The VK4YE 1 Kilowatt Linear Amplifier.

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Next we have the filter capacitors and bleeder network. High voltage electrolytic capacitors are not a cheap item. After a lot of shopping around, the best deal came from Jaycar. They have 100mF 400V working electrolytics at $5.95 for single units. Provided the rms secondary voltage of the plate transformers does not exceed 2kV, 7 electrolytic capacitors of 400 working volts will do. The bleeder resistors will ensure that the rectified output voltage does not rise to the peak value of the secondary voltage. If in doubt, use 8 capacitors in series. Each electrolytic has a 22k ohm 17W voltage sharing resistor across it. Bigger supply companies such as Farnell Electronic Components stock these resistors.

Incidentally, it is not worth going beyond 30mF of filtering. The dynamic regulation of a power supply for this amplifier is quite adequate even at 12.5mF [ 8 x 100mF in series ].

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