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When most people hear the word Pit Bull they think of the countless stories they have heard on TV about Pit Bulls attacking people. These sensationalistic stories are often told to increase ratings. Unfortunately these stories also add to the public's predjudice against these dogs & their owners.

Below are the stories of Pit Bulls who have shown immesurable strength , courage, & loyalty. These are the stories the media should be telling the public. These stories illustrate the type of animals these dogs are. They are not evil killers, they are intelligent, loving, loyal companions to many. They also excell in search & rescue, obedience, agility & many are therapy dogs for the elderly or disabled.

Many celebrities also own Pit Bulls. "She's so loyal, affectionate & sensitive. If I ever got another dog, it'd have to be a Pit. I love their personalities." says Bernadette Peters, on her pit bull, Stella.

These are some famous and maybe not so famous pit bulls, used in shows, and advertisements...


Garfield (2004 Universal Pictures)
Jimmy Kimmel (voice of Spanky the Pit Bull from the Bronx)
More information coming soon!

Torque (2004 Warner Home Video)
Biker Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) is in possession of several motorcycles belonging to a ruthless drug dealer. Now he's putting the squeeze on Ford in an attempt to retrieve the bikes, which have something a little more valuable than gas in their tanks.
Dojo is a pit bull who growls at the moon but is probably more gentle than any of the two- legged counterparts in the movie.

Cheaper by the Dozen (2003 Fox Home Entertainment)
Blue Water's Blitz was the American Pit Bull star of Cheaper by the Dozen. Problems start right away when Nora and Hank come and the kids make it their personal mission to annoy Hank in any way that they can. Take this one scene where they soak his underwear in meat so that Blitz would chase after him.

Snatch (2001)

Snatch (2001 Columbia Tri-Star)
An unnamed Pikey pit bull whose loyalty brings luck stars in Snatch. What do two boxing promoters, an Irish gypsy who speaks gibberish, a mean British kingpin, a Russian mercenary, a Jewish jeweler from New York, three bumbling crooks, a sharpshooter with steel teeth, and a pit bull have in common? They all want a pretty damned expensive diamond.

Babe: Pig In The City (1999 Universal Studios)
The plight of these creatures puts a dark cloud over the sunny concept of the original Babe, making this film the most frightening G rated movie I can recall. The animals in the hotel represent disturbingly real criminals we see in society -- and movies. An orangutang is played to be a drug lord, while a pit-bull has an Italian mafia accent. But when a neighbor complains about the flea-bitten establishment, animal control people come in and capture the gang in a long and heart wrenching scene that will probably upset many young viewers. "Even more imaginative than the original" (The Washington Post), this sequel takes the three musketeers Babe, Ferdy and Mrs. Hoggett on a crusade into the midst of a large city where despite incredible obstacles, they're able to turn enemies into friends, raise enough money to save the farm and combine the two worlds into one. Once again, it's Babe's kind and steady heart that achieves miracles.

2 Days in the Valley (1996)

2 Days in the Valley (1996 HBO Studios )
A cold-hearted killer, a crook who cooks, a drop-dead blonde and a couple of cops are looking for sex, looking for money, looking to stay alive. But all of them are looking to get out of the valley and they've got just two days to do it.

Homeward Bound II - Lost in San Francisco (1996 Disney Studios)
This movie follows the unwritten law of sequels: bring back the same characters and put them in similar jeopardy with slightly tweaked circumstances. Instead of a cross-country journey, this time the pet trio must get from the San Francisco airport across the Golden Gate Bridge to their suburban home. Michael J. Fox and Sally Field return as the voices of Chance the American Pit Bull and Sassy the cat, with Ralph Waite replacing the late Don Ameche as the elderly golden retriever. Their journey features dogfights, house fires, an epic battle with a pair of petnappers, and a love affair for Chance with a stray from the other side of the bridge (Carla Gugino). Sinbad voices another dog who guides them through the mean streets of the city by the bay, and Robert Hays stars as the father, but, frankly, that hardly matters. What does is the animals' banter, and they're funny. (Ages 3 and up) --Kimberly Heinrichs

The Little Rascals (1994)

The Little Rascals (1994 Universal Studios)
Kids may enjoy the slapstick of this modern reworking of the old Our Gang comedies, but parents who grew up watching them on TV (or grandparents who saw them at theaters) will wonder why anyone would want to be involved in this remake. Directed by Penelope Spheeris, the film takes look-alike kids and casts them as Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and the rest. These are kids doing shtick while recycling such old bits as the He-Man Woman Haters Club, the kids' go-cart race, and Spanky and Alfalfa dressing as girls.

Homeward Bound (1993 Disney Studios)
This thrilling and thoroughly captivating theatrical hit from Disney has become an instant favorite with audiences of all ages. You'll lose your heart to Chance, a fun-loving American Pit Bull pup; Sassy, a hilarious Himalayan cat who lives up to her name; and Shadow, a wise old golden retriever -- all of whom express themselves with very familiar human voices! The adventure begins when the loving owners of these irresistible pets are forced to leave them in the temporary care of a friend who lives hundreds of miles away. But after several days, the worried animals begin to think their family must be in trouble, so they decide to head for home. On their incredible journey across the ruggedly beautiful Sierras, they encounter unexpected surprises from man, beast, and nature alike. It's an unforgettable story of love, courage, and devotion that will delight and inspire generations to come!

Grunt in Flashdance (1983)

Flashdance (1983 Paramount Studio)
Alex Owens is a female dynamo: steel worker by day, exotic dancer by night. Her dream is to get into a real dance company, though, and with encouragement from her boss/boyfriend, she may get her chance. The city of Pittsburgh co-stars. What a feeling!
Alex's American Pit Bull, Grunt, drinks diet Pepsi in the movie.

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Animal Precinct

Animal Precinct (Discovery's Animal Channel)
Animal Precinct, the show that takes viewers on patrol with New York City's Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) agents, is back for a third season on Animal Planet. This tough, award-winning reality series chronicles the drama, emotion, triumph and tragedy of the only law enforcement group in New York solely devoted to investigating crimes against the city's animal population.

Petey the Pup

Petey - The Little Rascels
Sixty years ago a delightful gang of kids romped across movie screens accompanied in their antics by their faithful dog Petey, a sturdy white pooch with a colored patch over one eye. Petey performed a remarkable array of tricks to help the kids in and out of scrapes -- all in all, he was the consummate childrens' pet.
The original Petey was Lucenay's Peter, a purebred dog registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier with the United Kennel Club and as one of the 50 original Staffordshire Terriers accepted into the American Kennel Club. Whichever breed name is claimed for Petey, one thing is certain; today this dog could not be kept within many city limits without facing arrest and euthanasia. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are outlaws by city ordinance as vicious dogs.

Pits in Cartoons

Ace - Batman's Pit
Bruce Wayne's "good bad dog" pit bull, Ace, is a reference to the comic book Bat Family's Batdog. Ace is treated like a character. He not only serves as old Bruce Wayne's faithful companion, he helps McGinnis' Batman fight crime.

Bad Boy
Cartoon - Bad Boy

Krypto - Superman's Pit
Superman's Krypyo

Sparky - South Park's Pit Mix
South Park - Sparky is the dog of local boy Stan Marsh. He is part Pit Bull and part Wolf

Clifford's pal T-Bone
Clifford's pal T-Bone may look tough, but he's really a gentle, shy pit bull pup at heart. Though T-Bone is timid, he's no pushover and he's a great friend in a crisis.

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During World War I, the Pit Bull was often used to represent America

Here we have the English Bulldog, German Duchshund, American Pit Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, Russian Wolfhound

This poster reads... WATCHFUL-WAITING The Germans have their "Wincht am Rhein" the English play "Lord Save the King" the Frenchman sing their "Marseillaise" while the Russians chant their "National Hymn" Our spirit shuns this war like ring: peace breathes in what we proudly sing The Star Spangled Banner And long may it wave, o'er the land of the free and home of the brave By these colors we stand ever true Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue


Here, the Pit Bull (representing the American military) is protecting kittens (representing the American people) from the German Mastiff (representing the German armed forces)


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Many companys in the early 1900s used the Pit Bull as a symbol of reliability, loyalty and durablity. Some of the famous mascots are...

Everyready Batteries
Eveready Batteries (now known as Energizer)

RCA's Nipper

San Dimas
San Dimas Lemon Association

Doggie Treats
Monster Love Doggie Treats

Buster Brown Shoes
Buster Brown shoes put its mascot in every shoe with the image of Tige, an American Pit Bull Terrier, to enhance its image as a sturdy, dependable shoe.

Buster Brown Shoes

Wells FargoWells Fargo
This little guy "...symbolized our commitment to security and trust" in the late 1800's.

More recently the Pit Bull was used in these ads:

Texaco Ad

Training Server
Training Server

SURPRISE SURPRISE.... It's the Ladies Home Journal
Ladies Home Journal

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For the general public Pit Bulls are the least known of doggie heros. We all know about famous German Shepherds and Collies but did you know that pit bulls have accomplished some amazing feats as well?

The tough, strong and courageous character of the breed brings new meaning to the term American Hero. Pit bulls have been saving lives and serving humans bravely ever since the U.S. first considered them our All American Dog.
Some contemporary examples:


Weela - Ken-L Ration's Dog Hero of the Year (1993)
One day while outside watching one of the kids in her family, suddenly body slammed 11 yr old Gary that sent him flying. Lori (mom) saw the whole thing and was surprised since Weela had always played so well with the kids. Surprised , that was until she saw the big rattle snake sink it's fangs into Weela's face! Then she understood Weela had been saving Gary's life!
A few years later, Weela saved the lives of 30 people, 29 Dogs, 13 horses and 1 cat. Heavy rains caused a damn to break on the Tijuana River. Weela would pull 30 to 50lbs of food across the river to feed stranded animals when it was needed during their month of being stranded on the island.
Visit Pit Bull Press for the whole story.


Bandog Dread
Bandog holds more canine working titles than ANY other breed. The owner's name is Diane Jessup and you can reference her book, "The Working Pit Bull." It tells you all of Dread's accomplishments. Pit Bulls are truly capable of many tasks.


The Number 1 United States Customs Dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier named Popsicle. How did he get that name? He was found during a drug bust in a freezer where he had been left to die after being used as a bait dog for dog fighters. In 1999, Popsicle helped the feds seize 3,075 pounds of cocaine from a pineapple-laden truck at the Mexican border-the biggest drug bust ever at the Hidalgo, Texas, port of entry.
Visit Pit Bulls on the Web for the whole story. (Originally from People Weekly Magazine Edition April 26, 1999 The "Animal" chronicle, Page 117)


In 1917 a Pit Bull by the name of Sgt. Stubby became a war hero for saving several soldiers lives and even capturing a German Spy while in the trenches of France with the 26th Yankee Division.


RCA, a white APBT certified as a hearing dog in Alaska.
Visit Pit Bulls on the Web for the whole story.


The first dog to travel across America in a car was a Pit Bull ( Bud ) and did so with the first persons (Horatio Jackson and his assistant and "bicycle" mechanic Sewall Crocker) to cross America in a car (A Winton named the Vermont). Horatio later donated Bud's goggles to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. During the trip Bud would assist in watching for large bumps in the road and often received as much if not more attention by the press than did Jackson. After the trip was completed Bud bravely guarded the Jackson home until his death of old age.


Saved his human moms life after, she had gone into anaphylactic shock from a spider bite. Norton who they rescued from a fight ring, went to the master bedroom and kept pushing her husband until he awoke and followed Norton to his wife. Norton was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in 1999 for his heroic act. Visit the 1999 Purina Hall of Fame and Pit Bulls Positive Press for the whole story.


An American Pit Bull Terrier (referred to by owners as their 56lb Chihuahua) who saved 2 retired sisters from a house fire.
Visit Pit Bulls Positive Press for the whole story.


The pugnacious tan and white Pit Bull (1914-1923) had the run of The University of Texas at Austin campus - from Old Main to the steps of the University Co-op where he slept at night. The varsity mascot went to classes with students, attended home and out-of-town athletic events (it was said he would snarl at the slightest mention of Texas A & M University) and participated in morning "fall outs" with military aeronautics cadets during World War I.
To find out more about 'PIG' please visit the University of Texas web site

Cheyenne and Dakota

Tahoe, Cheyenne and Dakota
A team of hard-working Search-and-Rescue (SAR) Pit Bulls in Sacramento, California. They play an important role in their community by locating missing people in conjunction with the local Sheriff. In their off-duty hours, they do charity work as therapy dogs. You can learn more about Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe at www.forpitssake.org. It's worth a visit and donation! Help them to continue their efforts in saving people and promoting positive Pit Bull Press!
Over 250 SAR dogs worked around the clock at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon after the September 11th terrorist attacks. These heroes worked without the benefit of gas masks and protective clothing. They climbed and searched places considered too dangerous for humans. This photo tribute is in their honor in recognition of their bravery and heroic efforts.

Saved by his Pit Bull Rover

Rover McGuinness
Jon found Rover abused and abandoned in a Dunkin Dounuts parking lot two years ago and became best friends. Who knew Jon's act of kindness would come back to him so quickly. There was a fire in Jon's home had it not been for Rover barking to wake Jon, he would have lost his life. Sadly, that was Rovers last act of bravery. Rover McGuinness passed away in the fire and will forever be a hero.
Vist Understanding a Bull for the story.


Asphalt Eatters - Pictured: PATRICK, MAZZY, and SUPERFLY
The Asphalt Eatter's skateboard team. Pit Bull's figure prominently in their team, and they have been featured in the media.
Vist Asphalt Eatters for the story.

Other stories in the news:
Pit Bull Saves Man's Life, Dies a Hero Dogs in the News, April 26, 2001

Pit bull 'died a hero' The Daily News (Longview Washington), Apr 15, 2004

Rescued Dog that Saved Owner's Life Wyeth, 07/15/2003
Foxy, a seven-year-old pit bull mix, had survived being hit by a car and three surgeries on her broken leg to help save 82-year-old Joan Maquire on a freezing winter day. The volunteer had adopted Foxy from the Little Shelter in Huntington, New York. Foxy then repaid the favor 1,000 times over. On January 17th, 2002, Maguire took Foxy for a walk. She slipped and fell to the ground and lay there, unable to move. Foxy laid on top of Maguire, using body heat to keep her warm, and barked constantly for an exhausting hour and a half to get help. The next-door neighbors heard Foxy's barking and found Maguire on the ground with her loyal friend at her side. On June 10, 2003, Foxy received the ProHeart Hero Award for her heroic act of loyalty and dedication.

Four-legged Iceberg Can Melt Hearts; Animal Lovers to Pay Vet Bill for Hero Dog The Record, Bergen County, NJ, January 22, 2004

"hey, pittbulls aint mean" Dogs in the News, June 3, 2002 (A guest article from Kristina Billini, age: 9)
Seven-month-old "Koko", a Pit Bull pup, sensed disaster at 5:00 in the morning and alerted 9-year-old Kristina Billini that two of her hamsters were dying. After being led to the closet by the frantic pooch, Kristina and her mother found the two lost babies. Sadly, it was too late for one, but they were just in time to save "Cream".

WWI Poster

Thanks to the following for organizing such a great collection of Pit Bull Hero Tales
Pit Bull Reporter

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Linda Blair
Linda Blair & Sunny
Linda Blair & Sunny

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom & Ginger

Steve Irwin with Sui

Actor Frankie Muniz

Jon Stewart

Amy-Jo Johnson with Lucy

Artist Julian Schnabel

Helen Keller
Hellen Keller

Bernadette Peters with Stella

Sinbad with Princess and Family
Hellen Keller

Other celebrities who have Pit Bulls as members of their family including:

  • Actor Fred Astaire
  • Stephany Kramer
  • Jan Michael Vincent
  • Third Watch's Molly Price
  • Author John Steinbeck
  • Fatty Arbuckle
  • NY Mets' Mo Vuaghn
  • Author Walter Scott
  • Boxer Jack Dempsey
  • Producer Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft
  • President Theodore Roosevelt (Pete)
  • Singer/Actress Madonna
  • Actress Alicia Silverstone (Sammie - Rottweiler-Doberman-Pit Bull Mix)
  • Actor Michael J. Fox
  • Inventor Thomas Edison
  • Boxer Jack Dempsey
  • Food Network's Rachel Ray (Boo
  • Rosie Perez (Raindrops & Sammie)
  • Singer Usher Raymond (My King & Star)
  • Actor Judd Nelson
  • General George Patton (William the Conqueror, or Willy)
  • Rapper DMX has "One Love Boomer" tattooed on his back
  • The Practice's Kelli Williams (Ella)
  • Athlete Tameka Dixon (Hercules)
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Mecca)
  • Singer Rick Springfield (Ron - Pit Bull Terrier/Great Dane mix)
  • Actor Vin Diesel
  • Cassandra Creech
  • Singer Pink
  • Actor Brad Pit
  • Tennis Pro Serina Williams
  • Barbra Eden
    & and many more


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