The Creeping Network Archive & Repository
Best Viewed on a Vintage IBM Compatible Using an Outdated Browser at 800x600p and below. If Using a Modern PC - use CTRL+SCROLL-WHEEL to Upscale the screen in your browser to a comfortable level. Best Viewed at 640x480 @16-bit Color on something with SVGA!!!
Various useful utilities for old PC's including archivers, CD-ROM utilities suites like SHSUCDX, benchmark programs, screen capture programs, text editors, and so on. That's where all this stuff is stored at.
Adobe Reader 16-bit Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows 3.1x. Allows you to read PDF files on a legacy system.
AZ Icon Editor Icon Editor Program for Windows 3.1x
CD Player CD Player Utility for DOS.
CD Roast CD Burning program for DOS. Requires a 486 or better machine, and SVGA (800x600 is the default screen resolution, so requires VESA).
CHKCPU 1.6 DOS program that shows what CPU you are running and various information on it.
DAZZLE Screensaver Kaelidescopic Screensaver for DOS, one of my favorites. Good for people still using CRT Monitors (like myself).
Hardware Information 5.55 Hardware information utility that gives you detailed informaton on what kind of hardware is inside your legacy PC.
PPVIEW 16-bit Picture Preview Program
QEMM 97' Memory Management Utilities for Windows 3.x and Windows 9.x
AMI Speed Test Old Benchmark Program for 8088-80286 machines.
System Speed Test 4.70 Benchmark Program for Legacy PC's
System Speed Test 4.78 Benchmark Program for Legacy PC's
Screen Thief Screen Capture Utility for DOS. This is what I use to capture screen shots of my old DOS games for my websites.
System Checker 4.5 Another hardware information utility program for legacy PCs. This is one I've been using for over a decade and a half now.
Waterfall Screensaver A DOS VGA Screensaver featuring a Deer drinking from a stream that's fed by a waterfall in the forest. Really cool. I got this on an old Compaq Deskpro 386 I had years ago.
WinImage A Program for Legacy Windows that reads/writes Disk Images from floppy diskettes.
WinRAR 2.06 Archiver and UnRAR/Unzip/UnARJ/Un-whatever tool for Windows 3.1x.
Access Menu System Text Mode Menu System for DOS Computers to make them easier to use for non-techincal people. This is the GUI I use on my DOS machines to make em' accessible for non nerds.
Words+ AudScan Utility DOS Utility for creating speech trees for the Words+ Commpac System 2000 speech synthesizer/AAC. This program was pulled from a working install as I could not find it anywhere. Might work with the DECTalk as well.
Words+ E-Z Keys Windows 3.1 Application for Words+ Commpac System 2000 AAC, used for using the computer and interacting with people using Speech Synthesis. Might work with the DECTalk as well.
Words+ Talking Screen Windows 3.1 Application for Words+ Commpac System 2000 AAC, used for non-verbal communication using the AAC to speak to someone else, by having the user touch pictures shown on the screen of the device.