The Creeping Network Archive & Repository
Best Viewed on a Vintage IBM Compatible Using an Outdated Browser at 800x600p and below. If Using a Modern PC - use CTRL+SCROLL-WHEEL to Upscale the screen in your browser to a comfortable level. Best Viewed at 640x480 @16-bit Color on something with SVGA!!!
This page is for all the old software, TSRs, and add-ons for connecting your vintage IBM Compatible computer to a network, including the worlds largest network - the Internet. There's been a ton of software written for DOS & Windows over the last 30 years for Internet and Network access so feel free to dig around. I'll try to provide a good, honest opinion of your choices here as well as I've used pretty much all of them with varying degerees of success.
Links Browser (EXT) Czech made multi-platform (including DOS) Web Browser using SVGAlib. Runs in graphical and text mode. Requires at least a 386SX with 4MB of RAM and a Math Co-Processor. Runs great, even on my Compaq Deskpro 386s/20 in stock 386sx mode.
mTCP Suite (EXT) THE definitive network suite for MS-DOS. Includes DHCP client, gopher, FTP Client & Server, SNTP, Telnet, and so much more. Linked to page because he still updates this from time to time. Created by Mike Brutman.
RetroZilla (EXT) Windows 95 compatible Web Browser with TLS 1.2 and Secure HTML support (with some tweaking). This is what I use on my Windows 9x machines these days in the rare occasion that they go on the internet. Have had this running on as low as a 486 DX2 SL 40MHz (NEC Versa 40EC) and it's tolerable. With some tweaking it can fly pretty nicely on a DX4-100.
AIM 1.0 AOL instant Messenger 1.0 for Windows 3.1x. This works great with Iwarg.DDNS's AIM Phoenix Service
WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Windows 3.1x. This was what I used to author the original Creeping Network website with back in 2002. I still use it here from time to time (yep, still authoring parts of the site on my 486).
FLMAIL 1.9 DOS E-mail Client, works with Google GMAIL with reduced security levels. Last tried in 2021 with my NEC Versa P/75. Tends to prefer "True Color" support as it's a part of the SVGAlib suite of newer DOS programs.
LEETIrc Older DOS IRC Client written by Mike Chambers. I used to use this back in the late oughts on my XT clone.
DOS Lynx Browser Low resource web browser for 8086/8088, also runs incredibly well on a 286 or 386SX.
MSIE 5.01 w/ 128-bit Enc. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 w/ 128-bit Encryption for Windows 3.1x. The last version of IE released for Windows 3.1.
mIRC 5.91 IRC client for Windows 3.1x, and one of the ones I still use quite a bit when running in that environment.
Netscape Suite 4.08 Precursor to the Mozilla Suite, and for Windows 3.1x. Contains Netscape Navigator, Composer (HTML Editor), AOL Instant Messenger, and some other extras. Pretty much the same as Mozilla Suite or the browser RetroZilla which is based on the latter's codebase.
Opera 3.62 The best browser you can still find for Windows 3.1x to this day (1/2023). This is what I use on my 486s, and have used for over a decade+. Does not do secure HTML unfortunatley, so FrogFind will be your friend.
RealPlayer 16-bit 5.0 Old Music/Video streaming program for the internet, this is what we had before downloading from Napster, and before YouTube. May still be usable to someone hence uploading it here.
WS-FTP LE Windows 3.1 FTP Client. Also something I use when administrating this website from time to time as I still do use Windows 3.1 machines for serious work, surprisingly enough.