The VK4YE 1 Kilowatt Linear Amplifier.

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Optional ALC.

The ALC circuit is a fairly standard arrangement. A capacitive voltage divider samples the drive at the input of the unun. The 1N60, or similar germanium diode, is reverse biased at a voltage determined by the setting of the 50k ohm potentiometer which should be mounted on the front panel. ALC operation is very simple. When a sufficiently negative going peak voltage causes the diode to conduct, the difference voltage is sent back to your rig's ALC input to compress excessively high peaks in the drive signal. If you do not want to include the ALC facility, it can be omitted so long as you are aware of the consequences of over driving a high power linear amplifier. If you are unaware I'm sure your TV watching neighbours will inform you fairly smartly!

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