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San Pablo City, Laguna (City of the Seven Lakes)

Situated 82 kilometers southeast of Manila, about 500 feet above the main sea level, San Pablo City is a fascinating blend of natural beauties and timeless history. Dubbed as the “City of Seven Lakes”, lies in the apex of the heart-shaped province of Laguna, Fanned by the swaying of coconut breeze, nesting among the foothills of Mount San Cristobal and Mount Banahaw.

The area of this town is about four leagues from North to South and another four leagues from East to West. Within this area flow the rivers called Sinipian, Malamig, Malaonot, Bulayong, Bacate, Casayan, Balanga and Labasin, originating all from Mt. Cristobal,

Here is San Pablo City, proud of its legendary and noble past, enjoying its challenging present, and hopeful of its future.

Other Places to Visit

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Sanctuario de San Pablo

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