The Making Of The Dress Continued...
For the overdress I wanted quite a large train, so I made the skirt panels five inches longer than on the pattern.  The skirt on the overdress now pools around the feet at the front and has quite a large train at the back.

I kept the underdress skirt panels the same length as the pattern at the front, but made them longer at the back, so they trained also.

Instead of doing two separate dresses, like the actual dress is with an underdress (see right) and an overdress, I inserted the pink silk parts (the underdress and the undersleeves) into the overdress.  I inserted the underskirts in at the empire seam and the undersleeves in at the elbow seam.  I lined the inside of the bodice with pink silk because of the facing needed for the invisible zipper.

Because I used crushed velvet for the overdress I could not emboss a pattern just above the elbow seam, like on the actual dress, (see photo below) so I used two lengths of ribbon and embroidered it with metallic silver thread and pink thread.  I then sewed that over the elbow seam to hide it.  I did this a little too tight so now the elbow seam is tight around my arm.
Photo Courtesy of
Fantasy Planet
I made the belt out of the left overs of the crushed velvet that I used for the overdress and lined the back of it with pink silk.  I hand embroidered that too, using the same threads as the arm bands and with the same design.  It ties at the back.

I did actually make the cloak featured on the picture opposite (you can see it better on the picture below) but it wasn't long enough, so I made that into a shawl by cutting it smaller and lessening the gathering around the neck.
The edges are curved and come to a slight point at the back.  It pulls over the head and is more like a scarf, which has
CU of Embossed Pattern on Sleeve
actually been suggested about the cloak itself, that it is just a very wide scarf.

I have a necklace to go with the dress. I bought it from Claire's Accessories. The chain is made from sterling silver with metal red roses and frosted pinky red gems attached to the chain with pink crystals. See the photo of it below.
These are the fabrics that I used to recreate my Rose Dress. See the full size labelled version here.
Photo Courtesy of Fantasy Planet
Photo Courtesy of LovelyLivTyler
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