Time Capsule Retreat ,Nature's Beauty of  Sungai Lembing,Kuantan,Pahang.

Time Capsule Retreat hotel are a quiet and cozy little family run retreat located in the middle of the Sungai Lembing Town at Kuantan,Pahang,Malaysia.
  Facing a lush forest reserve everyone can enjoy great views, cool temperatures and great ambiance for relaxation and serenity

We are a privately owned retreat however and are not a commercial hotel. As such, visits are strictly for booked in guests only. We value our privacy and the privacy of our visiting guests.

The Time Capsule Retreat is a privately owned retreat that quite frankly, checks all the things we ask for in a unique accommodation. First of all, it’s completely of grid as it’s situated in Sungai Lembing in Kuantan, pretty far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Secondly, the retreat is made up of 8 standard sewer pipes that have been turned into “rooms”. From these “rooms”, you can soak in the cocktail blend of relaxation and excitement while admiring the immediate forest surroundings.

Of course, it’s not all just about being with nature alone. The Time Capsule Retreat also has endless eye-candy to boggle the brain, a funky social scene, and a diversity of entertainment.


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Time Capsule Retreat Hotel,Sungai Lembing,Kuantan,Pahang and Capsule Tubotel,Pulau Langkawi,Kedah,Malaysia