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1927, 3 kopeks of the pictorial issue.
Click to visit the Tuva classics page.    1994, the new flag  with a map of Tuva
are shown on this 40 ruble stamp.
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    Since it began issuing stamps in 1926, Tuva, in the heart of Asia, has frequently been in the center of controversy over its postal service.

    In the 1930s, Tannu Tuva pioneered the issuing of attractive topicals, and was severely criticised for it by many. Since 1994, more stamps bearing Tuva's name have appeared.

1995, 60th Birthday of the Dalai Lama.
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    Despite the problems, many philatelists enjoy a fascination with Tuva. If you are among them, why not join us? Otherwise, please browse this site, and learn more of this fascinating country. View a map


Hoomei, Tuva's famous throat-singing,
was honored with this stamp in 1995.
Click this stamp for more details on hoomei.
The Hoomei Symposium, 1995. Click this stamp to learn more about hoomei.

1927 Pictorials, 18 kopecks.
The beautiful 18 kopeck pictorial of 1927 showed that interesting shapes were all on for Tuva's stamps. The country has since issued many triangulars.

The first issue of Tuva later had
its highest values surcharged by woodcut handstamp:
14 kopecks on 3 rubles.
Hand-carved woodblocks were used to create the 1927 surcharges on the first issue.

1936 Jubilee, 80 kopeks.
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the 1934 - 36 stamps of Tuva.
Between 1934 and 1936, many ornate and attractive stamps were issued. This one is from the 1936 Jubilee series.

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