Designer: Robert C. Dunehew E-mail [email protected]

LockMar 30k

General Specifications (main vessel):
Length: 145.5m
Width: 84m
Height: 20.5m
Max. Warp: 7
Cruise: 6.0
Max. Impulse: 0.5 lightspeed
Crew: 5 officers, 14 enlisted

 General Specifications (auxiliary vessel):
 Length: 28.5m
 Width: 24m
 Height: 6m
 Max. Warp: 5
Cruise: 3.2
 Max. Impulse: 0.75 lightspeed
 Crew: 2

Armaments: Up to four phasers if authorized.

Type: Commercial freighter/passenger liner

Status: Seventeen in service; Thirteen on established commercial routes, Four operated by private owners. Five under construction for independent merchants, eleven under construction for passenger and cargo services.

About Ship: The LockMar 30k is a medium sized vessel designed for either commercial freight or passenger duty. The 30k has over 30,000 cubic meters of useful internal space.

A novel feature of the LockMar 30k is the Auxiliary vessel. The original design called for a small shuttle bay and several shuttle craft. The engineer assigned the task of incorporating the shuttle bay into the design calculated the resources required to incorporate the desired shuttle bay into the 30k and concluded that a small warp-capable auxiliary vessel would cost less. The first three LockMar 30ks to be produced have the shuttle bay, but about half the subsequent vessels produced have the auxiliary vessel.

The shuttle bay, when installed, has room for three standard shuttles, plus enough room for routine maintenance. The forward end of the shuttle bay contains an observation lounge (at the top of the forward end). Beneath this is an area that may be used for a variety of purposes, either recreational or practical (such as shuttle maintenance).

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