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Amateur Radio Relay League            Wireless Institute of Australia            The International Amatuer Radio Union

Wireless Institute of Australia.

Wireless Institute of Australia (Federal)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK1 Australian Capital Territory Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK2 New South Wales Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK3 Victorian Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK4 Queensland Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK5 South Australian Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK6 Western Australian Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK7 Tasmanian Division)
Wireless Institute of Australia (VK8 Northern Territory Division)

Antenna Sites.

Antennas Service and Education. - This is and excellent antenna site by W4RNL, a must see.
Quad Antenna - Java Script Calculator

Call Books.

Buckmaster Call Book
QRZ Call Sign Data Base

Club Stations.

Mariana Islands DX Association Home Pages.
Suburban Radio Club.
Wanganui Amateur Radio Society Inc.

Educational Sites.

CW Facts and Operating Tips.
Novice Notes Online - information resource for newcomers.
VK2DQ - Amateur Radio Theory Online.
What is Amateur Radio? - An Explanation

E-zines, Magazines & Technical information.

ARRL Publications - The Internet's #1 Amateur Radio Community.
Ham Radio Online
Radio Mag.

Link Lists.

Amateur Radio Bookmarks
WM8C link list - An extensive list of links.

Packet Radio Sites.

Baycom Home Page
PC FlexNet - Get on to packet with 3 components and a sound card. Excellent!
Packet Gateways - Internet to Packet telnet links.
Peak Systems - The home of G4IDE's WinPack packet radio software.
SV2AGW - Home of another excellent packet driver using your sound card

Personal Pages.

AC6V - Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide - Excellent!
Amateur Radio Station KGZZ
KA7NOC - Steve Hurst covers everything from boat anchors to digital modes.

Visit VKHAM (Formerly

Homebrewing and Modifications.

Just Radios - Schematic Diagrams for Canadian, USA and European radios.
Mini-Kits - Transverters, amplifiers, transmitters etc... from 30Mhz up.
Novice Notes Online - information resource for newcomers.
OH3TR - Ham Radio Conversion Pages.
Radiomods - Amatuer and CB Radio mods.
Skinny's home of radio - Mainly CB radios but has infor on various PLL mods etc...
The #1 Ham Radio Mods Page
W7FG - Vintage Manuals.

Satellites and Space.

AMSAT - The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation.
Dave Ransom Software Home Pages - STS Orbit Plus.
Satscape Home page - Very very good satellite tracking software.
SETI - The SETI League, is a non-profit organization Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.

Unsorted Links.

N0NB's Linux - Introduction for Hams - Send QSL's over the Internet
Terminator - Real time Gray Line

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