Aoyama Llamas

Emiliano Zapata, Fiona and Liam

Llamas.....Why Llamas?  

Starting at "ground level", Llamas are clean animals and a real benefit to an organic gardener.  Llamas have communal dung piles where they eliminate all of their wastes. You simply do not have to "watch your step" in an area inhabited by Llamas. Merely avoid their rather obvious large communal piles. Llama manure is dispensed naturally as small pellets and is easy to "relocate" onto a garden and is immediately usable as fertilizer. It can be directly applied to your gardens without burning your plants.  Llamas have a three chambered stomach which does not allow a viable seed to endure their digestive systems. They are a gardener's dream come true for instant and quality fertilizer.

On a practical level, Llamas make great guard animals and loving family pets. They do not require large areas to live in nor require high quality hay. Llamas never get cold in the winter. They only have a lower set of teeth so it is not possible to be bit by one. If treated well, a llamas will not consider to "spit" at you. I have never been spat upon in the years of raising llama. They are easy on the environment and extremely easy to manage. Llamas are easily trained and their wool is some of the warmest and highest quality you will ever encounter. Their wool is very sellable.

On a Spiritual level, Llamas are very sensitive and soulful animals.  Llamas are peaceful, intelligent, gentle and animated animals who readily and easily coexist with families and most other animals...

Che Guevara
Emiliano Zapata

Kokopelli, Che Guevara, Conchita, Domingo & Emiliano Zapata
Many people have more professional reasons for having their llamas.  Llamas are gaining great reputations as caddies at golf  courses and  they make unsurpassed pack animals in the back country. They can easily be trained to pull carts.  They also have herding instincts and can be trained to herd animals such as sheep and goats.

Emiliano Zapata ..........with his trainer and mistress, Fiona

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