscuits.

      "We are a Sydney based philatelic group specializing in all forms of Polar Philately. Our club was formed in 1974 to promote and develop Polar Philately. It is affiliated with the Philatelic Association of NSW (PHILAS) and is a chapter 5(3) of the American Society of Polar Philatelists."
      old: (page data c.2007)

      2121 Thematic Society of Australia More... Philas-11
      Quarterly Publication: Themes
      PO Box 17, Oatlands, NSW 2117
      Meets: 3rd Wednesdays (excluding December), 7:00pm for 7:45pm meeting.
      At: Epping Presbyterian Church Hall, 02) 9876 3370
      31 Bridge St. (Corner of Rawson St), Epping, NSW 2121

      2124 International Telephone Card Society More... (ccc)
      PO Box 3964, Parramatta, NSW 2124
      re phonecards.
      {Data c.2007:}

      2210 International Salvation Army Philatelic and Historical Journal Society Philas-11
      also Pres. St Geo. Phil. Soc. c.2011 President (c.2011): Geoff Maxwell, Tel.: +61 (0)2 9584 1090, geoff@hilton
      8 Waterside Parade, Peakhurst Heights, NSW 2210
      "In conjunction with" the Overprinted Booklets Collectors Club Philas-11
      Contact: O.P., Phone: +61 (0)2 9584 1090 (i.e. Geoff Maxwell - aj), opbooklets@hilton
      links: a site on Salvation Army stamps (great technology! aj)

      2220 Hurstville Salvation Army Philatelic Society Philas-11
      Meets: 1.45pm, 3rd Thursdays
      At: Hurstville Salvation Army Youth Hall,
      corner: Bond & Dora Streets, Hurstville, NSW 2220
      Show: The Hurstville Salvation Army Philatelic Society Stamp Fair (Known: Sat. 11 June 2011)
      Formed in 1956? Disbanded around 1970, restarted in March 2006.

      2229 Orchid Stamp Club International Philas-11
      (Alt URL w/application)
      P.O Box A495, Sydney South, NSW 2000 - Tel.: +61 (0)2 9525 7215 (c.2005)
      Meets: 3rd Sat. every 2nd month from Jan. (Jan., Mar. etc) (c.2007 APF)
      At: 25 Turriell Point Road, Lilli Pilli (Sydney area), NSW 2229
      Contact: Ian Chambers, cattleya@ozemail or Myra chalmersm@optusnet

      2462 Postal Stationery Society of Australia Index listing PSC
      Quarterly Publication: The Postal Stationery Collector
      "The Society is not based in a particular Australian city. Opportunities are taken to meet regularly at National exhibitions and on similar occasions involving gatherings of philatelists. Office bearers come from different States, and there is a Coordinator for each state, also one for New Zealand."
      Contact: Sec. Judy Kennett, jkennett@tpg
      P. O. Box 16, Ulmarra, NSW 2462

      Clubs in the Northern Territory,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Northern Territory

      0811 Darwin Stamp, Coin & Phonecard Club
      PO Box 42709, Casuarina, NT 0811
      Meets: ?

      0831 Darwin Philatelic Club Inc. Hello SAPC
      P. O. Box 1624, Palmerston, NT 0831
      Nadine Tinsley, Tel.: +61 (0)8 8988 2319 (c.200905)
      or: President Graham Wright, Tel.: +61 (0)8 89421004 (c.200909)
      Meetings are arranged: (about every 6 to 8 weeks) write for latest info.
      Usually at Terry Mills Office at the Oasis Shopping Centre, Palmerston

      0871 Alice Springs Stamp Club
      Meets: informally Contact club for more information
      P.O Box 1529, Alice Springs, NT 0871
      Tel.: +61 (0)8 8953 3054

      Specialty Clubs in Victoria,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local Clubs & Dealer in Victoria

      3000 See Also: Australia's Post Office Museum
      aka: The National Post Master Gallery

      3000 Victorian Philatelic Council Index listing APF
      234 Flinders St, Melbourne, Vic 3000
      G. P. O. Box 9800, Melbourne, VIC 3001
      Tel.: +61 (0)3 9650 3110
      Meets: Annual Congress (normally in October)
      At: (varies)
      The Secretary: Peter Leitch, [email protected], +61 (0)3 9603 5188 (c.2008)
      Publication: VPC News (Quarterly: - free to members; subscription available.)
      Editor: Alex Stoneman, [email protected]
      PO Box 66, Carisbrook, VIC 3464
      VPC's Youth Development: Laurie Smyth [email protected], Tel.: +61 (0)3 5144-2109

      'VPC Promotes philately', Exhibitions.
      Overall contact for club info in Victoria state.
      "An initiative by Charles Leski Auctions and the VPC is a stamp display open to the general public in the foyer of Leski's business..
      & in conjunction with the APF: A Downloadable Stamp Album for Victoria

      3001 Expert Committee of RPSV Index listing RPSV, AIEP
      [email protected]
      G. P. O. Box 2071S, Melbourne, VIC 3001
      Note: G. Koch lists(ed) them as an independent experts committee.

      3005 Postal History Society Inc. (Australia) Index listing (ref.)
      PO Box 225, World Trade Centre, Melbourne 3005
      (Probably an archaic reference. - aj ?)

      zip? Hellenic Philatelic Society of Melbourne
      address unknown! - HELP!
      This data is from a reference from the :
      Hellenic Philotelic Society (HPS) c.2007
      Note: Reference not found at HPS c.2008!

      3072 China Philatelic Society of Australia Inc. Index listing VPC-07
      P. O. Box 1448, Collingwood, VIC 3066
      @, Tel.: +61 (0)3 9486 0166, +61 (0)412 752 889 {Mobile}
      Meets: 1st Mon. 7:00 p.m. (in Balwyn)
      & 3rd Sat. 10:00 a.m. (in Preston)
      At: Mon.: Old Bowling Club
      Deepdene Park, Chatfield Avenue, Balwyn (VIC 3103 ?)
      At: 3rd Sat.: Activity Centre, 220 High Street, Preston, VIC 3072

      3105 Italian Philatelic Society (Circolo Filatelico Italiano - CFI) Index listing VPC-11
      (APF data pg., Stampboards ref.)
      CFI, P.O. Box 166, Niddrie, VIC 3042 - Tel.: +61 (0)438 830 645 {Mobile}
      or: frankfranchi@hotmail, Tel.: +61 (0)3 9338 7387
      Show: Annual Fisher's Ghost Stamp Fair (known Nov. 2007)
      Meets: 2nd Mondays, 7:45 p.m. (except Jan.)
      At: Veneto Club, +61 (0)3 9850 7111
      191 Bulleen Road, Bulleen, Vic 3105
      "Members speak Italian but English is also spoken."

      3121 Polish Philatelic Society of Australia Index listing VPC-11
      P. O. Box 1179, St Kilda South, VIC 3182
      Tel.: +61 (0)3 9534 7554
      Meets: 3rd Tue. 7:30 p.m. (except it is 2nd Tue. In Dec.)
      At: Polish House, 23 Clifton Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
      PZF: Data Page (c.2007)

      3150 The Melbourne Papuan Study Group Index listing VPC-11
      Meets: 4th Fri. 6:30 p.m. (Feb, May, Aug & Nov)
      At: McNabb residence,
      40 Leicester Avenue, Glen Waverley, Vic 3150
      Contact (c.2007, 2011): Max Bulley, Tel.: +61 (0)3 9836 9265
      &/or (c.2011): Tel: +61 (0)3 9802 5237

      3152 Hungarian Turual Philatelic Society Index listing
      aka: Hungarian Philatelic Society (c.2011) VPC-11
      Meets: 3rd Wed. 2:00pm
      At: Hungarian Community Centre, Tel.: +61 (0)3 9801 6408
      760 Boronia Rd., Wantirna, VIC 3152
      Contact (c.2007, 2011): 11 Buvelot Court, Chirnside Park, VIC 3116
      Tel.: +61 (0)3 9726 5451 (c.2007 only)
      15 Briggs Street, Box Hill North, VIC 3129 (c.2007)

      3153 Australian Cover Society AFDCS-07, VPC-11
      Contact: PO Box 2066, Bayswater 3153
      AFDCS Chapter Representative (c.2007): Noel Almeida (cite)
      PO Box 768, Dandenong, VIC 3175
      Publication: The Cover Collector (3/yr)
      Vice-President: Colleen Woolley
      Editor and publisher of Australian PictorMarks®
      Secretary & Journal Editor c.2011:
      Michael Moore, Tel.: +61 (0)2 6161 7540, [email protected]
      25 Florentine Circuit, Kaleen, VIC 2617
      "Michael is a well known researcher on Australian private cachetmakers."

      If you're interested in Australian First Day Covers, you've definitely come to the right place!
      "Our new book Australian First Day Covers is all but sold out!.. Order your copy ..."
      "The Society is essentially a correspondence club. However, occasional regional meetings are held where some Committee members and other members are likely to be present. These have been held in Melbourne in 2006 and 2008, Adelaide in 2006, Sydney in 2007 and Canberra in 2008."
      "Members may participate in an annual competition. The Noel Almeida Trophy was donated by the inaugural President. To date this has been won by Robert Phaup (2006), John Sadler (2007) and John Rennie (2008)." (c.2011 - aj)

      3820 Ephemera Society of Australia (ref. c.2007) Index listing
      PO Box 479, Warragul, VIC 3820

      3260 Camperdown Stamp Club (disbanded c.2008) VPC
      P. O. Box 204, Camperdown, VIC 3260
      Meets: 1st Tuesday (except Jan) @ 7:30pm
      At: Members Homes

      3450 Castlemaine Stamp Club
      P.O Box 261, Castlemaine, VIC 3450
      Meets: 3rd Tuesday (except December) 7:30pm
      At: 17 Wheeler Street, Castlemaine, VIC
      (c.2005 APF data & referenced in SNA-200706:72)

      3564 Echuca-Moama Stamp Club Index listing
      Echuca, VIC 3564
      Tel.: (03) 5482 3331
      All we have! Any Help?

      zip? Upper Yarra Stamp Club
      (address unknown), VIC
      Meets: 3rd Tue.
      At: ?
      Contact: ?
      From a reference in Stamp News Australasia (SNA-200706:72)

      ->See Also:

      Stamps of Victoria Australia - By Les Molnar

      Specialty Clubs in Queensland,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local Queensland Clubs & Dealers

      4101 Queensland Card Collectors Society Inc. (QCCSI)
      QCCSI, P.O. Box 696, Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068
      Meets: 7:30pm, last Tue.
      At: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, (in the church hall behind)
      59 Dornoch Terrace, (West End) Brisbane, QLD 4101
      Pres. (c.2011): Alan McNaughton, Tel.: +61 (0)7-3371 8844, @bigpond
      "an incorporated club of people who collect postcards, trade cards and cigarette cards."

      4178 Queensland Philatelic Council Inc. Index listing (QPC) ATA-02, APF
      QPC House, 18 Coolcrest Street, Wynnum, QLD 4178
      [email protected] Tel.: +61 (0)7 3396-0846 {answerphone}, Fax: 07-3396-0842
      Publication: The Queensland Stamp Collector
      Fair: QPC Bazaar Day (last Sun: known Nov 2007, Feb 2008)
      (said to be 4 per yr) @ 8:30am
      Fair Venue & Meets: QPC House: Library: 1st/3rd Sat. 1-3pm.

      "...Its members consist of the majority of Queensland Stamp Clubs, some private collector members, many Stamp Dealers and Australia Post. It was formed to take the place of the two previous organisations - Queensland Stamp Promotion Council and the Philatelic Association of Queensland, when they were dissolved in November 1985."

      NOTE: surveyed c.2011 - aj (i.e. if it's supscripted QPC-07 data c.2007)

      4178 The QPC (Queensland Philatelic Council) Philatelic Library QPC
      P.O. Box 9471, Wynnum Plaza PO, Wynnum West, QLD 4178
      @ Tel.: +61 (0)7 3396-0846 {answerphone}, Fax: 07-3396-0842
      Hrs.: 1st & 3rd Sat. : 1:00 pm to 3.00 pm.
      QPC House, 18 Coolcrest Street, Wynnum, QLD 4178

      4178 Thematics Queensland ATA-02, QPC-11Info
      C/ QPC, 18 Coolcrest Street, Wynnum, QLD 4178
      Tel.: +61 (0)7 3262 5605
      Publication: Thematically Speaking
      Meets: Sunday, Quarterly from Nov., 9:30am - 12:30pm. Check Calendar for dates ("Info" above)
      At: QPC House, 18 Coolcrest Street, Wynnum, QLD 4178
      Contact (c.2007): John Hodgkinson, [email protected]
      Or (c.2007, 2011): John Crowsley, [email protected] (c.2007),
      c/ (c.2011): Tel.: +61 (0)7 3354 3890, j.crowsley@uqconnect
      P.O.Box 9471, Wynnum Plaza Post Office, Wynnum West Qld 4178

      Services include: the publication, photocopies of displays..."Access to as much help as the rest of the members can give, either in person, by letter, or via the publications."

      "..Anything else the group can provide for its members- it is a mutual aid group which exists solely for the purpose of helping members in the best way possible."
      old: '404' c.2011

      4178 Queensland Study Group QPC-07
      c/o QPC
      Note: listed as 'in suspension' c.2011 by QPC
      Meets: Sunday ("bi-monthly") {which days?: 1st/3rd, 2nd/4th?} 1:00 p.m.,
      At: QPC House

      ->See Also:

      General Post Office
      Museum Index listing .au Post
      Central City GPO Building
      261/285 Queen St., Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia

      WikiPedia: Queensland

      In The Past?:

      Queensland FRAMA Study Group, c.1999 ('404' c.2008) - any new info ?

      Specialty Clubs in South Australia,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local Stamp Clubs & Businesses in South Australia

      5001 South Australian Philatelic Council Index listing (SAPC) APF
      APF Info Pg.
      Publication: SAPC News
      GPO Box 9800, Adelaide, SA 5001
      Tel.: 08-8212-3557, Fax: 08-8223-4435
      Meets At: SAPHIL House
      22 Gray Court (off Sturt St.), Adelaide, SA 5001
      C.2005: Novice Collectors and Juniors
      Meets: 1st Sat. @ 10 a.m., SAPHIL House
      Contact: Robert &/or Linda Gooding : [email protected]

      "SAPHIL House is also the address of the SAPC Circuit Book Office, the APF Archival Office run by Werner Pohl,
      and the Latham Roberts Library of the Philatelic Society of South Australia."

      5001 Philatelic Society of South Australia (PSSA) SAPC
      APF Info Pg.
      G. P. O. Box 9800, Adelaide, SA 5001 (c.201506)*
      Tel.: 08-8555-3311
      Meets: 1st & 3rd Tue. @ 7:45pm
      At: SAPHIL House
      22 Gray Court (off Sturt St.), Adelaide, SA 5001

      Daytime Group - Tel.: 08-8555-3311
      Meets: 10:30am 1st & 3rd Thu (except Dec & Jan) in SAPHIL House

      old: Contact: 36 Castle St, Parkside, SA 5063
      Tel.: +61 08-8373 3756, +61 08 85553311
      &: G. P. O. Box 1937, Adelaide, SA 5001*

      Commonwealth Study Group of PSSA - Tel.: +61 (0)8 8555 3311 (c.201506)
      Meets: 7:30pm 4th Tuesdays (except Dec & Jan) in SAPHIL House (c.2011/2015)
      old: Tel.: +61 (0)8 8373 3756

      South Australia Study Group of PSSA - Tel.: +61 (0)8 8522 4345
      Meets: 8:00pm, 4th Tuesdays (except Dec & Jan) in SAPHIL House (c.2011)

      Data c.20150619 From: Stuart Wattison, [email protected]

      5001 Latham Roberts Library of the Philatelic Society of South Australia Index listing PSSA
      G. P. O. Box 9800, Adelaide, SA 5001 (c.201506)
      old: P. O. Box 1937, Adelaide, SA 5001
      Open at regular meetings.
      At: SAPHIL House
      22 Gray Ct., Adelaide, SA 5001
      Librarian: Anthony Presgrave (c.201506)
      Formerly: Ray Price

      Data c.20150619 From: Stuart Wattison, [email protected]

      5001 Australian Airmail Society Index listing SAPC, FISA-08
      APF Info. Pg.
      Chris Lloyd (c.2008 ks): @, Tel.: 08-8276-2508
      Secretary (c.2008 FISA):
      John Bodnar
      c/o P. O. Box 395, Edwardstown, SA 5039
      Tel.: 08-2967-3969
      Meets: 1st Wed. @ 7:45pm
      At: SAPHIL House
      22 Gray Ct., Adelaide, SA 5001
      Contact: GPO Box 954, Adelaide, SA 5001
      Tel.: 08 8212 3576
      or (c.201108):PO Box 395, Edwardstown, SA 5039
      Tel.: + 61 (0)8 8267 3969

      5001 Postal Stationery & Postal History Society of Australia Inc. {f.1976} SAPC
      GPO Box 4, Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia
      Tel.: +61 08-8260-3352 (c.2005), @arcom (c.2008)
      Annual Super Auction (known mid Nov. 2007)
      Meets: 2nd Tuesday 7:45pm
      At: Uniting Church, 609 Lower NE Road, Campbelltown, SA
      STOP PRESS : "As from the 8th January 2008 meeting,
      our Club will be moving to
      SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide, SA 5001
      Meetings will still be : 7.45pm, second Tuesday of the month."
      "Website officially launched 22/9/2001
      - First SA Club to do so - Website last updated 19/8/2007" (dead 2011)

      5001 Australian Postcard Society
      Meets: 7:45pm, 4th Thursdays (except December)
      At: SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide, SA 5001
      Contact: Linda Welden, Tel: +61 0421 367 665 (mobile), [email protected] (c.2011)
      PO Box 281, Edwardstown, SA 5039

      5074 South Australian Frama Study Group
      Contact: P.O Box 62, Campbelltown, SA 5074
      BJ Lower, Tel.: +61 (0)8 8258 2758
      Meets: 7:30pm, 2nd Wednesdays in members homes.
      "For collectors of CPS {counter printed stamps}, Framas (atm's)."

      Specialty Clubs in Western Australia,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local Clubs & Dealers in Western Australia

      Western Australian Philatelic Council Inc.
      (WAPC) APF
      GPO Box 9800, Perth WA 6001
      Tel.: +61 (0)8 9527 3509, +61 (0)412 156 351 {Mobile}, @iinet
      Publication: Western Stampgroper
      Meets: 1st Tue. (except January) 5:30 p.m.
      At: Philatelic House, Wellington Fair, Unit 18
      40 Lord St., East Perth, WA 6004

      Annual Show: Swan River Stamp Show (held in October) More...
      Contact: Publicity Officer c.2001: Peter Martin [email protected]
      P. O. Box 282, Rockingham, WA 6968
      They have a 'Youth Development Programme' which sponsors:
      WAPC Youth Club
      aka: 'Youth Postal Stamp Club (WA)'
      Telephone +61 (08) 9417 8227, [email protected]
      Publishes the Junior Stampgroper & plans promotional activities for junior collectors (under 13) and young philatelists (13-18)

      6004 Western Australia Study Group WAPC-11
      PO Box 423
      Claremont, Western Australia 6910
      Tel.: +61 (0)8 9384 1056
      Meets: 4th Thur. (less Dec.) 7.30 pm
      At: Philatelic House in Wellington Fair
      on the NE corner of Wellington and Lord Streets, Perth, WA 6004
      Publication: Black Swan (quarterly since March 1975)
      Publishes/Sells literature online
      "The Western Australia Study Group has within its membership, specialists in all areas of Western Australian philately and whilst we do not maintain an expertisation service, we are happy to provide advice and we endeavour to answer all queries relating to Western Australia no matter how esoteric."

      6004 The Airmail Circle PSWA-11
      Meets: Quarterly: Jan., May, Aug., Oct.
      Convenor: Ross Wood, rosswoo[email protected] (c.2011 PSWA), Tel.: +618 9294 3356 (c.2011 Ace)
      (not stated at PSWA but according to Ace):
      Meets: 5th Monday of any month at 7.30 pm
      At: Philatelic House, Wellington Fair Unit 19
      40 Lord St., East Perth, WA 6004

      6004 The Postmark Circle (WA) PSWA-11
      aka: Postmark Club (W.A.) WAPC-11
      PO Box 423, Claremont, WA 6910 (c.2011 WAPC)
      Tel.: Brian Pope, Tel. +61 8 9384 1086 (c.2011 Ace)
      (WAPC): Tel.: +61 (08) 9446 4794 (c.2007), +61 (0)8 9293 4277 (c.2011)
      Secretary: Brian Austin
      c/ PO Box 66, Innaloo City, WA 6918 (PSWA c.2011)
      Publication: Postmark Newsletter
      Meets: 2nd Mon. 7:30 p.m.
      At: Philatelic House, Wellington Fair Unit 19
      40 Lord St., East Perth, WA 6004

      6050 Western Australian Card Collectors Society Index listing
      aka: Western Australian Postcard Club
      Publication: Topics (6/yr)
      Secretary (c.2011) Georgina Woodcock, Tel. +61 (0)8 9271 8570, [email protected]
      Contact: Sec./Treas. (c.?)
      240 Bussell H'way, West Busselton, WA 6280
      Meets: Last Sat., except Dec.: 1pm (Visitors are always welcome)
      New Meeting Place due to Storm Damage.
      Uniting Church, 165 Railway Pde. Mt. Lawley, WA 6050

      Specialty Clubs in Tasmania,
      ACT - NSW - NT - QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA See Also:

      Local clubs & dealers in Tasmania

      7000 Australian Post Office Museum - Tasmania (any help?)
      47 Liverpool St., Hobart, TAS 7000 (c. 2000 Grame Sherman, c.2005 AskPhil)
      19-31 Castray Esplanade, Hobart, TAS 7000 (c.1972 cf.)

      7001 Tasmanian Stamp Council (TSC) APF
      APF's TSC Info. Pg., Clubs listings; via APF.
      GPO Box 9800, Hobart, TAS 7001
      At: Hobart, TAS
      Contact: Sec. Erica Genge, @Hotmail, Tel.: 03-6278-7084
      Formed in 1976 "to foster the hobby of stamp collecting through organised philatelic societies and clubs, and by direct contact with the general public and collectors not directly involved with societies and clubs." , the TCP produces The Stamp World of Tasmania
      A "pocket-sized guide to philatelic societies and clubs in Tasmania. Copies are available on request" - from TSC.

      Australia -> See Also:

    1. AU: Glen Stephen's Stampboards
      (best online Australian philatelic resource - aj c.2008)

    2. US: National Postal Museum, Washington, DC, USA
      Although resources 'focus on the postal history and philately of the United States, the collections are international in scope. Europe, North America and Australia are particularly well represented.'

    3. Geoscience Australia : Place Name Search (Gazzetter)

    4. Clubs : Topical (About) : Australia

  • Austria
    1. 1043 : Verband �sterreichischer Philatelistenvereine (V�Ph), @voeph
      (Austrian Association of Philatelic Societies) FIP, FEPA
      Publication: Die Briefmarke
      Postfach 67, Wien, A-1043 Austria
      President: Erich Bober, @teleweb (c.2005 FIP)
      Vice-Secretary: Intl. Affairs : Jaromir Matejka (c.2008)
      Tel.: +43 1 587 6469, Fax: +43 1 587 7026 (c.2005, 2008)
      Getreidemarkt 1, A-1060 Wien (c.2005, 2008)

    2. 1070 : �sterreichische Pfadfinder-Briefmarken Sammlergilde (�PBSG) IFSCO-12, SOSSI-12
      (Austrian Scout Stamps Collectors Guild)
      Kontakt: Gerhard Winter, +43 (0)66473879066
      [email protected], [email protected]
      Handelskai 300 / 3 /55, 1020 Wien
      Alt/old: Breitegasse 13. A-1070 Wien, �sterreich (Austria)
      Treffen/Meets: Donnerstag (Thursday) von 17.00-21.00
      Pfadfindermuseum-Postegeb�ude (Scouts Post museum building)
      Loeschenkohlgasse 25/4. Stock (4th Floor), 1150 Wien
      "Auch unterst�tzt die �PBSG Pfadfindergruppen bei der Herausgabe eigener Briefmarken."
      ~�PBSG scout groups are also supported by the publication of its own postage stamps.~

    3. 1072 Freunde der �sterreichische Ballonpost More... FISA-08
      Secretary (c.2008):
      Elfriede Judmaier, P.O. Box 9, A-1072 Vienna
      President (c.2008):
      Herbert Judmaier, Mariahilferstrasse 88A, A-1007 Vienna 7
      Vice-President: Hans Mierl & Treasurer: Michaela Mierl
      Schweitzersiedlung 36, A-5071 Salzburg/Wals

    4. 1130 �sterreichischer Flugpostsammlerverein (�FSV) More... FISA-08
      (Austrian airmail collectors club)
      President (c.2008)
      Herbert Abfalter
      Schlossberggasse 6B/1/12, A-1130 Vienna
      Secretary (c.2008)
      Hans-Peter Hainthaler
      Witthavergasse 32/2, A-1180 Vienna

    5. 1150 Briefmarkensammler-Verein donau (BSV Danube)
      Publikation: donau-post
      Zentrale (HQ): A - 1150 Wien, Kriemhildplatz 4/3
      Brief- und Paketanschrift (Mail): A -1152 Wien, Postfach 37
      Zentrale/Sekretariat - Tel./Fax: +43 1 982 0161, [email protected]
      Schriftf�hrer: Ing. Hans Starek, [email protected], +43 1 283 28 17, +43 0680-1219160 (Mobile)
      Regionalvertreter Wien: Dir.i.R. Herbert Krickl, [email protected], +43 1-888 05 48, +43 0664-73510967
      Regionalvertreter Ost: Wolfgang Ungar, w[email protected], +43 02748 58089, +43 0676-7425044
      Regionalvertreter West: Gerlinde Scheibler, [email protected], +43 0676-6860889
      Regionalvertreter Mitte: Michael Pollner, [email protected], Tel./Fax: +43 03622 53273
      Regionalvertreter S�d: Johann Funk, [email protected], +43 0680-3034521
      Jeden Dienstag (Tue.) von 14.00 - 17.30 Uhr,
      ausgenommen Feiertag und Ferien (except holidays & vacation)

      Die Hauptaktivit�ten des Vereines liegen noch immer am Sektor Briefmarken, jedoch haben wir die Satzungen dahingehend ge�ndert, dass wir auch andere Gebiete betreuen und Dienstleistungen anbieten, wie:
      Neuheiten aus der ganzen Welt, FDC's, etc.
      M�nzen (coins)
      Post- und Ansichtskarten, Alle Produkte zu Sonderkonditionen

    6. 3950 Gm�nder Weltraumfreunde
      Kassier (c.2008): G�nter St�ckl, @
      Weitraerstrasse 81, A-3950 Gm�nd
      Obmann: Dipl.- Ing. (c.2008):
      Walter Michael Hopferwieser, @
      Santnergasse 61, A-5020 Salzburg

    7. 5310 �sterreichischer Philatelistenverein St. Gabriel
      ein Mitteilungsblatt (monatlich)
      Dr. Karl Ohnmacht, Parkgasse 7, 4910 Ried im Innkreis, �sterreich
      c.2012: Johann Soriat, Am Golfplatz 16, A-5310 Mondsee
      "Der Verein f�hrt regelm��ig Tauschtreffen und Kunst- und Gildereisen durch, z.B. zu den Orten mit einem Sonderpostamt der Gilde St. Gabriel oder zu gr��eren Briefmarkenausstellungen in Europa. Das internationale Bodenseetreffen der St. Gabriel Gilden aus der Schweiz, Deutschland und �sterreich findet j�hrlich statt und wird jeweils von einer Landesgilde ausgef�hrt. "
      Google Translation: The association conducts regular meetings and exchange of art and guild travels, eg to places with a special post office in the Guild of St. Gabriel or larger stamp exhibitions in Europe. The international meeting of the Lake St. Gabriel guilds from Switzerland, Germany and Austria will take place each year and is run by a national guild.
      old: forwards c.201205

    8. 6020 Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck V�Ph-05
      Treffen: jeden Mittwoch (Wed.) und Sonntag (Sun.) 17.00 bis 19.00 Uhr
      Rest. Tyrol, M.Theresien-Stra�e 33-35, 1. Stock (1st floor), 6020 Innsbruck

    9. 8020 Steierm�rkische Pfadfinderbriefmarken Sammler (StPS) SOSSI-12, IFSCO-12
      (Steierm�rkische Scout Stamp Collectors)
      Horst Ziegler, Alt Poststrasse 141/III/16, A-8020 Graz

    10. 8042 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Feld- und Zensurpost 1914-1918 (D)
      (Austro-Hungarian Fieldpost andCensorhip 1914-18 Section)
      Kontakt: Dipl. Ing. Herwig Rainer, @
      Breitenweg 21 c, A-8042 Graz, Austria

    11. BSV donau Villacher Briefmarkenfreunde

    12. BSV Zillertal

    13. Briefmarkenportal Bayern / �sterreich

      See Also: Clubs : Topical (about) : Austria

  • Azerbaijan

    1. Azerbaijan Philatelists Union FIAP
      C/ 135 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UT London, UK
      Fax: 44-171-6310487, @mailcity

  • Azores (part of Portugal)
    1. Clube de Filatelia O Ilh�u ('404' c.2008)
      (Club filat�lico de las Azores.)


      a/h = 'after hours' (after working hours; evenings ...)

      Qtr. = Quarterly (as in a 'quarterly publication' schedule)

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