The Rose Dress
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Photo Courtesy of Fantasy Planet
The Rose Dress is a beautiful dress, and I can't understand why it isn't in the original cut of the FOTR, let alone the special extended version.  As soon as I saw pictures of this dress on Alley Cat Scratch I felt inspired by it and decided it would become my next costuming project.  I immediately began research on the dress and three months later I had the fabric and patterns for it all ready.  Two long months more and it became reality.  Based on photos I had of Liv Tyler as Arwen wearing the dress and information that I had found I had created my own Rose Dress to be proud of.  It may not be a perfect replica, but I believe a dress that you make should not be a perfect replica, but personalised in your own way so it becomes special to you and everyone knows YOU made that dress because of a little something extra that you've added to make it unique.

On the page "The Making of the Rose Dress" you will find out what I had to consider before I made the Rose Dress, and also what fabrics and patterns I used, alterations, adaptations and where I went wrong.
The Making...
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