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Amateur Radio. - The VK4YE linear. The original Word 6 document by Chris Burke. (78k) - The VK4YE linear. The *.html version of the word document above. (377k) - Logger version 8.7 (full version & free). (2.383M) Updated - Simple coil calculator by Chris Bourke VK4YE. (1k)
EQF Software - The Home of LOGEQF logging software.
G4FGQ - Free Radio Computer Programs.
PC FlexNet - Get on to packet with 3 components and a sound card. Excellent!
Peak Systems - The home of G4IDE's WinPack packet radio software. - Great Program for finding QSL info from all over the net! (1528k) - Simple pi network calculator by Chris Bourke VK4YE . (1k) - Screensaver displaying world times & grey line. (360k) - Design and print you own custom made QSL cards on you computer. (1.295M) - Quickyagi V4. Yagi design program. (225k) - Calculates grid squares, Long & Lat, beam headings and distances. (258k).


For two wheels only. - Keep track of your bikes maintenance records and more.

Blacksmithing. - *.dwg and *.jpg drawing of the drum forge that appears on this site. (45k) - *.dwg and *.jpg drawing of the fire pot by Bill Francini that appears on this site. (68k)

Funny Stuff. - Which one are you best at? (482k) - See who will survive the next nuclear war. (171k) - shoot 'em up. (139k) - The magic water cooler. (177k)

Music, Midi & *.wav

addamsmail.wav - Addams family *.wav file of Morticia saying "Mails in". (25k)
duc900sp.wav - Ducati 900sp leaving the scene in a real hurry. (135k)
elviramail.wav - Elvira announcing "You have mail." (24k)
femsched.wav - Female voice saying "You have something scheduled today."(27k)

Other Software. - AC/DC. A great image file viewer. (1.408M) - LeechFTP 1.3 (Build 207) Freeware (624k) - Uses picture files on your computer for making a screen saver. (526k). - Winzip version 7. An oldie but a goodie. (910k) - Yahtzee. Great dice game. (231k)

Other Software Sites. - Software archive. - Software archive. - Software archive.

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