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Information on the Queen of the North.

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March 17 - Links and current BC Ferries profiles moved to www.westcoastferries.ca. Will continue.


September 10 - Added Carrier Princess profile.

September 9 - Added Seaspan Doris profile and partially updated the Companies section.

September 8 - New BC Ferry, John Atlantic Burr, added to the profile section. New photos of the Queen of Alberni and the Queen of Saanich.

September 6 - New header and photo for HarbourLynx profile. Some old photos deleted and new photos added in: Spirit of British Columbia, Spirit of Vancouver Island, Mill Bay, North Island Princess, and Queen of Cumberland.

September 5 - Added profiles of the two Albion ferries.

May 30 - New photos of the Queen of Vancouver and the Queen of Chilliwack.

May 27 - Some minor corrections/additions and fixed links.

May 13 - More topics added to ferry discussion board. Front page updated/cleaned up.


May 22 - New photos added of the Quadra Queen II, Queen of the North, Tenaka, Quinitsa, Powell River Queen, and Queen of Tsawwassen.

April 30 - I'm getting married tomorrow. This page may not get updated as much and e-mails may take longer to reply to.

March 6 - New Photos of Queen of Oak Bay, Queen of Capilano, and Queen of Alberni.

February 19 - A couple new links on the B.C. Links page.

February 12 - New photo of the Queen of New Westminster added.


December 12 - News updated again. The strike is over and ferries are operating under the regular schedule.

December 10 - News updated again. BC Ferries is shut down completely.

December 9 - News updated again.

December 8 - News updated with some relevant links.

November 24- Finally a page on the new HarbourLynx ferry. A link is on 'the ferries' page.

October 9 - Two new items in the news section. Also updated a few things on the Queen of Esquimalt's timeline that weren't quite specific. Thanks to John A. for the research!

October 4 - More links added to BC Links page. BC Links page also reformatted. Put up a new Canada Ferry Links page, separate from the Non-BC Links page. Hope I'm not being confusing! Just check the Links & Sources page and it'll all be clear:)

October 2 - Added a link to Gulf Island Water Taxi to the BC Links page.

September 30 - Several Northern Europe ferry links added to the Non-BC links page.

September 27 - A number of new links were added to both the BC Links and Non-BC Links.

September 26 - Added a "site update log" box to my website.

September 23, 2003 - Put new photos on the following ferry sites: Bowen Queen, Queen of Surrey, Queen of Coquitlam, and Queen of Cowichan.

**I will try and remember to update this whenever I change something on my website**

Photo to the left is of the Queen of Surrey in Howe Sound.

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