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This is my costuming site and hopefully, by the time it is finished, it will be full of costumes and accessories that I have made.  At the minute I have a few pics up of my costumes,  but once I've gotten started on some projects (some of which are listed on the left), there should be plenty for you to look at. 

On the pages that I've made a start on you'll find info on how I made the costume featured, fabrics and patterns I used, and a little research on the costume itself.

For now browse around and see what you can find.
Let me know what you think of my costumes by...contacting me!
Note: I do not and will not sell any of the costumes featured on this site, nor recreate them for purchase so please don't email me wishing to discuss prices, sizes, etc. please.
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September '03
7th I haven't updated my site in a VERY long time and now seems a good time to do it as I have got quite a few costuming projects going on atm. I am working on seven costumes for my birthday party (fancy dress obviously) which will be a joint one with two of my friends, Charlotte and Sophie, on the 15th of November. As you know this site, has been for a long time, a LOTR costuming site more than anything else, but that's all about to change with the release of POTC and requests for costumes of other genres. The menu has changed on the left so see what you can find for now...

November '03
1st Well it's officially two weeks till the party now and my seven costuming projects eventually dropped down to three after a frequent change in what people were deciding to go as.  I have almost completed the Mina Harker dress and I've also made a good start on the two 'kinky' pirate costumes me and Sophie are going as....
The Rose Dress
The Blood Red Dress

The Shieldmaiden Gown

First LOTR Costumes
LOTR Costume Designs
LOTR - Art Of...
LOTR Jewellery

Costume Party
Kinky Pirate Costumes;
Jack Sparrow Inspired

Morgan Adams Inspired

Vampire Costumes;

Mina Harker

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