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Many Tuva stamps are quite low priced, reflecting many folks' belief that the stamps are both plentiful and in small demand. However, some of those from the "classic" period (1926 – 1943) are rare and expensive. Particularly hard to find and eagerly sought by collectors are the emergency surcharges, of which Tuva issued quite a few. But even Tuva's ordinary stamps give a sense of wonder, and gazing at the scenes of forests, wild animals, zeppelins, and lakes, one can quickly be transported to this exotic land with its vast expanses, galloping horses, beautiful landscapes, and the haunting sounds of hoomei over all! Chairman Kermit

1933 emergency surcharge, 15k on 6k fiscal stamp.
The 1933 emergency surcharge
15 kopeks on 6k fiscal stamp.
Tuva's rarest stamp: the 35k fiscal surcharged.
The 1933 emergency surcharge
35 kopeks on 15k fiscal stamp
1927, Pictorials, 3 kopeks.
The 1927 Pictorial issue of Tannu Tuva
was designed by Mrs Olga Amosova.
Collectors rate the set high for beauty.
1927, the 18 kopek pictorial stamp:
first of Tuva's many triangulars.
Two values of the 1927 Pictorial set
were triangular: first of many for Tuva.
  1927, 14k on 1 ruble woodblock surcharge.
In 1927, four high values of
the first issue were surcharged.
1926, 5 rubles, from Tuva's first issue.
Top value of Tuva's first stamp issue,
1926, 5 rubles. Fully vernacular.
  1936, Jubilee, 75k zeppelin.
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Tuva's 1936 zeppelin stamps.
In 1936, two values of
the Jubilee issue showed zeppelins.
1936 Jubilee, 2 aksha, Nadim Festival.
The 1936 Jubilee 2 aksha is
among a large and attractive set.
This stamp depicts the Nadim Festival.
  1941, 30k pictorial stamp.
The 1941 pictorial set is very rare. Previous designs
were re-used but in different colours. Compare with
the 1936 80 kopek below.
The rare 1943 22nd anniversary 50 kopeks.
The 1943 22nd Anniversary 50k was
printed in Tuva on scrap newspaper edges.
  1936 Jubilee, 80 kopeks.
The 1936 Jubilee 80 kopeks stamp
shows an archery contest at the Nadim Festival.
1927 18 kopeks on 3 rubles.
The 1927 14 kopeks surcharge was printed
with a woodcut handstamp at the Kyzyl Post Office.
The 1934 Registered 5 kopeks stamp
shows a Tuvan milking a yak.
Rare 1933 fiscal 1 ruble surcharged.
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The 1933 15 kopeks surcharge was printed
with a hand numbering machine at the Kyzyl Post Office.


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