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Question: It seems I cannot surf some place, google tells me I need a modern browser when I try to open https://maps.google.com. Why?

Answer: This is a know situation. To solve the problem the software needs an entry into the registry base. The integrated web browser acts like Internet explorer 7 even you have IE11 installed. In Windows 10, IE11 is still present in the system for legacy purpose.  Some page will not load if it detects IE7 but warns you instead. Similar as the attempts you made to surf to goolge maps. There is a solution as I said. This solution is provided "as is". You use it at your own risk. If you do not feel comfortable or confident do no try it. Also create a restore point, just in case something goes wrong. You need administrative privilege (elevation).Here is the way to do it. A backup of your registry base first is also handy. Be aware this trick work only for windows 7 to windows 10. IE11 must be present on the system, it exists in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 but not necessarily under previous version of Windows, it is an update for some Windows version. Finally this solution works if you did not change the original name of the executable (URLMonitar.exe).

Take a look at what to change here

Please note the fill path in the status bar.

Alternatively you can download this file and use it at your own risk as provided "as is": WEBBrowserToIE11.zip . This solution works if you did not change the original name of the executable (URLMonitar.exe). Be aware it works for windows 7 to 10 ONLY. Do not try it with other version of Windows. Unzip its content (WEBBrowserToIE11.reg). Create a restore point, backup your system and your registry base data just in case. Finally merge WEBBrowserToIE11.reg to your registry base with a double-click on this file. You will be warned before it merge  information, this is normal and you still need administrative privilege.

Content of WEBBrowserToIE11.reg is:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]


  1. Rendering application useless or crippled,
  2. Windows not loading or difficulties to load when restarting it or at boot,
  3. Strange behaviour of the OS and/or some application,
  4. Windows crash, often or on certain occasion due to bad modification,
  5. Some control of the system are not working at all or crashes or are crippled,
  6. And so on...

I guess you have the idea of my drift here, so be cautious if you apply any of these solutions.


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