Islam and  Fundamentalism
Road to Paradise
How Shias and Sunnis are killing each other in the name of Islam
HALAL and HARAM (scanned article-may takes a few moments to download)
As Muslims living abroad we have just focused on Zabeeha and do not stick the other 99% teachings of Islam
Fundamentalism in Islam (scanned article-may take a few moments to download)
Are we fundamentalists or Extremists?
Muslims are mercifull
Muslims are not allowed to kill children and women in any circumstances
Guardian but not a follower of Islam
We cant to behave like saviours of Islam but dont follow what it teaches.
Sadam Hussain, a cop or a thief
It is even shameful to consider him as a small hero of Islam(an article written in 1996)
Proud to be a Pakistani
When an innocent desire to establish a student association of Pakistan was met with stiff resistance from...... some fellow Muslims
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