Secret War
  in Laos
Chapter 1

What follows is a historical record of the "other" war fought in the air and on the ground by some brave airmen and soldiers.
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Chao Fa -- story about the Hmong in the Secret War in Laos     Benya Publishing dot-com in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    U.S. Book Ordering Details

    "This novel could be called ‘Non-Fiction’ or a ‘Documentary Novel’.   It is about the ‘Hmong’ (minority tribrspeople) in the Kingdom of Laos who had to fight to survive during the Vietnam War era.   In relating its story about the hard and difficult war the Hmong fourth in order to retain freedom, and their long plight to help stop the Communists’ aggression in Southeast Asia, the book reveals the so-called ‘American’s Secret War’ in detail."

    "Since there are so many Hmong from Laos living in the United States at the present, and the majority of them know no other language but English because they are born in America, we would like to ask any interested retail bookstore to please carry the English version of ‘Chao Fa’ in your prestigious bookstore for us.   We feel that, for the Hmong in the United States, this book is the book that will represent them in the international community and will inform their friends and the world of how they have come to be refugees, have to disperse in all directions and have become permanent residents in so many countries, from Australia, Canada, France, Japan to the United States of America."

    "Other than the Hmong that should be interested in ‘Chao Fa’, we think that the US servicemen who used to be stationed in Southeast Asia might also be interested as well.   Most of them know very little about the fighting in Laos since there was no U.S. military personnel assigned to the ground operation in that country.   This is a good opportunity for them to learn what else was going on when they were fighting in Vietnam."

- [email protected]

Piriya Panasuwan is the author of 'Chao Fa', English Translation About the Author -

    Piriya Panasuwan was born in 1943 in Chiangmai, Thailand.   He attended the Prince Royal's College in his home town for the primary and secondary education, and the Bangkok Christian College in Bangkok for his pre-university courses.   He spent five years in the United States to study music at various institutions.   Upon returning from abroad, he immediately went to work in Laos for an international volunteer organization helping displaced people.   He had to leave Laos when the situation changed in 1975.   Other than Chao Fa, Piriya Panasuwan has written 10 more novels and three of which received the national awards.   Chao Fa is his first novel that has been translated into foreign language.   Besides being a novelist, he is also a well-known translator.   Under his real name, he has translated many books and novels from the English language into the Thai language and vice versa.   The English language edition of Chao Fa is also one of his translation works.   As a translator, Piriya Panasuwan is planning to translate another award winning novel of his by the name of "Louis, E-Kaw, and friends" into English language.   This novel is another heart breaking story about a group of Amerasian children in post Vietnam War era that were left behind to face their own destiny alone without fathers.

U.S. Book Ordering Details

    U.S. Benya Publishing House is offering you a 30% discount or $9.00 US Dollars
on your orders placed through the U.S. Manager, Ms. Jettanaporn Suwannakoon.

    Including $8.00 shipping charges, please make your check payable to:   Jettanaporn Suwannakoon for the total amount of $28.95 US.

    Please mail your order for "Chao Fa," the English Language version, to:

Ms. Jettanaporn Suwannakoon
Benya Publishing House
2 Greglen Ave., Suite 414
Nantucket, MA   02554

Telephone:   (508) 325-5842

Email:   [email protected]

Notice:   shipping charges covers both domestic and international orders.

    We will also be very honored if you would visit our web site at to learn more about "Chao Fa" and view the cover of this book.   Your comments and/or your order are most welcome.


Benya Publishing House
Chiangmai, Thailand
[email protected]

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