The VK4YE 1 Kilowatt Linear Amplifier.

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While the home brewer can assemble this project for around $300, I am quite aware that second hand commercial linear amplifiers are available for around $600-700 that will give good service. Many licensees prefer to go down that path. This article is presented for those among us who get a buzz out of pursuing the 'self training and technical investigation' aspect of our hobby. It would make a great club project because it will allow those with expertise to share their knowledge with fellow operators who have not been exposed to vacuum tube technology and/or the construction of high power amplifiers.

I have written two QBASIC programs. One calculates pi-network constants, and the other calculates the dimensions of single layer air wound coils. You may find them useful when designing amplifiers and the like.

You can download the original Word 6 document with original PCX files here.

If you require further information regarding this article, please address correspondence to the attention of: -

Chris Bourke, VK4YE.
C/O Brisbane ARC,
PO Box 3007,
Darra, QLD, 4076.

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