The VK4YE 1 Kilowatt Linear Amplifier.

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Band Selection.

The next major difficulty for home constructors is the band switch. They are not easily procurable for a project like this. They can be sourced, but not cheaply. I used a Millen heavy duty switch originally intended for a 2kW linear amplifier. A suitable rotary switch is available from Farnell Electronics, Chester Hill, Sydney [ stock code 422-587 ]. The contacts will switch 10A which means that the unswitched rating is likely to be closer to 30A. The voltage rating between adjacent switch contacts is 2kV. It is a single pole, 12 position switch [ there is a 2 pole 6 position version as well ] and retails for about $85. If required, 9 positions will cover all current amateur allocations from 160m to 10m. RS Components [ all capital cities ] sell the same switch [ code 327-579 ] for around $60 retail.

Split stator plate tuning capacitor. | Plate choke.
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