Designer: Robert C. Dunehew E-mail [email protected]

Standard Racing Shell

General Specifications:
Length: 12.9m
Width: 8.4m
Height: 4.25m
Max Warp: 6+
Cruise: 5.5+
Max. Impulse: 0.1 lightspeed
Crew: 1

Type: Racing Shell

Status: Between 20 and 30 shells are constructed each year for the annual Zephram Cochrane Regatta. The design of the shell is incrementally changed each year to incorporate new technology and safety equipment. Academy entries are dismantled and critiqued by fellow cadets and Starfleet engineers. Most others are sold as scrap after the event.

About Ship: The Zephram Cochrane Regatta began approximately 100 years ago, when Starfleet Academy authorized a competition between quads in a race from Sol System to Alpha Centauri. The Regatta begins on the anniversary of the Birth of Zephram Cochrane, and runs until all competitors have completed the race or have been eliminated.

In the beginning, the shells were 1/8 scale replicas of the constitution class starship. As time passed, the shells have become smaller and faster. Support vessels escort the racers and provide emergency assistance and refuelling. All refueling operations are conducted at sub-light velocity, but repairs are usually effected on-the-fly.

The current racing shell is constructed of double-walled tritanium filled with foamed tritanium, a low-mass/high strength material. Competitors must use the standard shell, adding standardized equipment (life support, navigational deflectors, etc.) The only area where creativity is encouraged is in the design of the warp nacelles and choice of power supply. Whichever team makes the trip from Sol System to Alpha Centauri with the lowest elapsed time wins the race.

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