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Every stamp has a story behind it, often quite fascinating. Click any stamp to see more.

1927, 18 kopeks surcharge by woodblock handstamp.
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1927 woodblock surcharge

This 450 ruble kitten is among the dubious
recent issues.  Click this stamp to see the
sheetlet it comes from.
Charming kitten

1926, first issue, 5 kopeks.
First issue, 5 kopeks

In 1994, Tuva resumed issuing beautiful stamps again, 
after a hiatus of fifty years.
This one shows the new flag and a map of the republic.
New  flag and a golden map

1936 Jubilee, 80 kopeks.
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on the 1934-36 issues.
1936 Jubilee, 80 kopeks.

In 1995, a set of dinosaurs was issued.
The mighty tyrannosaurus rex.
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Tyrannosaur may be hunting for a mailbox to write home.

Anatoly Karpov, Chess Grand Master.
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of Champions stamps.

Anatoly Karpov,
Chess Grand Master

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A Shark is the most
unlikely sight ever in Tuva



The Carmine 1 ruble

There has been some discussion within the Club on the net about the possible existence of this rare stamp. (Mirr #43.) A block of four was thought to be shown on the cover of a catalog, but efforts by many members to trace that have proved fruitless.

Click this stamp to see a block of four..
Possibly the rarest stamp of Tuva
– but was it actually issued?

At last a photo has turned up! In process of hunting thru old auction catalog cutouts to illustrate this website, our Pacific Regional Secretary Bruce Grenville discovered the page from a Harmers of London auction photo.

Click the stamp above to see the block of four. See TbBA #25 for an in-depth report on this issue.

Usual form of the 15k surcharge,
here overprinted on the 6k fiscal



Got any Tuva postmarks?


The Tannu Tuva Collectors' Society Inc. is currently trying to update our listing of postmarks used in Tuva, both presently and in the past.

To see the present listing of postmarks, click here.




The first postmark with Kyzyl's name
on it.  This is thought to be 
the earlier Krasny postmark



TbBA #26 out June 2002.

Issue #26 of TbBA with June 2002 byline, was mailed out worldwide in June. The issue is the third from editor Bruce Grenville in Auckland, New Zealand.

Xena the Warrior Princess, obviously a Tuvinian!
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Bogus Tuva stamps exposed.

Main features in this issue include part one of our in-depth exposé on the illegal stamps now flooding the globe and threatening to kill philately, the 1934-36 philatelic covers of the pictorial series, some good websites about Tuva, and some angry words from Clive Feigenbaum, notorious producer of illegal stamps and frequent litigant. To see the cover of the latest issue, #26, click here.

1938 5k on 2 aksha surcharge.
1938 Provisional 5k (Mirr #110)
shown in TbBA #26.

If you are a member, you should receive a copy in the post by June's end, but if you haven't, please e-mail us or write, and CLEARLY PRINT your name and postal address.

1934–36 STAMPS:
Great report now on Club website

James Negus' classic study on Tuva, Philately's Ugliest Ducklings: Re-habilitating the 1934–36 issues of Tannu Tuva (1960) has now been added to this website.


To view it, click this 1934 stamp.

There are a lot of recent postmarks in Tuva which we do not yet have photos of, such as those during the Soviet period (with CCCP and star at the top of the circle), and also the recent ones (with ROSSIJA at the top). If you have any covers or

Click this postmark to see the postmarks page.

examples of postmarks not illustrated on our Postmark Page, could you please send xerox copies or scans to our Editor? Thanks!



Early years at Belotsarsk

Tuva's capital Kyzyl was known as Belotsarsk (= Town of the White Tsar) until after the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War.

Click this postmark to
read the report on early Belotsarsk
and its postal markings.
Belotsarsk, Yenesei District

Belotsarsk postmarks on cover are among the rarest items in Tuvan postal history. Please be on the lookout for them on Russian envelopes and postcards prior to 1926. If you find any, please send a scan or photocopy to the Editor.

      How's your Russian?    

Read a report (in Russian) from "Filatelia", August 2001. (Moscow)

The Riddles of Belotsarsk – a study on Tuva's first Post Office. (from TbBA #19.)
Philately's Ugliest Ducklings: rehabilitating the 1934-36 issues of Tannu Tuva, (1960, The Philatelic Journal.)
Philately's Rough Trade – a report on illegal stamps Part One (from TbBA #26) by J. M. Chute.
Philately's Rough Trade – a report on illegal stamps Part Two (from TbBA #27) by J. M. Chute.

1926, 5 rubles from Tuva's first stamp issue.      In 1995, a set of dinosaurs was issued.
This stamp depicts a tyrannosaurus rex.
Click this stamp to view the Souvenir Sheet.      The 70 kopek value of the 1936 Jubilee set
shows an archery contest at the Nadim Festival.
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