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A Vision of Beauty.

Natural splendor is everywhere. When you reflect on the graceful lines and precision optics encased in a sleek all-weather body, it's easy to see why 23 million people worldwide have entrusted the Olympus [mju:] to capture their moments of serenity.

(from Newsweek November 2002)
  Fleeting Beauty.

Recognize beauty at a glance. With precision optics complimented by an elegant design and all-weather body, it's easy to see why over 20 million people worldwide have chosen Olympus [mju:] to capture their glimpses of beauty.

(from Newsweek August 2002)
A Blend of Taste and Style.

A graceful combination of precision optics and sleek design, in a compact all-weather body, makes it the obvious choice of over 20 million people worldwide. Olympus [mju:]. A compliment to your style.

(from Newsweek July 2002)
  Beautiful attraction.

You're surrounded by style. Amazing features with precision optics in a sleek, all-weather body. No wonder over 20 million people always keep it near them. The Olympus [mju:]. Always by your side.

(from Newsweek June 2002)
Shining moments.

Images that sparkle, every time. Precision optics together with alluring features in a compact, all-weather body. No wonder it's the accessory of choice for over 20 million people worldwide. The Olympus [mju:]. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

(from Newsweek March 2002)


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