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28 Shawal, 1418 - Thursday, February 26, 1998, Lahore


[Sadam Hussain]

Sadam Hussain, A cop or a thief

Dr Rana Jawad Asghar

The USA still want to bomb Iraq. Most of its former allies don't want to enhance the sufferings of poor and already being punished Iraqi people, by strict economic embargo. Children in Iraqi hospitals are dying due to, unavailability of essintial medicines. Former allies of the USA which are mostly Arab countries do not want to be seen as ones who are allied with an arrogant Super Power, who wants to punish a population which is not in control of their own country. Here in the USA, on Muslim mailing lists on the Internet there is request for support for Iraqi people.

Iraqi people are the biggest victim of the Gulf War. A ruthless ruler was strengthened on them by the agenda of the neighboring oil rich states with the full approval and help from all the Western World including the USA , the UK and others. Everyone wanted for very good and legitimate reasons to put a hold on new revolutionary Government of Iran. Iranian government in their one of the biggest mistakes tried to export their brand of Islamic revolution abroad while at home they were still in the infancy phase. This send shock waves not only to the nearby neighbors but to the far away capitals of the developed World.

Iraqi rulers were the biggest beneficent as a First Line State. Money started pouring in from the oil rich states and latest weapons form the Western World. To repay his benefactors Iraqi rulers started one of the worst wars of the region which went for nearly a decade. This war not only drained the Muslim financial resources but also depleted badly the human resources especially of Iran. This was a good job done by Iraq which warranted more rewards. Iraqi rulers were left alone when they bombed and then gassed their own Kurd population. There was no frown on any forehead in all the civilized World.

Iraqi leader proved as one of the most appropriate benefactor for the West when he attacked Kuwait. This was a golden opportunity for the West. Big armies of the West which were being cut down after the cold war era, got an extension of life. Rulers of neighboring oil rich states who were now more than ever afraid of Iraq paid billions of dollars to keep him at check. This solved two problems for the West. Now they were physically present and controlling the strategic area of the Middle East and also fully expense paid. That was like the biggest wish coming true. Kuwait paid nearly 50 billion Dollars as a direct cost of war to the USA and allied forces. Other countries were not far behind. Renting an American Army is not a cheap deal. Many countries with all their oil money going away quickly, saw for the first time, belt tightening measures. Many of them saw for the first time debt in their national economies.

This was not the only thing, the Western countries were provided lucrative business deals. No doubt these were expensive as they were not given on merit but were based on other standards. The same type of work which a Pakistani or Bangladeshi worker can do for the fraction of cost, the highly paid Western consultants were brought.

Every time when the Middle Eastern States thought that they are out of the crisis and may not need American "assistance" more , Iraqi Leader moves his forces. Which again trembles already shaken confidence of these countries and they don't find another alternative but to keep a very expensive "Protecting Force" while taking away resources away from their own population and Muslim causes in general.

So if you analyze the situation carefully it seems that Iraqi Leader contrary to his claims and support which he enjoys in the Muslim community, is in truth a biggest helper or I would say an agent of the West. All his actions have caused the greatest suffering to his people and Muslims worldwide. All his actions brought not only hardships for the people of Iraq but have drained Muslim resources to the finish. All the money which these Muslim countries were spending on the Muslim causes worldwide before, is nearly extinct now. I don't think that West would try to unseat him seriously until he is helping them on their agenda.

If you have seen some of his newly restored palaces on the TV, one wonders that how a country who has no medicines for dying children could afford huge marble palaces and golden furniture. Contrary to his public statements Sadam Hussain and his ruling Janta has proved many times that they are the helper of the West and that is why they are still on the job even after a humiliating defeat in the gulf War. Who needs more proof than that?

In between all this World game of politics, being punished are Iraqi people. They cant afford another bombing by the West just to show a "dramatized" conflict between West and Sadam Hussain. This may have benefits for the West or some rulers but Iraqi people should not pay this heavy price every time. And for people who think of Sadam as a last guardian of Islam , I must say Islam cannot have and does not need a guardian with such an evil past.


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