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from Egeneration, 29 Aug 2001

It is always difficult for an ad to make an impact in specialist publications and even more problematic in the crowded computer press. Even so, Olympus UK has found a way by lightening its communications with humor.

The promotion for the C-1400L digital camera spoofs cosmetics ads right down to the samples they include. Since January, the ad has been running in a broad selection of photographic and computer publications.

The visual features Quentin Crisp - the man immortalized by Sting in the song "An Englishman in New York" - and credit for the image is given to the famed professional photographer David Bailey. Backed by the precision of the C-1400L's 1.4 -million-pixel CCD, the shot is so detailed that it shows wrinkles a person might not have noticed.

Playing on the cosmetics theme, the copy included on the reverse side of the sachet attached by a special glue. Beneath it is a coupon for those interested in further information.

(From Pursuit vol. 17 no. 3, 1998 )

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