Designer: Robert C. Dunehew E-mail [email protected]

Dragon class

Inscription on commissioning plaque:
"Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!."

-- Dorothy, et. al.
General Specifications:
Length: 373m
Width: 258m
Height: 34m
Max Warp: 9.6
Cruise: 9.1
Max. Impulse: .97 lightspeed
Crew: 30 officers, 150 enlisted

Armaments: Sixteen phaser cannon of classified output coupled to multifunction phased array; Internal bays contain 16 rotary launchers, each loaded with six enhanced quantum torpedoes; 12 SARPEVs modified as decoy drones.

Type: Destroyer

Status: One undergoing trials against a competing design, the Jaguar class destroyer. Data gathered during testing will be used to determine whether Starfleet will construct Dragons or Jaguars.

About Ship: The Dragon class is an attempt to determine the feasability of incorporating several new technologies into a stealthy warship. Somewhat larger than the Defiant, the Dragon is heavily armed, with sixteen phaser cannon and sixteen enhanced quantum torpedo rotary launchers. The hull is heavily armored with both conventional and ablative material.

The hull of the Dragon is configured to reflect very little electromagnetic energy back to its source. The outer layer includes the latest version of the multifunction phased array (MPA), which includes holographic emitters as well as the standard sensors, phaser, tractor and deflector emitters. Also incorporated into the MPA is the new Phase-Inverting Multi-band Emission Supression System (PIMESS). The PIMESS, in conjunction with the holographic emitter system, creates the illusion of "nothing here" without violating the treaty of Algeron. The basic operating principles of these combined systems achieve cloaking by a completely different mechanism than that proscribed by the treaty.

The Dragon is powered by a quad-core M/ARA coupled to a battery of quantum flywheels. Sub-light propulsion is provided by a standard fusion-type impulse engine supplemented by gravitic slope modulators for enhanced agility. The Dragon carries a half-strength squadron of SARPEVs which have been modified as decoys. The holographic projection systems installed in these decoys is capable of creating a convincing three-dimensional image of the Dragon across a broad spectrum. It is estimated that sophisticated sensors techniques and several critical minutes' worth of computing time are required to determine the true nature of one of these decoys, once activated.

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