Designer: Robert C. Dunehew E-mail [email protected]

Shuttle GT

General Specifications:

Length: 5.55m
Width: 4.425m
Height: 1.725m
Max Warp: 6 (burst speed 7.3)
Cruise: 5
Max Impulse: 0.6 lightspeed
Crew: 1 person, and up to 3 passengers (2 of them rather small)

Armaments: None.

Type: Civilian manufactured high-performance Shuttle Pod

Status: Mark II Civil Shuttle Pods (CSP-II) are being manufactured on an as-requested basis throughout Federation space, when production capacity allows. As the Federation recovers from the Dominion War, production of this and other civil designs will be increased.

About Ship: The introduction of the CSP-I during the Dominion War met a need for simple, practical transportation for a large percentage of the Federation's civilian population. By the close of hostilities, civilian manufacturers perceived that there was a market for something a little less practical.

The Shuttle GT was the first post-war design to be introduced. It's spaceframe, modeled closely after the SARPEV Mk II, gives the impression of great speed and benefits somewhat for the reputation of reliability the SARPEV acquired during the war.

The actual performance of the Shuttle GT is fairly good for such a small vessel, despite the absence of variable geometry. It's maximum warp is quite fast for such a small vessel, yet the expected service life is quite high. Power is provided by a quantum flywheel, augmented by a micro-toroidal M/ARA.

Accomodations are quite good for 2 persons in the semi-reclined seats in the forward part of the hull. Seating for two additional passengers is provided, but is barely adequate for any but the shortest of journeys. The rear seats may be stowed to maximize luggage space, and one must presume that most owners will never use them at all, except to carry small packages.

Despite the relatively high warp speeds this vessel is capable of, it is very likely that most of these vessels will be used for interplanetary and transorbital service. Few of these will ever leave the system in which they are manufactured, except as cargo aboard a roomier vessel.

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