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Exclusive Stories

Puppy Love By Tali (Finished)

Sharleen and I By Tali

This story is dedicated to my best friend Leen.

Sliders By Tali

This is a sci-fi story I wrote, it is somewhat based on the TV series "Sliders".

Baby "Think-It-Over" By Tali

My first attempt at writing a story, this one got some nice feedback on the message board.

A Small Addition parts 1-6 Didn't write this one, but unavailable elsewhere.

Contributed Stories

Tali's Trouble By Jericho Finished

AB/DL Stories

Jamie Goes On Tour By Kenk7us

The Teacher By Kenk7us

The Date By Unknown

You're a Big Girl Now By Jennifer Laura

Christine By Long Rifle

Dana By Long Rifle

Terry’s first visit to Grandma’s By Lilbear

The Brat By Nobodyreally

Baby Kerry By Nobodyreally (Originally titled: "Untitled AR story")

A Diaper Model By OmegaMan

Tea for Two at Tiffany's By Jennifer Laura

Playtime By Jennifer Laura

She's not a baby anymore! By Jennifer Laura

Pampers Punishment

Ages and Stages 1-9

Caught in a babies paradise By Christie. Weird, but cute

Encounter of a new kind By Jennifer Laura

Leaving Home By Jennifer Laura

The Punishment

Wynter's Treatment By Varius

The Baby Club By Jennifer Laura

The Slumber Party

Going South By Leaky

Second Childhood By Baby K

Space Family

The Problem Child By Mistress Janice

Haloween Story By Lisa

My Step Mother, My Enemy By Cindy

Julie's Fourteenth Birthday

Tony's Problem

The Infant 1, part 2


Sissy Stories

He Feels, She Feels By Jennifer Laura

David's Faithful Day By Susie Frillikins

Potty Training By Moe

A Baby Girl in the House

Baby Becky

No name


Age-Regression Stories

The Chamber , part 2 Comics art by Bojay, Story and commission by Dark Oni

The Hassles of Babysitting By The Tainted Sins

The Dark Tomes By Dark Oni

The Nerd's Spell By Dark Oni

Mine! By Dark Oni

One Good Trick By Dark Oni

Any Friend of Harry Potter Is a Friend of Mine By ARthur

Create a Little Sister in Five Easy Steps By ARthur pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

Witness For The Defense By Nomdreserv pic1 pic2

The Baby Shower

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