Bubble Tree Hotel,The Amazing Hotel Ever

Guests at this hotel really are living in their own bubble as hotel rooms are contained in huge plastic globes. 

French designers have created the otherworldly spheres deep in the heart of woodland just ten miles north of Marseille. 

The Attrap'Rjves family hotel, in the Allauch commune, gives adventurous travellers the chance to spend a night under the stars without resorting to tents.

From 100 a night, outdoor lovers can enjoy a stay in a two-person bubble room, made from transparent plastic, and soak up stunning scenery, natural beauty and astro.

Each room comes with a complimentary telescope for budding stargazers to enjoy the night sky - they even have a chart to log their findings.

Visitors can choose from five rooms - Suite Chic, 1001 Nights, Zen, Glamour and Nature - but willing staff will also cater to specialist request.

Since opethe isolated retreat has become the dream destination for holidaymakers looking for a private getaway.

Owner Murielle Giovansili said: 'When guests first arrive they are extremely excited and happy to stay-it is ultimate pleasure for us seeing them.

'It's a real experience for our guests. They can relive their childhood dreams or spend a romantic night together with loved ones. We've even had a wedding proposal.

'The cosy cocoons are an ingenious concept that can be enjoyed all year long even with bad weather.

'Each bubble has its own identity and the decor varies depending on the ambiance guests want - they are truly fantastic.'

                                        Bubble Tree Hotel,Attrap Reves,France