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Heavenly Beauty.

The world is full of miracles. Like the dazzling blend of precision optics, superior features and sleek design that has made Olympus [mju:] the main choice for over 18 million people. Capture the beauty of Heaven and Earth, with Olympus [mju:].

(from Newsweek August 2001)

  Spreading Elegance.

Precise optics. Flawless features. Perfect performance. Sleek design. Just a few of the reasons that over 18 million people count on Olympus [mju:] to capture the world's beauty. Olympus [mju:]. The definition of elegance and sophistication.

(from Newsweek April 2001)

A very stylish instrument.

Performance and design brought together in perfect harmony. Flawless features combined with precision optics in a compact, all-weather body. No wonder it's the instrument of choice for over 16 million people worldwide. Olympus [mju:]. Music to your eyes.

(from Newsweek 2000)


An eye for flair.

A dazzling blend of style and talent. Precision optics, exceptional features and a gorgeous, sleek design. No wonder 13 million people worldwide love to show off these cameras. When it comes to personal style, nothing dazzles quite like Olympus [mju:].

(from Newsweek 2000)


Cherished Memories.

The written word can capture a moment in time. The Olympus [mju:] can bring it to life in vivid detail. Maybe that's why over 13 million people worldwide depend upon these compact, powerful and highly refined cameras. After all, some memories are worth seeing and seeing again.

(From Newsweek 2000)


A gift for those silent nights.

This year, give that someone special a gift as magical as the season. A gift of grace and beauty, of art and science. With precision optics and superior features all wrapped in a sleek design, these cameras are the perfect choice. Capture the spirit of the season, with Olympus [mju:].

(from Newsweek 1999)


Take on the city in style.

The city never sleeps. The excitement never stops. And neither does Olympus [mju:]. Maybe that's why over 10 million people worldwide have chosen these compact, powerful and highly-refined cameras to add a little excitement to their pictures

(from Newsweek 1999)




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