Sechelt Queen

M.V. Sechelt Queen
Previous Names M.V. Chinook II (1954-1963)
M.V. Chinook (1947-1954)
Place Built Seattle, Washington
Year Built 1947
Year Retired from BC Ferries 1976
At Retirement:
Vehicle Capacity 83
Passenger Capacity 670
Length 287.5 ft.
Gross Tons 4,979
Horsepower 6000

History & Notes:

Origin of the Names:

What happened to the Sechelt Queen?

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Relevant Links & Photos: - The Chinook - A short history of the ferry from the website's "Forgotten Fleet" section. Several pictures of the ferry, including interior photos of the original Chinook. Also a photo of the Chinook II on Snake Island.

Early Ships - by Kevin Stapleton - Photo of Sechelt Queen and several other early BC Ferries.

BC Archives Photographs (By Call Number)

I-20698 - The original Chinook in Victoria's harbour.

I-20699 - The Chinook unloading at Victoria.

F-09387 - The Chinook II in Georgia Strait.

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