Old and Retired Ferries

Most of the information on the following pages has been referenced to at least one reliable source. However, there may be some mistakes; if you find any, please let me know.


This list is complete as far as I know, however if I have missed a ship, please e-mail me. Some of the more recent retired ships still have the "active" ship layout. They will be updated soon.

Ferry Name Retired Photo(s) Previous Names
M.V. PacifiCat Explorer 2003 Yes (None)
M.V. PacifiCat Discovery 2003 Yes (None)
M.V. Albert J. Savoie 2002 New M.V. Garibaldi and M.V. Westwood
M.V. Queen of Victoria 2000 Yes M.V. City of Victoria
M.V. Queen of Sidney 2000 Yes M.V. Sidney
M.V. Vesuvius Queen 1998 No M.V. Lloyd Jones and M.V. Bowen Queen
M.V. Saltspring Queen 1996 No M.V. Delta Princess
M.V. Queen of the Islands ~90s No (None)
M.V. Princess of Vancouver 1987 No (None)
M.V. Pender Queen 1980 Yes M.V. Motor Princess
Ferry Name Retired Photo(s) Previous Names
M.V. Dogwood Princess 1979 No (?)
M.V. Langdale Queen 1977 No S.S. Asbury Park, S.S. City of Sacramento, and M.V. Kahloke
M.V. Sechelt Queen 1976 No M.V. Chinook II and M.V. Chinook
M.V. Sunshine Coast Queen 1976 No M.V. Vacationland, M.V. Jack Dalton, and M.V. Pere Nouvel
M.V. Cy Peck 1966 No M.V. Daily and M.V. Island Princess
M.V. George S. Pearson 1966 No M.V. Wollochet and M.V. Fox Island
M.V. Jervis Queen 1966 No M.V. Bainbridge
S.S. Smokwa 1966 No S.S. Scotian
M.V. Quillayute 1963 No M.V. Winslow

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