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          The first tiny seed of Magicland Electronics was planted in 1975 when Tom Fox started TR Electronics, a mail order supplier of electronic parts for electronic construction articles written by him.   In 1977, the name TR Electronics was changed to Magicland when it diversified to include the sale of vegetables and fruits he and his family grew on their farm.  To keep the two businesses separate, two divisions of Magicland were soon formed--Magicland Farms and Magicland Electronics.  For those who want to find more information about Magicland Farms, including information on their delectable Magic Bi-Color sweet corn or their famous green and yellow beans, or their twenty types of tomatoes, including Green Zebra, along with their 100+ varieties of apples or other oodles of other yummy stuff, visit them on the Web at:  www.magiclandfarms.com  



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